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Virgin Coconut Hair Tonic - Man (Aroma Polo) -

Hair tonic, enriched with Virgin Coconut Oil and Argan Oil can help maintain the freshness of the scalp and make hair lush, healthy, thick and shiny.

Content of Lauric Acid and Capric Acid in virgin coconut oil can help stabilize the natural chemicals in the scalp, eliminating dandruff on the scalp and to prevent dryness of the skin. Also it can prevents dandruff and hair root will become fertile and more black.

Specially formulated to make hair look 'silky', fresh and non greasy wavy. The fragrance content gives a fascinating aroma.

Argan Oil, known as the magic oil, extracted from argan seeds, has grown into the world as the best natural oil for hair care. It has many used for health of hair & skin care to body recovery and many other hidden benefits.

Argan Oil is good for growth and healthy hair care. Called "liquid gold" by the beauty experts around the world. It could give new revolution to the problem of dry hair, disheveled, gray, branches, brittle and so forth. Rich in Vitamin E, the best natural nutrients needed by your hair.


Benefits of Virgin Coconut Hair Tonic

Help stabilize the natural chemicals in the scalp.
Eliminate dandruff on the scalp and prevent from having dry skin, also prevents dandruff fungus from reproducing.
Makes hair more fresh and black.
Help and treat the new scalp tissue formation.
Protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation of the sun.
Nourish the scalp and hair from falling.
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 9, Argan Oil is a source of important dietary component for the pores of the hair roots. This unsaturated fatty acid binding protein to strengthen hair structure and thereby increase hair strength and healing to the ending hair.
Natural Antioxidant found in Argan Oil are able to strengthen your hair by treating the damaged hair cells.
Function to retain moisture, restore luster and light hair.
The presence of Vitamin E in Argan Oil makes its the best agent for the treatment of hair. Vitamin E  are found in Argan Oil was very useful in restoring the natural hair.
POLO Fragrance gives the style of aroma professional men.


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