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Looking For Something Revenue From Your Handphone?

Tired everyday to go shop to reload credit? Would you like to start your own eload topup business at any time via sms & online website?

Now you have big opportunity with us to be Bioasli's topup agent, with lowest fees of RM 20.00 per year, no need to rent shop, hire labor, electricity bills, licenses and etc...


PLAN Es (e-student)

With Plan Es (e-student) worth RM 20.00/per year, you are able to sell eload topup to your friends, family or anyone else.



You also have opportunity to earn more money, introduce us to your friends and we give you Sponsorship & Affiliate Commission up to 6 level. Refer to Es Marketing Plan (e-student).


Big Potential, Anytime?

No matter who you are, what business you join, what your job, the people around you need a phone line. 90% of mobile users are prepaid. Average credit they will reload about 1 week. Where they will reload? Certainly in telecommunication store.


Do Topup Eload Business Experience Loss?

Reload shop can be found many around you, never loss even small profit, expensive rental stores, labor, competition, yet they still run the business due to the HUGE POTENTIAL in the telecommunications field.


Why You Do Not Open Reload Store?

What if you also open a reload shop? Certainly, it cost huge capital to rental stores, labor and so on. Why not, we show you the way with only RM 20.00/per year, you can already do eload topup business.


Be Eload Topup Mobile Stores, 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week

Advantages of being an mobile topup agent :-

  • No need to rent store, labor, electricity, large capital and so on.

  • No need to quit job to doing eload topup business.

  • Can be carried out no matter wherever you are working, while attending college classes, having a meeting, lunch or dinner. As long as you can use the SMS, that was sufficient.

  • Very little capital and high margin up to 3%. Minimum capital to add only RM 10.00. Students also can afford.

  • The longer you are in this field, the more extensive your market. Of course, you provide facility people around you and they will introduce their friends to reload with you. Don't shy, if you are shy, you don't deserve be called as dealer.

  • Introduce our business to your friends and we give you commission up to 6 level.

  • If you don't want to sell, can also use by yourself. Starting today, you will enjoy reload price cheaper than you buy in the store.



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