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For those who are healthy

1 sachet per day - the body will always feel fresh and lost sleepy.
2 sachet per day - the body will always feel fresh and able to perform daily activities.
3-5 sachet per day - the body is capable to doing a variety heavy work and activities that require more energy such as sport, mountain climbing, etc.

Men Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Prostate & Genito-Urinary Problems, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Menopause

Period Cleanup : 1 sachet everyday, before eat, for 1-3 months.

Term Care : 1 sachet everyday, drink more warm water.



Period Cleanup : 1 sachet everyday, before eat, for 1-3 months.

Term Care : 1 sachet everyday, drink more warm water.




Period Cleanup : 1 sachet everyday, before eat, for 1-3 months. For husband & wife.

Term Care : 1-2 sachet when needed.


High Blood Pressure

Period Cleanup : Before start, check your blood pressure. 1 sachet everyday, before eat, for 1-3 months. Check your blood pressure level if necessary.

Term Care : 1 sachet everyday, drink more warm water.


Note: By practicing Nanduk Coffee as a daily beverage, you will feel significant difference on your body health. Drink Nanduk Coffee for a week and you will feel the difference.


It is possible that after taking Nanduk Coffee, you may experience some discomforts or your condition seems to be worse than before. If this is what you experience, do not worry. What you are experiencing is called healing crisis. Continue taking the herbs, Generally after a few days, the intensity of such discomforts decreases with each day. You will gain strength and your condition will improve after that. However, if the problem persist, it is advisable to stop taking the herbs first and seek medical advice.

A healing crisis occurs as a result of the body engaging in the process of eliminating the toxins that it has accumulated over the years. Now the toxins are being liberated from their storage places within you and they are affecting the body in full force. When the process of elimination has been sufficiently accomplished, your health improves. You should take more fluid to aid the cleansing process. The healing crisis is recognized in all system of natural healing. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known as the law of cure.


Possible Health Problem

Possible illness due to your health problem

Possible reaction due to your health problem



Indigestion, excessive stomach acid

Nausea, vomiting

Mainly due to excessive acid produced by stomach

Recommendation : Take after meals


Bad digestion system, abdominal bloating

Chest discomfort

Discomfort due to chemical reaction between stomach acid and food

Blood Circulation


High blood pressure, vascular obstruction

Fever, excited, energetic, sleeplessness

The h

erbs are improving the blood circulation, widening the artery, supplying the brain with more blood and oxygen. Situation will subside after several days, promotes good sleep


Bad blood circulation or weak body, weak heart

Drowsiness, feeling weak

Those with weaker body or blood circulation often feel drowsy in the starting phase, mainly due to herbal essence in the product effectively widens the arteries and increasing blood flow


Injured with bruises

Elevated pain on the injured area, back pain

This product improves the blood circulation. The pain signifies that the blood flow isn't smooth in those area, blood clotted

Liver Function

Abnormal liver function or swollen liver or impaired liver function

Tired, sleepiness

This is the normal reaction for people with acidic body, poor liver function or who have high consumption of medicine


Swollen liver or bacteria infection

Cold with fever, sore throat

Body immune system is weak or early inflammation


Body metabolism disorders

Fever or mild fever

The herbs increases metabolism and produces heat and hence the body feels warmer


Some degree of enlarged prostate

Blood in semen

The enlarged prostate tissue is shed and carry off in the semen



Leg muscle pain, back pain

The enlarged prostate affects tissue around the region. Therefore, the recuperation process may cause discomfort


Impaired kidney function

Red-eyes, swollen face or legs

Kidney disorders

Diabetes/Blood Glucose

Blood glucose too high or too low

Drowsy, feeling weak, swollen hand and leg

The product increases metabolism, glucose level may fluctuate while body recuperates


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The Magic of Nanduk Coffee

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