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  Product : Power Oil 31 ( Husband) & Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL  

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  Lotion Power 31 BRUTAL ( Husband)      Power Oil31  ( Husband)
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The secret of happiness with Bio-Asli product



 (This column is to be read by adults only)


1.                  Virgin Coconut Oil (VCOP) + VCOHS

The conditions to a happy marital relationship (intimate relationship ) is being physically healthy. With the virgin coconut oil (VCOP) + VCOHS, the internal organ such as the heart, kidney, blood circulation, prostate and others, will function efficiently giving maximum output. As a result of an efficient blood flow, the sex hormone production will be alleviated increasing libido (desire and drive) and physical endurance. 


2.                 Wipe VCOP to your genitals after bathe daily 

VCOP functions as a catalyst for skin regeneration. The growth rate for the new cell is accelerated. It contributes to the maximum flexibility of the skin, elasticity of the vein in the upper layer and freshness of the skin. It also contribute to the efficient blood circulation , while the muscles under the skin will be strengthen giving it power to expand and to contract. Thus you will be ready to perform. Besides that VCOP is able to overcome any infection due to fungus , virus and bacteria and provide solution to women desiring longevity.



3.                 Husband – wipe VCO31 one @ two point, 3 hours before with partner.

If you are worried of a premature ending to your voyage in the ocean of love, VCOP31 will assist you. No matter how stormy the sea is or how strong the wind can be, your sail's mast will not yield. You and your partner will smile after a successful ride on a 3 big waves that you have never experience before.  Imagine loosing your breath after a long deep dive in the ocean you rush to the surface, gulping for air that cause your heart beat to stop for a moment. Then your heart beat increases dramatically  as the oxygen reaches your muscles and suddenly you are awaken by the sound of the alarm clock to realize that its already morning.  (Make sure you follow the instructions given)

Tips on using VCO 31 & VCOHS for a more amazing experience
“You are encourage to gently rub your partner's body Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) + Black Seed' (Bio-Asli) before commencing sexual intercourse. Its invigorating to apply the Virgin Coconut Oil (Pure) + Black Seed to the vagina or penis before intercourse. Do not worry VCOHS will be quickly absorbed by the skin ( not necessary to bathe) . You will  through one wonderful mystical experience. Don't forget to use  VCOP31 (for the huaband) 2 hours before.  VCO31 will be effective from 9.00pm to 7.00am (Nicer if wash first). We wish you a joyful trip.





The VCO31 is to applied 2-4 hours before. Its effectiveness will last up to until 10 hour. Wipe Or “ spray “ 1 or 2 drops only (beware please do not exceed), then gently rub evenly around the top portion (the sensitive part) especially the lower part. Caution ! do not apply to the entire length of the penis. This product does not make you feel cold or numb.


4.                  Massage your partner gently with VCOP.

This will set the mood to 'that occasion' while VCOP's will give you the invigorating effect. Take your time to mutually massage and caress each other.
(You can mix VCOP with fragrance you like, either from extract of flowers or 'essential oil').


5.               If want an unfogetable experience and 'effect', you must use this product.



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