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Facts and research from SKMM state that, about RM 17 million per day spent to send SMS. Mobile phone users in this country are spending more than RM 17 million per day to send at least four short messaging service (SMS) for a variety of purposes, including subscription and ringtones download.

Studies conducted by Malaysian Communication & Multimedia Commission (SKMM) from 2002 to the present, overall volume use of SMS increased two to three billion each year. Figures expenses and SMS total are derived from the estimated 21.5 million people who use mobile phones in the country. On average, cell phone users send more than four SMS per day and if calculated total to mobile phones users in the country, it accounted for 86 million SMS.

The service charges by telco company more cheaper and practical than normal calling, thus attracting more users to choose SMS.

At the same time, charge to subscribe and download ringtones, wallpaper are between 50 cents to RM 5 also increase the consumer spending.

Meanwhile, with the promotion of various telecommunication companies such as Celcom, Maxis, Digi, Tunetalk and U-Mobile of course increasing prepaid consumer and users topup rate necessarily increase.

Berita Harian Newspaper Quote 19/12/2006

Here are the 2010 Annual Report from SKMM. You can download the full report on the SKMM official website www.skmm.gov.my.

Chart 1 : Shows the number of Prepaid and Postpaid users.
Table 1: Shows the number of SMS sent in 2009 and 2010.

From the table, we found that user use SMS increased to 96,795.6 million in 2010 compared to 89,408 million in 2009. Difference of 7,387.6 million SMS been sent in 2010. The increasing rate have connection with increasing number's of Malaysian have mobile phone and they prefer SMS as its easier, cheaper to give a message for someone. In addition, there is many factor that increased the SMS rate such as when individuals subscribe Quiz, Wallpapers, Songs, Videos or improvement of technology.

Chart 2: Demonstrate the use of phone for ASEAN for 2010.

From the chart above, Malaysia listed in the top 10 countries, ranked 3 third largest mobile phone users in Asia of 119.2 mobile phone units for 100 individual. Followed by Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Filipina, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Singapore also have 143.7 mobile phone units for 100 individual and Vietnam is leading for most people have mobile phone that is 175.3 for every 100 people.



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