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  Product : Power Oil 31 ( Husband) & Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL  

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  Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL ( Husband)      Power Oil31  ( Husband)
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Captivating Wife - Fascinated Husband ? ..

Various ways for women to try Bioasli's herbal product.

A- Internally :

1 - Make it your diet plan by take CVCO, 3 or 4 capsules every morning and afternoon or drink VCOHS 1 tablespoon every morning and afternoon. You will find that your energy level increased, you will be less lethargicand your skin will be smoother ( please read product information on page; VCOHS ).


2 - Drink Nanduk Coffee, 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet in the evening. Nanduk Coffee is formulated specifically to boost the energy level, increase the libido and improve blood circulation. There are many testimonies from women who consumed these products who achieved stunning result that fascinated their men ...!! This is  the secret of many women.


Comment : Surprise your man. Follow the instructions of 1 to 6. You and your man will feel the difference .......enjoy..



B- Externally;

3- Apply the lotion every time when your skin felt dry so that your skin will look fresh. You are recommended to rub virgin coconut lotion to your limbs before going to bed. Its fragrance will turn on your man.

4- Apply VCOP or VCOHS to your genitals after a bath daily. VCOP @ VCOHS functions as a catalyst for skin regeneration. The cell growth rate will be accelerated contributing to a more flexible the skin. The veins in upper layer of the fresh skin will be more elastic, henceforth the blood circulation will be improved, while the muscles under the skin will be strengthened.  Thus you are better prepared for the "battle". Apart from that VCOP 2 VCOHS can destroy fungus, virus and bacteria that cause infection. It is also a solution for women youthfulness.

5- You are encourage to rub your partner's body with Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) + Black Seed' (Bio-Asli) before plunging right away into the act. It is specially invigorating if the Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) + Black Seed is applied to the women's genital internally or the man's part externally. Don't worry, VCOHS will be quickly absorbed by the skin (it is not necessary to take  a bath) . You will go through a fascinating experience. Don't forget ! apply VCOP31 2 hours before, VCO31 will be effective up to 10 hours. (it is better to wash it first). Wish you a joyful trip.


The benefits of using VCOHS
1- Refreshing and it enriches the skin cell resulting in an increase in size and harness.
2- Removes women unpleasant odor if regularly applied internally (morning and afternoon).
3- It improves the acid content and fertility of the womb. It also act as natural lubricating agent.
4- It kills fungus, bacteria, virus and eliminates skin diseases of the genitals (a whitish discharge)

Following are amongst the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Black Seed

It improves the breast contour and destroys venereal diseases (mestriss, ophoritis, indomeferitis). It regulates the menstrual cycle, increase man's hardness & overcome  premature ejaculation.



The latest research by Gerald W Gettel, RPh a registered pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience and the source of reference of some of the manufacturers of herbal products and formulation, found that Black Seed' helped to increase the number of mammary cell of the experimental animals. It was also found that humans too have similar tendency and reaction towards the compound that stimulates the mammary cell expansion. As a result the breast will look prettier and firm.

Prompted by the discovery Gerald W Gettel, RPh, formulated a new product based on herbs specially to help women improve the size and contour of their breast. Process with other herbs such as Blessed thistle, Fennel, Fenugreek, Mexican Yam and Saw Palmetto, Nigella sativa (Black Seed') it is capable of increasing the libido and raise the level of orgasm. Black Seed's oil is  also used as a key ingredient (base) for health product and male genitals expansion.

(Please refer: http://www.megabust.com)


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