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  Product : Virgin Coconut Firming Cream  

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Firming Cream


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  Sample Test  

Before Bioasli release Firming Cream in quantity and the actual design of the container, a test session was conducted when some people been chosen to try the new formula randomly. Each of selected people is given 5 gram sample with same formula and given 5 day period to see the results. After 5 days, Bioasli have called them back to value the effectiveness . Results :-

  Sample 1 :-  

Given to four Bioasli staff members who have been married. After five days using the samples provided and with the right way, they all have a favorable impact. Everyone has experience the change of main objective the creation of this formula for breast enlargement and elastic back as teens. There are satisfied and give 100% to the great product of Bioasli.

  Sample 2 :-  

Given to a married couple and the wife have tried. After five days, Bioasli have been asking from the use of the formula and she continue to grin. Her husband also smile after telling significant changes to the beloved wife. " Its size has changed so much interesting and not in thought when the nipple and surroundings turned into a bright. Pigmentation problems and fracture were disappear after using this formula. Once the product is launched, they continue to buy and introduce the product to their friends and family's member.

  Testimonial first user :-  

A member of Bioasli who work at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) has used a container of Firming Cream and get a positive result. Given five stars for the effectiveness of this product and effect occur to her breast, desired size and fluffy. Totally different from the previous. She is confident that this product will be "hot sales" and not only for women but also men. Her friends who have been introduce with this product also gave positive comment and they were getting what they want.


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