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  Product : Virgin Black Seed Oil  


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According to a study in the Munich Institute for Researched on Newer Therapeutic Methods (Munchner Institut zur Erforschung neuer Therapieverfahren) using nodern analytical methods that black seed contains more than 100 types of active ingredient that helps health and it shows the power of the clinical effects outweigh the other herbs as a nutritional supplement. But with this recent rapid development of science, it is possible that one or more active ingredients combined with prescription pharmaceuticals for the purpose and under what circumstances. Similarly, the extract of black seed is likely to be in a chemically blended in order to be more effective in the treatment.

However, some may claim that in certain circumstances, with the added additive materials will increase its effectiveness in the treatment. But healing capabilities in its original form should be given attention.

 Main characteristics are as follows:-

  • Black Seed in its original form and will work to help the body's natural healing system to overcome disease and maintain health. It acts in part as well as the body without disturbing the natural balance of the rest of the body is divided.

  • The effect of taking black seed with the nutritional value and medicinal value, not only will it help improve the current situation, but it also helps the body build resistance against possible attacks.

 In conclusion, the black seed has the nature of hypertensive, carminative and anathematic.



"Nigella sativa commonly known as love in the mist a beautiful Middle Eastern Herb with many use"
Dr. Micheal Tierra. L.A.C, O.M.D.  Book Author Planetary Herbology

 (The Canon of Medicine) Ibnu Sina (980-1037 Masihi) state that “black cumin the grain was stimulate body energy and help in chronic fatigue, loss of spirit and give a therapeutic effect on digestive disorders, gynecological disease, and respiratory”.

 While Al-Biruni (973-1048 Masihi) asserts that “black seed” likely to be used as whole grains per day during the tenth and eleventh century.

In addition the power of Black Seed Oil is also certified by the bygone intellectual as Ibnu Qayyim and Al Baghdadi , as well as hundreds of scientists and modern physician dominance. Some of them are Dr. Basil Ali (from The College of Medicine at King Faisal University), Dr Haq (from The Department of Biological and Medical Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Dr. Michael Tierra (Book Author Planetary Herbology), Dr. Peter Schleicher (Immunologist from Munich), Professor Dr. El-Dakhakny (Pharmacology Department of Medicine, Elexandria University, UAR Egypt), Dr.  Nirmal Chakravarty, M.D, Dr. Badr-el-Din and Dr. Mahfouz, Dr. Ahmed El-Qadi and Dr. Usama Qandil. 


"Black Seed have an important role in tumor and cancer prevention. In the long term use, Black Seed Oil can strengthens the immune system. In addition to accelerating cell division".
  Dr. Stanley Kopok, University of Arizona, USA

"Black Seed is enriched with beta-sitosterol, known to have the ability to prevent cancer".
Dr. Michael Tierra L. AC. O.M.D.

"With Nigella Sativa consuming to fight fatigue".
In addition we recommend that black seed consumed with royal jelly in comparison 2:1".
 Dr. Mohammed Saleh, Cairo-Mesir

"Extract black seed have anti-tumor nutrition without side effects such as what happens to the Chemotherapy and radiation".
Study of Nigella sativa on humans, University of South Carolina. USA 
 "Black seed has more than active ingredients with a variety of healing nutrition. One is impotence".
  Black Cumin, The Magical Egyptian Herb, Dr. Peter Schleicher, M. D.
Dr.Mohammed Saleh, M.D., Egypt

"Black seed proven to have effects in anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, anti-biotic, anti-mycotic and bronchitis inhibitors".
   Study of Black Seed Oil on Humans, American Scientists  

"The combination of lipids and hormones in Black Seed structure can increase the mothers milk"
 University Pochefstroom 

"New therapies that are effective, easy to digest and not expensive in allergic diseases is the use of unsaturated fatty acids from the oil seed crops, especially Black Seed".
      Dr. Lutz Bannasch, München - Jerman 

"Black Seed containing ether oils that help digestion and reduce intestinal problems".
 Prof. Dr. Hildebert Wagner, Institut fur Pharmazeutische Biologie, München - Jerman

"Black Seed contains unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic & gammalinolenic enter inside the body. This allows for the achievement of acid synthesis is an important immune system causing chronic diseases such as acne and fever due to allergies or cancer".
Dr. Peter Schleicher, M. D., Immunologist, Munich Germany 
”  Enhance immune function ”.
US. Patents Section, Antiviral Agents Bulletin # 5, 482, 711

"Black Seed stimulates the bone marrow in immune cells and terferon production, protects normal cells fight virus cells, against tumor cells and enhance the antibody producing B cells".
Cancer Immuno-biology, South Carolina 

"Black Seed proven to cure 70% of patients with allergies, including hay fever and also acne, and neurodermitis (skin disease), asthma and weak immune forces. Take Black Seed regularly to keep favorably dreaded".
Dr. Peter Schleicher, Immunologie, München-Jerman


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