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Spill Over Commission Plan 5&20 Stars - Affiliate


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 Other members of Desaku-Bio
 you and  your sponsored down line
Sponsored down line by up line (Mr. J) , that will automatically arranged by computer


  • All those members would remain in the system till  31/03/2007  together  with 5 new sponsored members (maximum) while the rest will be arranged automatically downwards, (together with 2 % commission the down lines  hierarchy)

  • Spill Over system 5 x 20 stars is an "  affiliate programe " which commission is given by the company to whom successfully promote "Bio-asli" product, and it is given up to 20 levels.

  • Spill over system was introduced due to continuously and positively recommended by members, especially by those who where having difficulties to assist their "down line" (newly sponsored members) to sponsored new members. Nevertheless, all sponsored members in the system (up to 20 levels) would have chances of getting an allocated commission. Hence, it would motivate all members in hierarchy.  

  • No registration fee required, as membership is free for a whole life . The system is set as auto sponsored. Any new member registration must be through a sponsorer. Registration could be done via sms, internet or fax (24 hours/day, 7 day/week). Registration by telephone is also available from Monday to Friday (8.30am-5.30pm).

  • Unlimited member sponsorship. For the sixth newly sponsored member, they will automatically pushed downwards for the next "down line" hierarchy level, and sponsored member would entitle for 2 % "everlasting" commission . Commission will be given up to maximum 20  levels.

  • Commission will be total up  from first day  until the last day of the month and members will be notified the total sum of their commission via sms. Members can claimed their commission everyday. Every member is advised to countercheck all their database transaction via internet or sms. Please contact us for any incorrect selling entries.  

  • To be a VIP member, you are recommended to buy any product. For a non VIP member they are considered  as pre-registered member, (system would not automatically arranged him/her into the hierarchy), and might lose any "auto sponsor" down line members (down line sponsored by computer) and commission.

  • If you are still a non VIP member till the end of the month, whereas your sponsored down line already done,  he/she automatically will be arranged into the hierarchy system, and might become your up line or being arranged to other hierarchy.

  • As a member, you would get an auto-run internet business database, total up all times commission, profile update, 16 sms menu application, registration for a new member, to counter check the number and purchase transaction of down lines, bank account update and many others.      

  • Very important : (Your Bank Account) - Please state clearly your account and account number whereby payment will be done through internet banking.



The Commission Plan  scheme.

  1. Buy any product from Plan A or Plan B. You are eligible to get commission for the month.

Total purchase in  Plan A or B

Level : Commission entitlement- Plan A & B

RM25 5
RM50 10
RM75 15
RM100 20
It is so easy..We know what's your target..admin Bioasli


Your Profit   You Get Rm10.00
Personal Purchase - You   You Get 5%
Com. rate from down line

Amount purchase



Com. promotion 1  Star   You Get 5%
Com. promotion 2  Star   You Get 5%
Com. promotion 3  Star Rm25.00 You Get 3%
Com. promotion 4  Star   You Get 3%
Com. promotion 5  Star   You Get 3%
Com. promotion 6  Star   You Get 0.5%
Com. promotion 7  Star   You Get 0.5%
Com. promotion 8  Star RM50.00 You Get 0.5%
Com. promotion 9  Star   You Get 0.4%
Com. promotion 10 Star   You Get 0.4%
Com. promotion 11 Star   You Get 0.4%
Com. promotion 12 Star   You Get 0.3%
Com. promotion 13 Star RM75.00 You Get 0.3%
Com. promotion 14 Star   You Get 0.3%
Com. promotion 15 Star   You Get 0.2%
Com. promotion 16 Star   You Get 0.2%
Com. promotion 17 Star   You Get 0.2%
Com. promotion 18 Star RM100.00 You Get 0.1%
Com. promotion 19 Star   You Get 0.1%
Com. promotion 20 Star   You Get 0.1%


The following is the basic commission calculation for one month. Buy one product, valued RM30.00 -  and you have 5 sponsored down line (members) for every hierarchy level and each of them also buy a product valued RM30.00 for a same month

Your Emolument

Maximum 5 level % Commission Commission Rm

Your Profit


Your own purchase commission

1 5% 1.50

Com. promotion 1 Star

5 5% 7.50

Com. promotion  2 Star

5 5% 37.50

Com. promotion  3 Star

5 3% 112.50

Com. promotion  4 Star

5 3% 562.50

Com. promotion  5 Star

5 3% 2812.50
Total     Thousand


Com. promotion  6 Star

5 0.5%

Com. promotion  7 Star

5 0.5% 11,718.75

Com. promotion  8 Star

5 0.5% 58,593.75

Com.  promotion 9 Star

5 0.4% 234,375.00

 Com. promotion  10 Star

5 0.4% 1,171,875.00
Total     Million


Com. promotion  11 Star

5 0.4% 5,859,375.00

Com. promotion  12 Star

5 0.3% 21,972,656.25

Com. promotion 13 Star

5 0.3% 109,863,281.25

Com. promotion  14 Star

5 0.3% 549,316,406.25

Com. promotion  15 Star

5 0.2% 1,831,054,687.50
Total     Million


Com.  promotion 16 Star

5 0.2% 9,155,273,437.50

Com.  promotion 17 Star

5 0.2% 45,776,367,187.50

Com.  promotion 18 Star

5 0.1% 114,440,917,968.75

Com. promotion  19 Star

5 0.1% 572,204,589,843.75

Com. promotion  20 Star

5 0.1% 2,861,022,949,218.75
Total     Trillion

Your Total  Commission




Could you imagine if you could achieve just 0.001% of the target, your income would be RM36 million. It is not joke. Its depends on the number of your down line members up to  20 level.


  • no meeting required either with up line/down line
  • save your golden time
  • don't need  a huge capital to start a business
  • don't have to sell a product, all transaction of buying/ selling are handled by the company
  • products are delivered by post
  • no training required
  • no expenses for any seminar or  classes
  • simplest way (via sms , online , email and free brochures through post)
  • It's truly a kind of part time job and youre just put an effort once for a life time 
  • we are willing to meet and guide you


  1. The main  objective of  this programe is to enable you, to earn a reasonable income, say, as much as  your half monthly salary, or even more.

  2. This kind of business is well known around the world. You could earned 5 digit numbers income through  this system. Come and join us in this mail order business. We just want to share it with you, to get more income.

  3. As a member you are eligible to have a FREE WEBSITE / referral website with no cost. The website would be served under our server. Hence, it's higher speed than any other free hosting. The most exciting, you would get profit, UNEXPECTEDLY. So...forward it to your friends, relatives, and others.

  4. This programe is not like any other MLM system because you can get unlimited members, just online.

  5. It actally the idea of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of  "Rich Dad Poor Dad,"  an investor, entrepreneur, and educator who inspired on money and investment. He once was saying that " If you want something, you need to sacrifies other thing". This program is combination of the IT+ Multilevel marketing + Pos delivery. Thus its really a great programe.

  6. If you study The Books of popular author, " The Ways to be a richer is use your Mind and get the chance". It is up to you to take the chance or not. Free registration........you scared ? Give it a thought, and you will get your unexpected profit.



  1. Registered as fully owned Bumiputra company.
  2. All products are purely produced by our factory, located at  BNO, Sabak Bernam
  3. Best quality health products
  4. All commission will be updated daily throughout the office hours and you can check any times you wish, either online or sms.
  5. We are transparent, sincere and honest. We are happy at any time to welcome you to our head office and factory.




With this hereby, company have the rights to make any changes to our marketing plan system, commission system, rate of commission, amount of product, price, ingredient, size and presentation of product, shape, amount and value of gift will be given and status of member based on company rules and regulation or term and condition. However, be assured that we still abide on company principle:  wisely, transparent, fair and equally judgment.

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