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Habbatul barakah ~ The seed of blessing

Hadith Sahih refer to Habbatus Sauda

Be story by Aisyah R.A, she hear Rasulullah S.A.W said:
 “Truthfully Al-Habbatus Sauda’ can cure all diseases except Al-Sam”. I asked. “What is Al-Sam? he answer, “Al-Sam is death”
History by Imam Bukhari.
From Buraidah, Rasulullah S.A.W said:
 “At Habbatus Sauda’ a remedy for all diseases except death”.
 History by Abu Nu’aim in Book of Al-Tibb in assembly hadith sahih no. 1819.
From Abu Hurairah, he heard Rasulullah saw said:
 “At Habbatus Sauda’ there is a cure for all diseases except Al-Sam namely death”.
 History by  Bukhari (10:118-119) ; Muslim (7:25) ; Ibnu Majah (2:342) ; Tarmizi (2:3 at Month Edition) ; and Ahmad (2:241) through history Sufyan bin ‘Uyainah from Al-Zuhri and Abu Salamah.


 Nigella Sativa is an annual flowering plant that produced Black Seed Oil from flower seed. Originally growing wild in countries around the Mediterranean and southeast Asia. Then it is widely grown in northern Africa especially Egypt, in southern Europe, in Syria and some in Central Asia such as Iran and India. It grows to 20-30 cm (7.9-12 in) tall, with finely divided, linear (but not thread-like) leaves. The stem is green, round, hairy with a measure of latitude in 2 to 5 millimeters, while the distance between branches is about 2 to 5 cm. Branches diverge on. Soft at the end of flowering branches, usually blue and white, measuring latitude in 3 cm, the number of petals 5 to 10 pieces. Flower stalk is relatively long and getting longer as the fruit matures. Fruit sizeable type 'inflated capsule' composed of 3 to 7 containing a seed. Triangular-shaped seeds, black, smelly 'pungent' relatively strong, contains considerable oil ratio. The seeds used as spices and various other uses and most popular used to produce Black Seed Oil. It has a sense of ‘pungent bitter’.

 Nigella sativa seed also known as Habbah elbarakah (Arab), Kalounji, Mungal realael (Hindi), Kezah (Hebrew), Charnushka (Russia), Corek otu siyah (Turkey), Siyah daneh (Parsi), Zwiebelsame,Nadella, Schwarzkumm (German), Neidonkuka (Finland), Mustkoomen (Estonia), Karijnigi (Canada), Czarnuszka siewna (Poland), Nigella (Italy),  Graine or Wagella Cultiree, Cheveuxdevenus, Negelle (France), Svartkummin (Sweden), Niguilla, Pesionara (Spain), Svartkarve (Norway). Also known as Fennel flower, Black caraway, Nutmeg flower or Roman coriander (English). Normally, the seed also be known as Black cumin, Nigella or Black seed. Among the Egyptian and Syrian is known as Al-Habbatul Barakah, and for Telegu is called Nellajilakaira, Punjabi called Kalongi, Malayalam called Karunjiragam, Singhalese called Kaluduru, Marathi called Kalonji, Tamin called Karunjiragam. In Yemen and Iran is known as Al-Syuniz, while Algeria called Sanuj while in Morocco is called with Basdas.



Been reported that Nigella sativa (black seed) have been found at Tutankhamen tomb. These findings give the impression that it was (Nigella Sativa) takes place very important in the life of ancient Egyptians. Although the actual use of Nigella Sativa in the Egyptian society is not known exactly, but with these findings we acknowledge that things will not be loaded into the royal graves and if it is not selective and reliable and is believed by them to be very helpful and for their king after death.

 In the Medical system Greco-Arab/Unani-Tibb derived from Hippocrates, regarded the black seed as a source of recovery in the digestive and liver disorders. Also regarded as a stimulant in a variety of body.

 It is a fact which is not true to say that the Arabs learn about their use of those Greeks, because before the development of Islam in the Middle East, there is no evidence and record of use. Its use in medicine is only triggered after the rise of Islam from what was uttered by the Prophet says:-

 “Truthfully Al-Habbatus Sauda’ can cure all diseases except Al-Sam”. I asked. “What is Al-Sam? he answer, “Al-Sam is death”.

Hadith story from Imam Bukhari

At Habbatus Sauda’ a remedy for all diseases except death”.

Hadith from Buraidah.


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