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Products offered by the Company:-

1- Power 31 oil (VCO31)-Men, *Hottest  product in the market.
2- Virgin Coconut Oil Pure (VCOP)
3- Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Oil (VCOHS)
4- Virgin Coconut Oil with honey (VCOH)
5- Herbs Honey  Juice (JHMM)
6- Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule + Black Seed (CVCO)
7- Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule Pure (CVCOP)
8- Personal or business or Association Website
8- Herbal Tea (THSMM)
9- Virgin Coconut Coffee (KKD)
10- Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion
11- Virgin Coconut Oil Soap
12- Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Tonic (HUGO)
13- Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Tonic (POLO)
14- Virgin Coconut Oil (VCOA)
15- Power Lotion 3 Lines (L3L)-Men
16- Kamar Sutera Lotion (LKS)-Women

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