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World Model use Virgin Coconut Oil for body & hair

Hair Loss Treatment Technique & Dandruff

1. During evening bath, shampoo the hair evenly from the surface of hair to the scalp. Then, massage the surface of the hair until the scalp gently with a hair brush (round toothed comb @ blunt, with a soft brush). Rubbing with a rough fingers will cause hair loss and damage. Wash your hair and rinse thoroughly with foam to ensure no shampoo is left on the scalp.


2. Then, wipe the wet hair with a soft clean towel (don't give a strong pressure or rubbing the hair and scalp to prevent hair ripped @ fall). After wipe, let the hair dry but itself.
3. After hair dry, apply Virgin Coconut Oil Pure or Argan Oil on the scalp evenly (preferably at 9.00 pm). Then, let the oil soak into the scalp about 2 hours. Diffusion process can cause irritation to the scalp. If you feel itchy, don't scratch your scalp with fingers, preferably use a soft brush ( a soft brush in nature) to massage the scalp and prevent hair from falling.

4. During the morning bath, hair can be wet and clean but don't use shampoo or any detergent which may cause dryness of the scalp (select appropriate shampoo). After washing, wipe the wet hair using a soft clean towel. Typically, the surface of the scalp will feel itchy after a shower. To overcome this problem, massage scalp using the proposed comb slowly. Usually, itchiness on the scalp will disappear within a day.

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5. Use BioAsli Hair Tonic. Apply evenly tonic to the scalp for ensure that the scalp and hair  is always wet and fertile, so as to protect the hair surface from ultra-violet (UV).

6. Repeat steps 1-6 until the dandruff, hair loss and damage can be overcome. Ideally, repeat the steps above until 2-3 weeks.

Suggestion :Continuously use BioAsli Hair Tonic as the practice of daily use to ensure that the hair is healthy and fertile.

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