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Video: Strengthen the hair with BioAsli Hair Tonic

 Testimony Video


Three testimony from 3 members who have used BioAsli product and also give the product to their partner. After they try the BioAsli Hair Tonic, they very satisfy with product and will continue to use and promote to the public.


Testimony Hair Loss Video


I am a dealer. I have invested so much money for my business. Problems come continuously, as if no end. But the shadow of profit and sucess is still not visible. Besides my business, many other things I have to think, including families and children who live in hostel (including learning, expenditures and safety). Sometimes, staying asleep and often interrupted by pressing the dreams of feeling. In the early stages of a significant effect that I experienced was hair become soft like baby hair and severe hair loss followed. Just to chuck in the head and just enough for my hair fall out. Finally, I found the top of my head had begun to look skin, with hair that is too rare. Worry about it, I endeavor to find the cures. Fortunately I found Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Honey and Virgin Coconut Oil Pure. The Virgin Coconut Oil Pure, I rub it on the head every night before bed and Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Honey, I drink 1 tablespoon per day. Now my hair problem are completely settle and my hair is fresh again like when I was young - Black shiny hair is back.


Dr. Bruce Fife (Naturopathic Doctor USA) Admission

I have been attacked by dandruff since I was young. What I can do is to use a medicated shampoo (anti-dandruff shampoo) that I have applied since many years. However, when I tried to replace it with a shampoo without medication (without anti-dandruff), my hair back dandruff. After that, I learned about the active chemical used in many health care products, I no longer use anti-dandruff shampoo. I started using more natural herbal soap and shampoo that is natural organic matter, but as before, dandruff began to grow even more. Then, I tried everything from natural organic. It seems that nothing can overcome the dandruff in my hair.

Finally, I put virgin coconut oil on hair and wash it several hours later. The result is amazing!!! Only one application only, all my dandruff disappeared. At first, I am not sure it was easy because nothing can be overcome before it except the anti-dandruff shampoo. Now I have a product of natural organic not only to clean up my dandruff, but also good for hair and my scalp and virgin coconut oil inhere in my personal care products.


 Amanda George (Hair Beauty Experts In New York) Admission


New York Hair Beauty Experts, Amanda George give recognition of virgin coconut oil for hair beauty. " I was used virgin coconut oil on my hair before bed and then wash in the morning," said Amanda. The result is hair smooth and light. To warm the virgin coconut oil can  be placed in warm water or place it near the hot water flowing.

Founding Declaration Desaku Trading, Ishak Basiran

Dandruff on the scalp and hair is very suffocating, itching and unpleasant odor. So unfortunately our hair dandruff will result less healthy and if continued it would affect the fertility of the hair root. As a result, our hair will become thin and eventually fall and become bald. This happened to myself.

Because of this problem, I'm trying to find the cure, until I met my friend. He tells me to use virgin coconut oil which he applied. At that time, I don't know  that is virgin coconut oil until I attend an open day at MARDI. When I saw the virgin coconut oil product specification of MARDI and ask them, then I know what I'm wearing is the virgin coconut oil.

From that moment, I continue to study and learn how to make virgin coconut oil for high quality, now that I call BioAsli Virgin Coconut Oil. It is true that it is very effective for dandruff and hair loss due to lauric acid, capric acid and other types of medium fatty acids that acts to kill fungal dandruff and went deeper into the scalp to treat the damaged cells. God bless the result was satisfactory, and its currently a hair and face oil, I drink everyday.



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Pusat Perniagaan Sungai Lias
45300 Sungai Besar
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-3224 8721  Fax : +603-3224 2321 
Email : desaku@streamyx.com
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