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  Product : Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Black Seed Oil   


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Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Virgin Oil Bio-Asli


1- Produce from Nigella Sativa seeds that it had been confirmed ripe enough to develop the  maximum quantity of the of oil.
2- Processed by organic cold pressed to produce oil free from traces of farm chemical, hexane molecule and also trans fatty acid. While oil produced using customary heat reaching 450 degree (F) will change the molecule of the natural oil from normal trans fatty acid to form a configuration that is not normal and toxic.

80% (120ml) Virgin Coconut Oil
20% (30ml)-Black Seed virgin Oil
Adult 1 teaspoon morning & evening. Children 1/2 teaspoon morning and evening.

Drink after meal or apply to the skin and hair

Nutrition     Unit Fact 150gm/Wet basic            
Energy (kcal) 159.3          
Protein      (gm)   6.24        
Fat (MCFA) (gm) 120     
Thiamin      (mg)    0.45
Riboflavin mg)    0.03      
Pyridoxine     (mg)   0.15      
Niacin (mg)    1.71     
Calcium    (mg)   55.77  
Iron (mg)   3.15 
Copped (mg) 0.54  
Zinc (mg) 0.54
Phosphorus   (mg) 157.95  
Flacon (mg) 0.02

*Not suitable for mother pregnancy.                      


From the Scientific Study and research made, shows that the combination of virgin coconut oil which is rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids, and Black Seed Oil which is rich in poly unsaturated fat helps to generate prostaglandin E1, Its function is closely related with following matters, namely to strengthen the immune system, improve sugar metabolism, protect the stomach wall, prevent blood clot, brain function stabilizer, nerve function stabilizer and heart function stabilizer. Apart from that, it gives many benefits and advantages to human health which are as follows :-

External Beauty :

v    Suitable for treating illnesses such as skin infection, scurvy, ringworm, scales, rashes, wound, cracked heel, pimple, bleeding ears, sinusitis , tuberculosis, yellow fever etc.

v    Helps to reduce body weight by increasing metabolism

v     It helps to form chemical obstacle if apply on the skin to prevent infection, prevent fine lines.

v     Decrease psoriasis symptom, eczema and dermatitis.

v     Soften and reduce dryness and skin laxity and protection from ultraviolet radiation.

v     Reduce the problem hair loss and dandruff.

Internal Health :

v     Increase energy and physical and mental endurance (sport athletes of  US & Europe use it)

v     Improve and reduce digestion pain problem and enhance thee absorption of vitamins and amino acid soluble in fat.

v     Enhances insulin secretion and blood glucose flow and reduce the risk of diabetes.

v     Decrease stress on pancreas and enzyme systems in the body and  enhance thyroid function

v     Increase calcium and magnesium absorption that helps to develop strong bone and teeth. It also protects the body from osteoporosis.

v     Improve gland and prevent the risk of heart disease because this oil does not cause high cholesterol in the blood.

v     Prevent atherosclerosis and stroke and helps lower high-blood-pressure.

Increase body endurance :

v     Enhance the function of the endurance system of the body, protect the body from cancer such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

v     Function as an antioxidant and reduce chronic inflammation

v     Helps to protect the body from dangerous free radicals that accelerate aging and degenerative disease

v     Reduce symptoms connected with ”Prostatic Hyperplasia” (expansion of the prostate).

v     Decrease epileptics  pressure and helps to protect our body from kidney disease and control the infection of the testicles.

v     Help prevent liver diseases and having calorie content that is lower than other fats

Kill viruses, bacteria and fungus :

v   Kills viruses that cause mononucleosis, influenza, hepatitis C, chickenpox and herpes

v    Kills bacteria that cause of Pneumonia, earache, throat infection, teeth riddle, food poisoning, infection of the urinary tract, Meningitis and Gonorrhea.

v     Kill fungus that cause of Cabdida, Jack Itch, ringworm and other infections

v    Weaken and kill tapeworm, lice, giardia and parasite

v     Kill fungus, bacteria and viruses

Husband and wife relationship :

v    Refreshing and treat the skin cells to gradually tighten it and become more supple.

v   Improve acid content in the womb to fertilize the sperm, act with as a natural lubricant.

v     Kill fungus, bacteria, viruses and skin diseases of genitals (whitish discharge).


Note : You are encouraged try and gently rub the whole husband's/wife 's body with this oil before/ after intercourse, for the wife apply to internally @ husband to the penis. You will have a wonderful experience.

 Following are the nutrition and advantages Black Seed specifically related to the type of ailments and it was scientifically and clinically proven.






Migraine, earache



Coral stone


Toothache, bleeding gum


Bile stone

enhance man's hardness




Smoothen menstrual recycle




sexually arouse 

facial palsy

Bronchial asthma

Cardiac asthma

Treat digestion system


Mistress, ophoritis, indomeferitis


watery lung







Destroy organism in heart, liver and kidney

Premature ejaculation

enhance intelligence

Increase mother-milk

Murder parasite



Treat respiratory system

Chronic dysentery



Cirrhosis of liver



Gum inflammation

Improve breast contour


Anti bacteria, Anti oxidant


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