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1:What is the special nutrition of virgin coconut oil?  
2:How to purchase Bioasli's products?  
3:How to confirm payment?  
4:How if I have no MBB's or CIMB's account? 
5:How product will be delivered and what is the safety guarantee?
6:How to register as a member?  
7:Can I get list of member and non member's price? 
8:What is the privilege as a bioasli's member? 
9:What is the company's objective?  
10:How is arrangement commission? 
11:How world pool system is carried out?  
12:What is the company marketing plan?   
13:How to start this program?  

14:How to promote the website?   

15:After getting 5 down line, I am not seek another new member. Whether eligible to participate system spill over 5 x 20? 
16:Could down line make payment through the up line's account?
17:What is a suitable product for weight problem and how long to use it?
18:What is a suitable product to solve hair problem?  
19:What is a suitable product to solve hypertension problem? 
20:Can the person whose has / is being analyzed use products bioasli?
21:Is that RM50 web payment is for once a year?  
22:How to use hair tonic?  
23:What is nutrition of VCO31's? And how to use this  products ?  
24:How much needed to maintain for every month?
25:If I' ve already register a 5 new member, how about  a next new member?  
26:Could virgin coconut oil capsule use to treat a brain cancer?   
27:How to contact stockiest in every state?    
28:What is the status of members who are not buying Bioasli's product?
29:Payment already made but don't get on line booking. Why?
30:I have register as a new member, I wish to spread pamphlet but I don't know my sponsor ID.
31:I get itchy or sinus around part of the face and ears. Can VCO treat it?  
32:How to book the Bioasli's product on behalf other person?  
33: How to register as a stockiest? 
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