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  Product : Power Oil 31 ( Husband) & Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL  

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  Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL ( Husband)      Power Oil31  ( Husband)
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 (This column to be read by adults only)

 The Secret of marital happiness with Bio-asli products


1.                  Virgin Coconut Oil (VCOP) + VCOHS

One of the conditions to marital happiness (intimate relationship) is having a healthy body. With the virgin coconut oil (VCOP) + VCOHS, the internal organ such as the heart, kidney, blood vessels, liver, prostate and others will function more efficiently, giving maximum output. As a result blood blood circulation improved, increasing the the flow of hormone. The libido (desire and drive) will increase. Endurance will increase. You as a husband is strong enough to navigate the ship, while you as a wife is strong enough to ride the waves.

2.                 Apply VCOP to your genitals daily after a bath. 

VCOP functions as a catalyst skin regeneration. The growth of new cells will be accelerated. It gives the skin maximum flexibility, while the nerves in the upper layer of the fresh skin becomes more elastic, blood circulation improves, while muscle under the skin have strength to expand and contract. You will realize this during your happy moment.Besides that VCOP can kill any fungus , virus and bacteria that cause infection and provides solution for aging women.


3.                 Husband wipe VCO31 one @ two point, 3 hours before with partner.

If you worried of a premature end to voyage in the love ocean VCOP31 will assists you. No matter how stormy the sea or how strong the wind is, your sail's mast will not yield. You and your partner will smile, after a successful voyage riding 3 huge waves that you and your partner never experience before. Imagine how superb and constricted your lung feel. After a long dive to the bottom of the ocean suddenly you are out of breath. You rush to surface gulping for air to get your heart beating again that seemed to stop for a moment. As you inhale the oxygen heart beat accelerated as the oxygen rushes to ease the tensed muscles and suddenly you shock by the noise of the alarm clock telling you its already morning. (Make sure you follow the instruction given)

4.                  Massage each other gently with VCOP.

The immediate effect of the massage is, it set the rhythm for 'that occasion' while VCOP's give an invigorating. Take your time to massage and caress each other.
(You can mix VCOP with any fragrance you like, either from various kinds of flower or 'essential oil').

5.                  Women- wipe VCOP or VCOPHS or 'Love Cream i' (women) and Love Cream S (men) to genitals.

If want an unforgettable experience and 'effect' , you should use one of these products. Especially the 'Love Cream'. It will take you on a voyage that doesn't seem to end.


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