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Happiness of Marriage



Left Side Body


Following are En. Aziz's statement experienced stroke on left side body.


Early treatment impact: First 1-5 hour, those areas experience stroke were weaken. On 3rd day drink, the weaken area became dwindling. On the next day, the weaken body decreased, only head consider little buzzing. Proven level of health and spiritual energy increasing.


After practicing drink Nanduk Coffee, proven much change for level of health (increase healthy). Because of that, I had recommended this product to my son-in-law to try out 1 packet. On the next day, my son-in-law invited me to visit the BioAsli Office to get Nanduk Coffee after feeling good result and its difference (energetic and healthier sense).






En. Hassan Tamam, Kg. Sg. Tengar - Parkinson

- I suffer Parkinson. Every time I pray, I just able to standing till 2 rakaat, then I will sit and continue my pray. Because of this disease, my sexual desire decline. However, after taking 2 pouch BioAsli Nanduk Coffee together with Capsule Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Black Seed (morning 4 tablets, afternoon 1 packet coffee & night 4 tablets), a week later I really feel the change. Praise to God, my trembling condition fade away, my body feel more motivated (healthy) and my sexual ability increase. Because of that, I had come again to BioAsli Office to purchase 2 pouch of coffee and a bottle of Capsule Virgin Coconut Oil Plus Black Seed. Till now, I still consuming these products continuously as an effort to improve my level of health.


Prolapsed - pensive, strong jealous and no "mood" with husband


Name don't wan to be known, Sabak Bernam - Prolapse postnatal

- I'm so lucky because awarded with many child. My childs born with difference about 1 or 2 year once. However, during giving birth for 5th child, I had to undergoing surgery. After postnatal, I experienced emotional stress problem. I finishes a lot of time with pensive and isolate. I lost self-confidence and bad prejudiced to my husband (jealous). Because of that, our relationship cools off. This problem continued till 3 years. However, one day my husband had been overheard about BioAsli Nanduk Coffee. After knowing of nutrition and advantages, my husband suggest me to try this product. Praise to God, I feel the change after finishing the first pouch. I discover my emotion's level become better and stable, improves spirit and self-confidence. More provoking, desire to be with husband also improved and my relationship more friendly and back as before. Now, I still consuming this product and follow the recommended dosage.




Note : BioAsli's Nanduk Coffee users should be patient with discomfort, perhaps experienced during process of healing in one week. After early treatment impact (process of healing) undergo, consumer will feel more healthy and energetic. However, if the effect undergo prolonged, consumer were advised to stop first from consume this product and obtain doctor advice. To some consumer whom maybe not experience same initial treatment impact symptom (remedial), will feel more healthy and energetic..


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Tel: +603-3224 8721  Fax : +603-3224 2321 
Email : desaku@streamyx.com
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The Magic of Nanduk Coffee

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