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Men Polar Hair Loss (MPHL)


What is MPHL?

MPHL or alopecia (baldness) is the most common cause of androgenetic hair loss, representing more than 80% of all cases of hair loss in men.

Other causes of hair loss include :

  Telogen effluvium. A temporary condition that usually is caused by stress such as pregnancy, trauma or surgery.
  Areata alopecia. A condition in which the body's own immune system, press the hair root growth (the hair is embeddedin the follicle under the skin). Areata alopecia causes hair loss in a spot form and can affect the entire body including facial hair and genital.
  Condition of the scalp. Fungal infection or psoriasis is a chronic skin disease on the scalp, can cause hair loss.
  Existing medical problems. Diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Understanding Hair Growth Cycle

There are three stages of normal hair growth cycle:


Anagen (Growth)
    New hairs grow from the follicle base (an opening on the surface of the skin where hair through). Normal growth phase usually takes many year and the result are fully grown hair.
  2) Catagen (Rest)
    At this stage, the hair stops growing and the roots start to contract. The follicle break and the hair moves upward in the follicle, away from the roots and blood vessel that supply nutrient.
  3) Telogen (Regeneration)
    The matured hair currently sticks loosely to hair root. It usually will drop after a few months or after being rejected by the new hair that grows under it.
What Causes MPHL ?

MPHL is caused by the interaction of hormones scalp men with genetic risks, which affect normal hair growth cycle. In other words, MPHL linked to two main factors, namely the genes and hormones.

What will happen to the hair if I have MPHL ?


The male hormone androgen present in the hair follicles, particularly testosterone. Also present is an enzyme that known as 5-alpha-reductase (5aR)
  2) When testosterone interacts with the enzyme, the hormone is converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT.
  3) When the DHT excess in the hair root, anagen phase of hair cycle is shortened. The result is hair shorter, softer and less visible.
  4) This usually occurs at the vertex which is the highest in the head and the head line - the pattern of hair loss, most classic from the men.
Another Risk Factor of MPHL ?
  Gender - Men are generally more likely to suffer hair loss due to the produce amount of testosterone.
  Family History - MPHL occurrence among father, uncle, grandfather and both parents can expose a person to this condition.
  Age - are estimated to be about 30% of men aged 30 years will have some of hair loss, while 50% will experience when reaching 50 years of age.
  Pressure - continuous and chronic stress can accelerate MPHL.

Tips Healthy Hair



Female Hair Loss


In recent years, more and more women began to suffer from hair loss premature graying. For most women, hair is more rare and touchy, especially hair loss starts from the top of the head.

Medical researchers say that hair loss factors between men and women are different.

Female hair loss is caused by :
  Postnatal Syndrome
    Women are high risk of losing their hair when they are in a phase of pregnancy. After birth, the amount of blood loss causes a lot of lost circulation and hormone balance. 3-5 months after delivery, hair loss may reach 30% due to noise and readjustments that occur in the body.
  Menstrual Phase, Menopause
    Contraceptive pills and stop taking the pills or menopausal women will start to experience hormonal imbalance. During menstruation, the flow of the hair and follicles may not be sufficient nutrients due to disruption in the flow of "food" in the body.
  Diet Yo Yo
    Young women in extreme dieting will cause their bodies lack a lot of nutrients. Daily diet plan with fruit, vegetables, or just skip meals may be dangerous. At this rate, their hair will fall due to the lack of proteins needed by the hair cells to function.
  Work Pressure
    Modern women are always under pressure. This makes them anxious and restless. When one is in panic, he not only anxious but normal blood circulation will also be disrupted, causing the scalp secrete large amounts of oil. Stress can also cause premature graying.
    Don't think that men are the only ones who suffer from hair loss caused by heredity. Women can also experience this. When a ages woman, secretion hormone will also start to decline and if the parents and relatives to experience hair loss, she will suffer from premature hair loss.
  Often Perming or Plucking
    Frequent perming can affect your hair. This is because the chemicals used and materials, including mousse, lotion, perming and others. Retraction or withdrawal of your hair will cause excessive hair loss in later life. Hair tied up high in the back of the head will cause the hairline to the back and the more hair loss.

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