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Blackberry Pearl
Beginning 1/6/2006

.Mas Cotek + Stevia Herbal Tea

.Mas Madu Juice

. Mas Cotek Herb

. Misai Kucing Herb

. Pure Honey

. Roselle Fruit

. Black Seed

High Blood Pressure Thyroid Lost body weight Chronic Skin Disease Hemorrhoids Weak & Fatigue


New-Mas Madu Herbal Juice

The benefits of Herbs & Instant Energy !!!


Size180ml x 6 bottles/box : market price RM60.00 post cost-Free  

Contents : Ficus Deltoidea + Orthosiphon Stamineus + Black Seed Oil + Rozelle + Pure Honey


Mas cotek Herb :  Ficus deltoidea  Mistletoe fig (Moraceae)



Research shows that Ficus Deltoidea consists of 5 active ingredients that are necessities of human body system such as:-




 These ingredients are proved capable to

  •  Enhance memory

  • Improve Attention

  • Control the amount of Sodium Dioxide and improve blood flow

  • Control the oxidation of LDL(bad cholesterol) and reduce the high blood pressure

  • Smoothen the efficiency of Vitamin C in the chain of Anti-Oxidant*










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Misai Kucing-Herb : Orthosiphon stamineus, Benth/ Orthosiphon aristatus

healing power of misai kucing plant is because of its great chemical contents for instance cirsimaritin, myoinositol, orthosiphon, pillion,The  rhamnasin, bmlt oioioldsalvigenin, kerotin, kerotinoid, minyak pati, flavanoid, glukosid, glikoprotein, saponin dan terpenoid.The research has found out that it is capable to :-


  • Flush the kidneys and urinary tract as it has mild diuretic property.

  • Act as a filteration in order to remove the commonest waste products such as urea, or stone in the kidney.

  • Replace the potassium lost from the body during urination as it has enough potassium contents.

  • Act as the remedy for other diseases such as diabetes,gout,arthritis,rheumatic and kidney stone disease,besides can prevent the formation of kidney stone and infection in urinary tract, arteriosclerosis (capillary and circulatory disorders).

  • Reduce the cholesterol level in blood, lower the high blood pressure and relieves spasms of the smooth muscle in the walls of the internal organs, making it valuable for gallbladder problem.

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The Benefits of Honey:-


  • Assimilated easily by the body

  • Enhancing human energy .

  • Contains all types of sugars that are easily regulated by the kidney.

  • Have laxative effect.

  • Calm the mind and body.


(Habbatul barakah ~ The seed of blessing)

More than 100 active ingredients in the black seed oil

 One such study conducted at the Munich Institute for Research on Newer Therapeutic Methods [Münchner Institut zur Erforschung neuer Therapieverfahren] has confirmed by means of the most modern analytic methods that black seed oil contains over 100 active health-promoting substances and displays superior clinical effectiveness as a nutritional supplement.Eventhough the development of science and technology nowadays,the probability of one or more of the active ingredients are combined with the pharmaceutical prescription for the definite objectives and conditions.the ekstract of the black seed oil is probably able to be mixed chemically in order to make it more effective in medication.




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Attention...All the informations,notices and testimonials that are advertised cannot be made as the most guidance(without referring to the doctors @ specialist in the field) for the motive of identification or treatment of any diseases.Please consult the accredited doctor  to determine the diseases and medications.All the testimonials that are posted,are self experiences from our customers whereas the others have not been tested.