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Beginning 1/6/2006

.Mas Cotek + Stevia Herbal Tea

.Mas Madu Juice

. Mas Cotek Herb

. Misai Kucing Herb

. Pure Honey

. Roselle Fruit

. Black Seed

High Blood Pressure Thyroid Lost body weight Chronic Skin Disease Hemorrhoids Weak & Fatigue


 New–Mas Madu Herbal Juice

The benefits of herbs – Instant Energy !!!

Contents : Ficus Deltoidea + Orthosiphon Stamineus + Black Seed + Rozelle + Honey


Mas cotek / Ficus deltoidea  Mistletoe fig (Moraceae)





Mas cotek or its scientific name,Ficus deltoidea ” from family "moraceae" is a  large shrub or small tree with aerial roots often begins its life as an epiphyte but is not a banyan. It grows only 20 feet or so in height and is more often found as a shrub than a tree, even in nature. Indeed, it is usually seen as a large cascading epiphytic shrub on large trees, thus one of the common names of mistletoe fig. It is a spreading and somewhat sprawling shrub with slender zigzagging branches. The bark is gray and what trunk there is slender and usually leaning. The leaf shape is probably the most variable in the whole genus and ranges from elliptical or lanceolate to obovate or spatulate, the two latter shapes being more common than the two former. Only the spatulate-shaped leaf form is regularly sold and cultivated. The 3-inch-long leaves are dark green thick and leathery, almost succulent, and the ends of the spatulate-shaped leaves are usually provided with a shallow notch. The plant loves warmth and humidity, and produces picturesque aerial roots under such conditions. Mas Cotek has male and female species with various shapes of  leaves according to its habitat. Besides Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) and Kacip fatimah(Labisia pumila),mas cotek is known for it is capable to treat various types of diseases and good for health. Besides mixing the male and female species, the stem, fruit which are dried also efective in medication of diseases.


Mas cotek also known as sempit-sempit and agoluran for for people in Sabah,Sarawak,and kalimantan islands.tabat barito for Indonesians, and other names such as ara jelatih, ara tunggal, api-api telinga gajah and api-api telinga kera for community in a few other districts.In africa,it is known as ‘Kangkalibang’.Meanwhile,in other area,it is also known as emas cotek, pokok barito, pokok raja ubat and secotek emas.In botany field,it is named as Ficus deltoidea.


The name mas cotek is given because there are fine spots with gold in colour on the surface of each leaves.In addition,there  is light red spot at the fruit.In Malaysia there are more than 80 species in Ficus deltoidea family.Plant that is known as ara is also one of the species in the ficus deltoidea family. Ficus deltoidea jack or  Mistleteo fig is from the species which is classified scientifically and it is grouped in Moraceae family.However,emas cotek is not a parasite.The seed is believed to be spread by the bird that ate it.


Classification of Mas Cotek(Ficus Deltoidea)













Ficus detoidea


Type of plant :


It is known that the plant comprises of about 80 species of mas cotek for instances mascotek kelitik kering, delima sudu, payudara kecil, telinga beruk, telinga kera, raja mas cotek, pitis sekeleng kecil and many more. It is differentiated according to its leaf shape, nerve leaf shape, and others. Every species have their own roles in healing various diseases as mas cotek contains Naringin which classified into flavonoid and has antioxidant properties.


Leaf :


Mas cotek leaf is wide and its surface is smooth and shiny. The side of the leaf is wavy and has fine orange line. The upper surface of the leaf is light green in colour whereas the lower surface is orangish green.


Stem :


The stem grows vertically, round, smooth, green in colour, and quite easily crumbled.




The fruit looks angly and attractive. The shape is almost round and has light green in colour. At the edge of the fruit has light red sign. The shoot at the fruit is short and does not grows close to each other.


The classification of mas cotek


Traditionally, the classification of the local name and types of mas cotek are done according to their species such as delima sudip, serapat angin, telinga gajah, telinga kera, telinga beruk and others. In Malaysia,s erapat angin species abundantly located in west Malaysia especially in Terengganu state.Telinga beruk species and Telinga gajah species are in Kelantan state. Delima sudip can be gained at the middle and south west of Malaysia meanwhile Telinga Kera is abundantly located at the north west of Malaysia.


Traditionally, mas cotek can be classified into two major categories :


a) Male mas cotek


b) female mas cotek


The most conspicuous difference that can be seen between the male and female species of mas cotek is the shape of the leaf. The male mas cotek leaf is small, tapering, and light. There are red spots at the lower part of the leaf. Commonly, there is only a red spot at the leaf. However, there is also  leaf with two or three red spots.


Female mas cotek has bigger leaf shape and most of them are oval and round and also thicker  compared to male mas cotek. Female mas cotek also has spots at its lower part which is black in colour. Besides that,its leaf nerve is looked clearer compared to male mas cotek.


According to the Doctrine of signature’ concept, the shape, colour, taste, and smell of every part of mas cotek plant visualizes the uses of the herb in treating the diseases. Traditionally,mas cotek leaf is used to contract uterus for woman after giving a birth. It also helps to improve energy,cure diseases that related to blood circulation,and used as herbal drink for health and beauty.


Among the traditional practitioners, Mas Cotek is capable to prevent and cure a few types of ailments if practised correctly such as ,diabetes,weak heart,high blood pressure and diarrhoea.In this case,most of the traditional practitioners suggest to take mas cotek as the herbal drink.


Natural compound in mas cotek

 Research that is carried out by Universiti Malaya (UM) and Malaysian Agriculture Research and Developement Institute (Mardi),this plant contains 4 active ingredients that are needed by our body:





Stong anti-oxidant which helps in maintaining healthy blood circulation, anti-viral, protects liver and estrogen.


Tightening loose tissues, drying excess water during diarrhoea and protects damaged tissue due to eczema or burns.


removes phlegm and assist absorption of nutrients.



remove swellings and antiseptic.

Research shows that mas cotek contains 5 active ingredients that are really needed by human body system such as Flavonoid, Tannins, Triterpenoids, Proanthocyanins and Phenols.These substances are proved capable to help mind in memorising,focusing and treating problems in  less attentions.They are also needed to smoothen the effectiveness of Vitamin C in the chain of anti-oxidant,regulate Sodium Dioxide and blood circulation,regulate the oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower the high blood pressure.


Uses and Benefits of mas cotek


Mas cotek is said to be natural heritage in malay medication. It is traditionally used  to thigthen the uterus, especially for just giving birth mother. In addition, it is believed that the braise of the leaf is capable to emulsify fat, expel the excessive cholesterol in the bloodstream and avoid from migrane and stroke.


In medication, the plant is effective in threating and repairing the nervous system by boiling 2 to 3 dry leaves (mixing male and female plant). Consumed it while lukewarm. It also beed testified capable to cure pneumonia, waist pain, reduce fatigue, and the most significant, is that it could enhance libido. It is believed to response towards male hormone stimulation to increase the period of being stimulated during copulation. Besides the boiled leaf and root, its fruit can also be eaten (3-5pcs per day) to stay healthy.


Mas cotek leaf can be plucked and chewed  fresh. It can also be dried for preservation. When required, boil the dried leaf and consumed for energy.


1.      Mas cotek herb is believed to be a good remedy nervous system, beauty and has antiaging properties.


2.      Mas cotek herb is also good as women tonic and always being used to thigthen the uterus, especially for just giving birth mother.


3.      Mas cotek herb is believed could cure pneumonia, diabetes, hemorrhoid, high blood pressure, heart disease, diarrhoea and enhance libido.


4.      Mas cotek herb is also believed to be a good to overcome white discharge during menstrual cycle of women


5.      Stimulate energy.


Remedies of other ailments:

1.      Removing toxin from our body


2.      Improve blood circulation


3.      Nerve pain


4.      Gout


5.      Diabetes


6.      High blood pressure


7.      Expel cholesterol and fat


8.      Hemorrhoid


9.      Migrane


10.  Pneumonia


11.  Improve internal energy    


12.  Women related ailments


13.  Premenstrual dysphoric disorder


14.  Waist pain


15.  Exhausted


16.  Insomnia and sleeping problems


17.  Stimulates male hormone


18.  Thighten the uterus wall


19.  Knee pain


20.  Beutify and smoothen the skin.


21.  Fever/influenza



 Ways to boil and practise :

1.      Mas cotek herb has to be boiled in 6 litres of water or equals to 4 x 1.5 litres of mineral water bottle size until boiling or 45 minutes until the extracts of the stem,leaf,fruit,stick and root come out.

2.      Filter the braised water and the leaf stem.You can keep the braised water in the refrigerator(for long lasting) or else(drink before 3 days).

3.      Practise drinking mas cotek braised water at least 5-6 glasses per day and as daily drink.

4.      No limit age to drink this herbal drink.

5.      This family drink is suitable for any gender.




Attention...All the informations,notices and testimonials that are advertised cannot be made as the most guidance(without referring to the doctors @ specialist in the field) for the motive of identification or treatment of any diseases.Please consult the accredited doctor  to determine the diseases and medications.All the testimonials that are posted,are self experiences from our customers whereas the others have not been tested.