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 Drink Virgin Coconut Oil (Benefit)


  Metabolism & Energy
  Disease Defense
  Virus & Bacteria Super
  Experimental Skin Elasticity
  Ideal Body Weight
  Mother's Milk & MCFA
  Skin & Hair
  Digestive System & Substance
  Prevention of AIDS
  Prevention of Heart Disease
  Aging & Ageless
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  Fasting (Virgin Coconut Oil)
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  Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
  Lailatul Qadar


Ramadhan Hope


Lecture of Ihya' Ramadhan


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Tazkirah Ramadhan


Prayer in Ramadhan




 Ramadhan 1433 H

Fasting...Why need to drink Virgin Coconut Oil?

Drink Virgin Coconut Oil (rich with MCFA)....Increase energy and store it longer.

Eat foods that contain MCFA, such as using a high octane fuel as fuel vehicle. Vehicles are faster and smoother and able to make the distance miles farther. Thus, the MCFA, the body can move better to have more energy and greater endurance. This is because MCFA are channeled directly into the liver and converted into energy, the body get the extra energy. Because MCFA are easily absorbed by the organs of the energy-producing cells, the metabolism will increase. The increase of this energy have an influence on the whole body stimulation.

Advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil :-

Antioxidants to prevent or delay cell death. (important so that the skin looks good coming of the Hari Raya)


Soften and heal dry skin and slack. (remove layers of dead skin cells and boost the growth of new healthy tissue by the MCFA in virgin coconut oil)

Helps prevent sun, skin cancer and pigmentation development (facilitating the body to adapt naturally to sunlight).

Easily digested, absorbed and used to provide substance in the body (molecular, energy and small enzyme)


Eliminating the scalp and prevent dandruff from experiencing dryness of the skin and prevents dandruff fungus from reproducing, fertility, and increased black hair.

Rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells (to reach deep into the layers under the skin and strengthen the layers).

Fight dehydration as a mineral salt, sugar and chain fatty acid (MCFA) that is able to provide substance.

Nourishes the scalp and hair loss. (to look stylish for a hair problem)  

Reducing hunger for fully digested and provide enough energy.

Help to lose weight because MCFA more flammable as other carbohydrates to fat, other vegetable oils.

Virgin Coconut Oil may ease for people with constipation.

It can boost metabolism, lower cholesterol levels (lower risk of heart disease due to fatty meals during Ramadan, Hari Raya)


 Did you know that, by fasting during the 30 days......
 - can lose weight by 5 to 7 pounds in one month.
 - will accelerate the recovery process and the formation of new cells healthy.

MCFA Virgin Coconut Oil can control and store glycogen.

The researchers think that MCFA provide additional resources to the athlete, to withdraw the energy stored glycogen in the muscle tissue, will be fully utilized for three hours. The more glycogen in the muscle the greater the endurance athlete. So whatever substance that can store glycogen at providing energy would be beneficial for endurance athletes. In a further study to test the theory of the production of glycogen, participants cycle at 60 for 3 hours to a maximum strength by drinking a beverage given in previous studies. With training, the rate of muscle glycogen was measured and proved equal to all athlete. The conclusion is MCFA does not produce glycogen storage, but actually improve performance. Improvements in the use of glycogen is not related to production and should be connected properly powered one other mechanism.

Advantages Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Black Seed:-

It have component non-starch polysaccharide useful source the method of dietary fiber needs. (prevent constipation)

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential (Linoleic and Linoleic acid) (it can not be produced by the body but can be found in Black Seed)

It's a nice to take because the metabolism is reduced. (to provide energy quickly after a day of fasting) 

It helps lower the levels of sugar in the body. (help after eating a variety of sweet foods)

 Did you know that, by fasting during the 30 days......
 - can slow aging process (Allan Cott, M.D.,)
- remain youthful state of physical, mental and spiritual (Dr. Yuri Nikolayev)


Drink Virgin Coconut Oil (rich with MCFA)....Increase energy and store it longer.

In addition to increasing the rate of energy, there are other benefits that are very important to always take virgin coconut oil in their diet, an increase of metabolic consequences will help protect from disease and accelerate healing. This is because when metabolism is increased, the cell will function more efficiently. In the case of those who are injured, this helps them heal faster, old cells and cells to be replaced faster disease cells and the development of the young people quickly to replace worn-out cells. As a result the immune system function better.

Advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Honey:-

It is quick and easy assimilation by the body. (simple and compatible handled by the kidneys)

Contains stimulants that will help increase freshness biogenic(Dr Filatof, ophthalmologist from Russia)

Diarrrhea germs die within 10 hours after being admitted into the honey.  (Dr.W.G.Sacket, Microbiologist  from  Colorado Agriculture College Fort Collins). (high glucose content helps restore the patient's body fluids quickly)

There are vitamins that play a role in protein metabolism, fat metabolism and prevent skin conditions such as eczema and herpes.

Honey good for the balance of the liver, neutralize toxins and eliminate pain, inflammation of the stomach problems, high blood pressure and constipation. (Fitonutrisi elements as hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial substances and prevent the growth of Helicobacter pylori bacteria causes stomach pain and indigestion)

To make the face beautiful and clean. Antibiotic properties can be used in shampoo to prevent dandruff (Ages Egypt and Ancient Greece)

Royal jelly and  bee polle contains high protein and used to help improve the fertility/sexual vitality, enhance immunity and reduce heat.

It does not affect the lining of the digestive system and has the effect of "laxative" that naturally (preventing constipation)

Contain minerals that do not cause negative effects on the blood the body needs to stay fresh (not to be sleepy, tired at work)

Enzymes and amino acids for the digestion of up metabolism (energy needed quickly)

 Did you know that, by fasting during the 30 days......
 - create the charm and allure softness women. (Alvenia M. Fulton)
 - for patients with peptic disorders. (Muzam MG, Ali M.N and Husain)


Drink Virgin Coconut Oil (rich with MCFA)....Increase energy and store it longer.

Some disorders such as obesity, heart disease and osterosklerosis easier happen to people who have low metabolism. Health condition will worsen if the number is lower metabolism than normal metabolism, since cells were not able to heal and repair itself quickly. So improving metabolism, providing protection from the degenerative disease and infectious diseases.

Advantages of Mind Booster Juice:-
  Mas Cotek

Misai Kucing


Powerful anti-oxidant properties (to maintain healthy blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-rival, protect the heart and estrogen-so skin tight and slow the aging process)  


Reduce diabetes (research 2007 Pharmacology Department, University Chulalongkorn, Bangkok, Thailand)


Tighten sagging tissue, dry the excess water secretion diarrhea and protect the damaged tissue, such as eczema or burns (so that the skin still looks healthy even less to take vitamins during the fasting month)


Reduce cholesterol and heart disease (due to eating fatty foods)


Produce no toxins in the body and blood flow (due to a variety of foods to eat during break)


Encourage the continued decline of systolic blood pressure by action vasodilasi (expansion of blood vessels), hypertension, decreased cardiac output and diuretic action in the removal of sodium (researcher Pharmacy Faculty, University Fukuyama, Japan)


Removing cholesterol and fat and restorative dysfunction 


Contains the properties of antioxidants and free radical removal (studies 2007 by Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center in USM)


Fatigue and beautify and smooth the skin


Natural sweetener that contains no calories. (can be taken with large amounts without fear) 


It reduces the cholesterol in the blood (for heart patients)


Lowering blood sugar levels because it contains sugar (herbal sweetener)


It is good to stabilize the rate of water in the body (to prevent from having hydration-dehydration and fatigue in fasting)


Urination and lower blood pressure (for people with high blood pressure)


Extract roselle been use to reduce high blood pressure (Pharmacology Expert  , Senegal) 


Kill bacteria, fungi and virus. A tool for weight loss because there is no fat and carbohydrates.. (suitable for those who are overweight)

 Did you know that, by fasting during the 30 days......
 - can cure diseases such as Influeza, bronchitis, diarrhea, constipation, food allergies, asthma, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer.
 - epilepsy, pain in the buttocks, mental pain, angina pectoris (chest pain due to heart), hot and insomnia.

Dates....1001 secret

Dates is a plant (Palma), known in scientific language as Phonex dactylifera a fruitful and can be eaten either cooked or raw. Many trees grow in the Arab countries and have different types. Among the most famous dates are dates of Mecca and Medina are said to have dozens of types. Among the people in Arab countries their main food is dates, but we are also eat the dates as a favorite food. Besides the sweet taste and long lasting also do not require cooking, dates also has plenty of nutrients and this main food was eat by Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Click this for more info about dates........


Benefits of Ramadhan.....

"When came Ramadhan, opened the doors of Heaven"(Hadis narrated by Al-Bukhari) 

The master for 7 day is Friday, The master for months is Ramadhan. Ramadhan is holy month, the month that all Muslims should take opportunity to improve their particularly good deeds of worship to Allah. Click this for reading.....


Lailatul Qadar......

10 final night day in Ramadhan is among the nights filled with blessings and particular advantages. At that night is the night awaited by all muslims. Ramadhan, Al Quran and Lailatulqadar night has a close relationship with each other as described in the Book of Allah and the Prophet's hadith between the word of Allah S.W.T.

Mean: "We revealed Quran on the night of Lailatulqadar and what makes you understand what is the Lailatulqadar. Lailatulqadar is better than 1000 months. That night, the angles and Jibril go to earth with the consent from Allah for every business. The night  is peace till dawn".Click this for reading.....



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