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   1- The greatest of  VCO31
   2- The benefits of  VCO
   3- World model used VCO


  . Energy Less

  . Body sick and joint

  . Sinusitis

  . 20 years Sinusitis

  . Heart Disease
  . Great Husband
  . Special Wife
  . Mammary Gland Breast
  . Rash Case
  . Thyroid on neck
  . Cough
  . Pimple & mark of scar


  1-Power oil VCO31


  1-Suspect of Dengue fever
  2-Womb cancer
    Magazine/News Paper/Internet

. Drink VCO........?

. Metabolism and Energy

. Protection from Disease   

. Virus and bacteria

. Ideal weight

. Mothers milk and MCFA

. Skin and hair

. Enlargement prostate

. Digestive system and substance

. AIDS prevention

. Heart prevention

. Aging Process

. Sinusitis

. Cancer

. Free Radical Wound

. Tiredness Symptom

. Urine Problem

. Diabetes

. Hypertension

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Hypertension Thyroid Lose body weight Skin disease Hemorrhoid Weak & exhausted

Why must drink Virgin Coconut Oil ? - Must read...


Virgin Coconut Oil - What experts Say

Hj.Ishak Basiran
Mechanical Engineer

Managing Director Desaku Maju Marketing, Desaku Trading, Mudah Niaga &  Teknologi Desa Hijau Sdn Bhd.

Dr.AH.Bambang Setiaji, MSc  
Gadjah Mada University, INA   
Asean VCO Expert

Deans of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Gadjah Mada University Indonesia

DR.Bruce Fife
(Director of the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation-USA)


We, Bio-Asli would like to convey our warmest gratitude to all exsperts, sceintist  who had sacrified their precious time on research and shared their valuable finding of Virgin Coconut Oil for the benefits of mankind.

Our refferences are from internet, books and international journals which were being elaborated by Dr. AH Bambang Setiaji from The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil karya DR. Bruce Fife, ND.2001


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Experts Statements



6  matter where your skin will really seen young 

1-Avoid from excessive exposure to sunlight.
2-Avoid from 'Yo-yo Diet'
3-Usage of Virgin coconut oil.
Virgin coconut oil use  as lotion is the method idealized to restore your skin's youthfulness. It not only preventing radical formation independent that destroy, and act protect from radical reaction independent, in fact it also capable of sustaining skin form whitehead and other skin problem due to aging factor and exposure excessive to sunlight.
Virgin coconut oil capable of sustaining tissue 'connective' skin become strong and delicate, where it help stop skin from slack and wrinkled. In it certain condition afford restore damaged skin or skin contracting a disease.
Virgin coconut oil not only give temporary relief to the skin, but that also help restore and improve skin, and it cannot do by any type of lotion. It role to return adolescence to your skin with remove external cells dead skin. Virgin coconut oil will soak far to undercoat skin and will reinforce that layer of tissue. Finally your skin will be soft and health "shining" .
If you want maxima restorative effect, you must choose oil those genuinely having quality, free of any chemical, no begone colour and no hydrogen. All this occur in virgin coconut oil.
4-Rest your muscle face.
5-Many Omega-3 recruitment.
6-Avoid smoking.
  Dr Joseph Mercola
 (author's Total Health Program) 
and Rachael Droege up

Coconut oil is beneficial main food for century to 21  . With exist clinical information and scientific of qualities antimicrobial refresh deep virgin coconut oil peculiarly and coconut oil in general, make him very attractive.

Prof.Dr.Mary G.Enig Director, Nutritional Science Division,
Enig Associates, Inc. 11120 New Hampshire Avenue
500 Silver Spring, MD 20904-2633 U.S.


“Virgin coconut oil has features anti virus, anti bacteria, anti fungus and anti natural parasite help control variety disease”.

                             Dr. John J. Kabara (Universiti Michigan –USA)


“Virgin coconut oil stand strong oil as most salutary that you can use. It containing nutritional value and research treasure that really valuable. I really indeed  want you make virgin coconut oil as part from your nutrition's daily plan”.

                             Dr. Mark Atkinson, Holistic Medical Physician

                       MBBS Bsc (Hons) FRIPHH FCMA BETD SAC DIP

                                                    (Clinical Nutrition)


“Virgin coconut oil is most salutary oil in the world”.

                                  Dr. Bruce Fife (Doctor Naturopati – USA)




Effect Of Intake Virgin Coconut Oil To Mothers Suckle Child.


Mother's milk fat containing unique fatty acid (fatty acid). It comprise from 45-50% 'saturated', around 35% 'monounsaturated ' and 15-20% 'polyunsaturated'. Of the total number saturated fatty acid stated, around 18% from it is antimicrobial fatty acid which comprise from lauric acid and capric acid. Both antimicrobial fatty acid stated pay give baby milk protection from variety type of virus, as HIV and herpes, bacteria such Chlamydia and helicobacter, and protozoan as giardia lamblia.

When mothers suckle child take food from fatty palm (especially virgin coconut oil, scar coconut and coconut milk) content level lauric acid and capric acid will increase by obvious inside milk. (see The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, publish in the year 1998). This mean total protection antimicrobial content lauric acid and capric acid in mother's milk concerning will increase, finally deliver protection excess to the baby that give milk.

Willing some research, without the addition lauric acid from nutrition, mother's milk still containing around 3 percent lauric acid and 1 percent capric acid produced by mammary gland that mother, and content level lauric acid and capric acid produce different among every mother suckle child. However when lauric acid take through nutrition as deep fatty palm scar coconut, content lauric acid  increased in mother's milk by obvious until trebles over source content, while content capric acid increased almost double. This situation can give baby that milk protective that over from variety bacteria virus and protozoa.

(Francois CA, Connor SL, Wander Rc, Connor WE. Acute effects of dietary fatty acids on the fatty acids of human milk. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998;67:301-308)


 Nutrition drink coconut oil virgin to mothers suckle child and during pregnancy.


Mother's milk innately containing composition fatty acid really stunning. It comprise from 45-50% 'saturated', around 35% 'monounsaturated ' and 15-20% 'polyunsaturated'. Of the total number saturated fatty acid stated, around 18% from it is antimicrobial fatty acid which comprise from lauric acid and capric acid. Both antimicrobial fatty acid stated pay give baby milk protection from variety type of virus, as HIV and herpes, bacteria such Chlamydia and helicobacter, and protozoan as giardia lamblia.

Content level antimicrobial fatty acids maybe low as 3-4%. Yet when a mother whose suckle child take virgin coconut oil in food, level lauric acid and capric acid will increase strikingly in their milk.

Latest this study have shown when virgin coconut oil make as a part from nutrition, content lauric acid in mother's milk will increase around trebles , while content capric acid will increase double. To some mother in some country, content level lauric acid and capric acid inside their milk can reach around 21% (for lauric acid) and 6% (for capric acid). This situation will pay their baby more protection for virus, bacteria and protozoan. (see in outcome of the study The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – publish in the year 1998).

Beside nutrition for child that give milk mothers take virgin coconut oil in food, they will also get additional nutrition , because 'saturated fat' which was 'medium chain fatty acid' in virgin coconut oil easy to digest and convert into energy, beside his ability activate or launch metabolic system, able to support immunes body system and well tried overcome the thyroid problem.

Certificate there were some  consumer that coconut oil virgin help facilitate them to produce child and can help restore skin effect crack (in the stomach) postnatal.




Milk that rich with MCFA is very important to growth and child health development. On that reasons, MCFA added to most milk or infant food. However, this fat tamarind no precise equal bring together by experience to mother's milk. At any time when milkiest will use coconut oil or oil kernel indigenous oil-palm. Yet oil medium chain triglycerides (MCT's oil) used to few product milk because MCT oil is industry product has 75 per cent of caprylate acid and 25 per cent of caprate acid with little acid lauric and MCFA as antimicrobial most important. Tamarind comparison lauric with other MCFA to coconut oil are the same with comparison that there were to mother's milk. MCT's reason use to replace costlier coconut oil only because economy reason or be attention to health. Although caprylate acid and caprate acid so good, yet is not good as tamarind laurite and not fine it third combination, as those discovered by experience.

If fatty acid content and milk quality alterable, then how about mother's milk. Mother's milk more indubitable as best food selection for baby. Yet not all mother's milk the quality is same because it influence a lot by mother health. If mother not eaten nutritious material, body will take from his network own. If important that nutritious material shortage mother, then milk she produced will also less. Instead if mother eating food expecting poison (as fatty acid trans) his milk will be conceived poison also. Therefore eating food intelligently to women paramount importance pregnant and and suckle his baby.

Mammary gland produce little MCFA as key component to mother's milk. Advantage why MCFA is inside breast milk is because baby digestive system under age will easy to absorb and use him. It give nutritious material and energy for baby, she needed to grow and growth nicely. MCFA also own character antimicrobial pay protection to the baby for virus as HIV and herpes, bacteria as Chlamydia and H Pyrolis, fungus as candida and protozoan as giardia.

Scrutiny to animal nor human have pointed out that MCFA become paramount importance component in water breast milk to growth and development race nicely and true. Is acknowledged that undeniably have difference among food containing LCFA (vegetable oil) with food which contains MCFA (coconut oil) in living continuity and growth rate. Baby that mother it accept MCFA grows faster, more healthy and have continuity rate life as large as 68 percent as compared with 32 percent. This matter happen especially for baby underweight born body.

One study which involves as many as 46 baby who was born with body weigh is very low, confirm that coconut oil when to add on their food found them get weight gain with faster rate. Stunning body weight increase is joined knit with the growth fistic not fat stored rate. In a conclusion with consumption coconut oil in their food , their body weight increased faster and they afford digest him nicely. Whereas vegetable oil will only go through digestive tract without can be digested finally until no can meet the requirements substance is required to the development. MCFA no only facilitating baby absorb fat needed yet it also improve absorption vitamin, mineral and those proteins can be dissolved by fat.

Fat to mother's milk have composition unique fatty acid. His key component is saturated fat, comprise around 45-50 percent fat content total. Most that other fat is unsaturated mono who compiles around 35 per cent of milk fat. Unsaturated poly fat stand only 15–20 percent from fats total. saturated fat to water in the form stay breast milk MCFA. Lovely, many mothers only produce some milk, until get impress which are not good to child healthy.

If the water milk not contains enough MCFA, customary baby suffer undernourishment and become susceptible towards contagious disease. Then mother's milk should contain as much as MCFA produce by nature. This matter can do with give lot of food which contains MCFA. Mother whose suckle will produce milk that wealth of material substance that can enhance health. If milk of cow and product issue from other milk it only content little MCFA, richest food with MCFA is tropical oil, especially coconut oil.

Fat tamarind as antimicrobial is sufficiently low, only around 3 percent, yet when mother whose suckle eat coconut product as coconut scar, coconut milk, coconut oil and others then MCFA's content in milk will increase by significant. For example, eat 40 grams (around 3 spoon eat) coconut oil every time eat systemically can increase laurite acid to mother suckle from 3.9 % reach 9.6 % after 14 hours. The content of caprylate acid and caprate acid also increased. “This pay significant advantages”; said Mary G, Enig, Ph.D, chemistry each member lipid and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition “Water milk already increase the number antimicrobial acid protector laurite and  caprate acid, pay bigger protection for his baby. “If mother consumption coconut oil daily to the during suckle, MCFA's content will be greater.

 If mother no take food which contains MCFA and not eaten during suckle, then mammary gland only would be able to produce around 3%  laurite acid and 1%  caprate acid. Consequently baby will lose nutrition and also antimicrobial protection.


Virgin Coconut Oil suitable for your baby.

  This Virgin Coconut Oil Pure particularly suitable for external use your baby from 1 day to 6 year. Important part that need swept is head (hair ), joints, buttocks and part easy to be hit diaper rash attack, skin irritation, also side of the neck and baby's chest, (easy part get milk rash), dry skin and chafe. You not have to worry because Virgin Coconut Oil Pure this not contain anything toxin or chemical instead and not dangerous if affected to your baby eye. High content, around 50% lauric oil and capric oil occur in Virgin Coconut Oil will act as protector and treatment your baby's skin. It will soak far inside skin (until connective tissue) and murder all virus, bacteria and protozoan. Your baby's skin will look well, soft and fresh always. As good as use this oil every time after your baby bathe or after change napkin to prevent sore and rash to the baby. (click consumer comment)

Children aged 7 to 12 year old (1 teaspoon 2X one day )
For those aged 13 to century (2 teaspoon 2X one day )


For child among 7 to 12 year old can use this oil to external use and inside the body. Where it suitable to drink 1 teaspoon after breakfast and after afternoon tea. While to them  13 to 100 years old you suggested drink 2 teaspoon after breakfast and 2 teaspoon after afternoon tea. This oil will act help strengthen immunes body system with the ability body change lauric acid and capric acid to monolaurin and monocaprin who act murder virus, bacteria and protozoan it by the way destroy layer lipids and phospholipids virus. 'Saturated fat' occur in virgin coconut oil is the kind 'medium chain fatty acid'. It inside the body sent direct to liver where it further change to energy , over others fat type  is kept inside cell of the body (as body fat) With other word it more have been digested easily and use by the body to generate energy. You would stronger and permanent active.

Virgin Coconut Oil Pure also very suitable to be made as lotion on the skin for each age-stages, regardless of age. According To Dr Joseph Mercola (Total Health Program's author) And Rachael Droege (both it is health expert ). Content lauric oil and capric oil exist around 50% in Virgin Coconut Oil will act as protector and treatment your skin. It will soak far inside skin and murder all virus, bacteria and protozoan. Virgin coconut oil as lotion is the method idealized to restore your skin's youthfulness. It not only preventing radical formation independent that destroy, and act protect from radical reaction independent stated in fact it also capable of sustaining skin from whitehead and other skin problem caused by aging factor and exposure excessive to sunlight. Virgin coconut oil capable of sustaining 'connective tissue' skin  become strong and delicate, where it help stop skin from slack and wrinkled. In it certain condition afford restore damaged skin or skin contracting a disease, help relief and refresh eczema phenomenon, psoriasis and fungal infection. Virgin coconut oil not only give temporary relief to the skin, but that also help restore and improve skin, and this cannot do by any lotion type. It with role return adolescence to your skin with remove external cells dead skin. Virgin coconut oil will soak far to to undercoat skin and will reinforce that layer of tissue. Finally your skin will soft and health "bright". If you want maxima restorative effect, you must choose oil those genuinely having quality, free of any chemical, no be gone colour and no hydrogen. All this occur in virgin coconut oil.


Dispel crack impact in the stomach postnatal effectively.


 Content lauric oil and capric oil exist around 50% in Virgin Coconut Oil will act as protector and treatment your skin. It will soak far inside skin and murder all virus, bacteria and protozoan. Virgin coconut oil as lotion is the method idealized to restore your skin's youthfulness. It not only preventing radical formation independent that destroy, and act protect from radical reaction independent stated in fact it also capable of sustaining skin from whitehead and other skin problem caused by aging factor and exposure excessive to sunlight. Virgin coconut oil capable of sustaining 'connective tissue' skin  become strong and delicate, where it help stop skin from slack and wrinkled. In it certain condition afford restore damaged skin or skin contracting a disease, help relief and refresh eczema phenomenon, psoriasis and fungal infection. Virgin coconut oil not only give temporary relief to the skin, but that also help restore and improve skin, and this cannot do by any lotion type. It with role return adolescence to your skin with remove external cells dead skin. Virgin coconut oil will soak far to to undercoat skin and will reinforce that layer of tissue. Finally your skin will soft and health "bright".

It use is very simple. Wipe Virgin Coconut Oil pure daily in the stomach or any wrinkled areas of the skin, whitehead face and heel part crack daily or any part that need. Practice until 6 month, InsyAllah your skin will return smooth and fresh. This matter by was passed my wife where we had met experts before this to lose scar impact to calf, thigh and stomach. Caused expensive cost and must undergo screening every month beside have to buy drug cream sweep, finally we stop only half-way. After i know virgin coconut oil greatness , I carry out try to use with patient.  


Restore crack to heel feet

  Virgin coconut oil is not only able restore skin contracting a disease, but capable also rehabilitate and improve skin which broke. This situation cannot do by any type of lotion. It containing regeneration nutrition and moisturizer with role cure skin, return adolescence on the skin with remove external cells dead skin. Virgin coconut oil will soak far to undercoat skin and will reinforce that layer of tissue. Finally your skin will be soft and healthy 'bright', very effective especially to heel crack, corn and hard.

 Advantage when applied to skin head and hair.


Dandruff on the skin head and hair really cause discomfort, itchy and smelly disagreeable. More disastrous dandruff would cause our hair unhealthy and if continuously it it would affect root hair fertility. Consequently our hair will be thin and finally fallen and ultimately become bald. This happening to my person. Caused this problem I seek for his antidote, until I meet a friend at the feast function that bald smooth one time ago but now grow erect little. He inform me to use coconut oil that he wears. At that time we not know at that one is virgin coconut oil until I attend open day in Mardi. When I see Virgin Coconut oil Mardi's product and ask new specification, I know oil that I wear is Virgin Coconut Oil. Beginning from the that I continue to look into and learn to produce over Virgin Coconut Oil more having quality which now I name Virgin Coconut Oil Bio-Asli. It really effective for dandruff problems and hair loss in cause content of lauric acid , capric acid and variety another type fatty acid who act murder dandruff fungus and pervasive far inside scalp to treat cells which broke. Alhamdulilah his revenue deeply satisfying and now it become brilliantine, face and my beverages daily.

  • Help stabilize natural chemical to scalp.
  • Eliminate dandruff to scalp and prevent from become dryness of skin and then prevent dandruff fungus from breed and hair become fertile and increase black.
  • Help scalp tissue formation and treat him.
  • Protect the skin from radiation ultraviolet sun
  • Fertilize head and hair skin from fall.





 What make virgin coconut oil for skin can also done for hair. Virgin coconut oil can be used as conditioner good hair. Beautician has identified virgin coconut oil and they certify that this virgin coconut oil get took a toll effective as hair conditioner in saloon worth treatment among RM 40 to RM 50. Whereas with the virgin coconut oil can do at housed with the cost incredibly cheap. Other benefit in use coconut oil as hair conditioner is because it will help operate dandruff.


Skin elasticity experiment


At the moment steadily improving age, skin elasticity dwindling. Skin becomes hard and quilted, this is aging factor and skin function decline. Skin physical change become more apparent near age 45 year.

As you know skin is homeostasis organ (retention or mekanisma dynamic regulate environment internal (organism's anatomy) constant.). Skin comprise from 2 layer namely epidermis layer ( outside ) and dermal layer ( in). Skin function as

  • Protection  
  • Prevent dehydration (discruption deep balance inside the body dilution)
  • Outside Stimulation
  • Keep fat
  • Synthesis Vitamin D
  • Produce smell nd disguise
  • Regulation control temperature

This experiment show approach several age-stages by functional skin established as the result decline free radicle. Doing this experiment and notice skin state then compare with his age. Test either skin function by functional younger or older compare biologist age.

Experiment skin elasticity

Time (Time)

Fungsional Age (Year)











56 or more

70 up

Try pinch skin under arm and resilient during 5 minute. Then let go and calculate time that is required to  it flat back. More rapid his time, rise young skin functional age.

In case need prevent degeneration(decline) and want skin's youthfulness, use virgin coconut oil to replace cream and lotion. Experiment in whose make for a person whose 50 year old discover his skin flat again only by taking away time 1-2 second after using virgin coconut oil.





Is known that lotion ideal is lotion not only soft skin, yet protect him for damage, enhance remedial and give him younger appearance, and health. Virgin coconut oil meet the criteria stated. Virgin coconut oil make skin lotion available can prevent radical formation independent pest and pay protection for radical. It ability until can be help prevent skin from growth whitehead and other damage caused by aging and affected sunlight that excess. It help safeguard network connective that fixed strong and loose until skin not slack and wrinkled. Even it also can improve damaged skin or pain.

Polynesian people, who by traditional only imposed little cloth to his body, during affected several generations hot sunlight fire, yet they have skin health beautiful flawless and without cancer. This because they eat coconut and use oil to their body as lotion. This oil absorbed into skin and in cell structure network connective, limit damaged that can caused excessive sunlight. Their skin fixed not damaged even affected sunlight hotly during few hours.

Difference among coconut oil with cream or other lotion is that cream product and other lotion processed to give direct recovery, but just while. Instead coconut oil no only giving immediate recovery yet can also help in process of healing and amendment. Lotion majority did not give benefit that long for skin and many lotion in fact speed up aging process. Why should take risk permanent skin damage if easily can use virgin coconut oil to help return appearance become younger?

Virgin coconut oil may make skin look younger. Surface on the skin containing layer death cell. To the moment this death cell is lost, cell just taken over his place. When age move old, this process is late and inclined cell death accumulate, until given coarse texture and whitehead on the skin. Virgin coconut oil get rid death cell on the surface outside skin. And make finer skin that reflect healthy more spreading, create over appearance health and younger. Skin “bright”because reflect textured skin better and spread. Excessive that dead skin cell elimination and network reinforcement underlying make two key benefit in use virgin coconut oil as skin loosen. Sometimes even stripling may experience dry skin crack by excessive, then produce thickness that does not normal and often disturbing layer of skin dead. With the coconut oil virgin not only giving direct recovery, yet also provided long-term amendment. Many people has undergone revenue an extraordinary with variety skin disorder. Many people has try not use other substance. If dryness and battered it serious, organized before sleep night give little enough virgin coconut oil to hurt district then pack him with plastic that not ooze out anywhere. In the morning open his plastic and wash virgin coconut oil that ooze excessive.


 Those laws might be ask, what is virgin coconut oil when wiped or drink will can help skin still young, healthy and free of disease? In fact antiseptic fat tamarind to virgin coconut oil afford help prevent mould and bacteria infection on the skin when take him in food with certain rate though wear directly on the skin. This proved on what that happens for Polynesian peoples who use with neatly rarely trouble by skin infection or pimple.

Skin act as lid that protects from the wound as his affairs pride flexible peace-keeping force. It pursue interference from million disease-causing bacteria that touch body daily. If peace-keeping force there was no on the skin, body will distress against to survive life, even normally harmless organism would be able to kill.

Sole that organisms way to enter inside body besides through hole, like nose and mouth, is by penetrate skin. However this will only occur if disturbed skin defense, and his result would be able raise infection. Pimple, herpes, boils, athlete's foot and wart only infection some disturbances influence skin and body. Skin function not merely are only as skin lid, but with role also as wall to prevent bacterial interference causes of disease who waited opportunity to get enter inside body. Tear small, even small a scratch, would easier  many bacteria enter to inside the body, cause disease and probably also death. Fortunately, skin no only giving physical obstacle yet also chemical obstacle. Chemical circle to surface of the skin health very not tolerant for harmful bacteria. Consequently, organism cause disease unable life on the skin body. Consequently most etching not end with infection because by relative independent skin free from harmful bacteria. Yet if a wound caused by object as dirty nail filled with dangerous microorganism, they walk physical obstacle and skin chemical obstacle then that is frequently resulted in infection. Must remember that greatest chemical obstacle to organism infection causative is tamarind layer skin. Skin health have pH around 5, do some tamarind. Sweat containing vein tamarind and tamarind lactate, whereas body oil will increase tamarind circle. Because this reason, sweat and oil pay benefit for body. Good bacteria can compromise with tamarind that there on the skin, yet bacteria evil no would be able to defend, being his total will lessen.

 Oil produce by the body named sebum. Sebum revenue and issued by gland oil (gland sebaceous) have around root hair and also other place. This oil is very important to skin health because get soften and skin smear though hair and prevent skin that no dry and battered. Sebum also contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), in the form medium chain triglycerides (MCT), free to fight against harmful bacteria.

Skin constitute house for many organisms, mostly harmless, even considerable among benefit and make bacteria essential to provide health to the skin. It enter into sebum , break triglycerides become free fatty tamarind.

Triglycerides just is three fat tamarind which consolidated by molecule glycerol. Sebum and also all fats eat as corn oil, Soya oil and lye other, is consisted triglycerides. These bacteria enter into molecule glycerol unite fat tamarind. When glycerol free, fat tamarind acquitted and become individual that separate. All that name free fatty tamarind. MCFA mutual tie by triglycerides not have antibacterial nature.

These bacteria change MCT in sebum on the skin become free fatty tamarind could kill virus and causes of fungus disease. PH's combination with MCFA gives chemical layer on skin preventing infection and causes of microorganism disease.

Most mammals use antimicrobial MCFA nature to protect his person and infection. When there in the body, this fat tamarind arrange oil issued by skin. In wild natural, animal protected by nature and have for easy instinct recovered from the wound. Bite and etching make common occurrence, especially because by carnivorous. Wound mooted by this carnivorous often cause infection on the victim. Instinctively, animal hurt will lick his wound to clean it and spread body oil inside network that hurt. This oil pay anti infection for his wound and protect animal from infection. Thus, when   finger scratched by that animal instinct will bring finger part it wound to the mouth.

Water spit also help increase the number of MCFA on the skin. Water spit containing homogeneous enzyme whose name lingual lipase start fat cracking process into individual fat tamarind. This enzyme ready break MCT to fat eat and body oil (sebum) into independent MCFA. Fat and oil ready made and long chain fatty acids, that there to most fat eat, need enzyme gastric addition and enzyme pancreas to split become fat tamarind individual.

Animal often clean up herself with slick his wool, plate him with enzyme saliva until can change body oil become independent MCFA protector. Slick wound also mixing saliva with oil on skin and hair, yield much more MCFA that can help fight against infection.

Are found some of the animals yield much more protector fat tamarind over different animal. Porcupine is either make threatens arms bacteria. Dr. Uldis Roze, a professor biology at Queens College in New York, saying that the large number from fat tamarind protector is defense fight wound on oneself. Dr. Roze theorize that dilution to oil containing nature antibiotic that protects. This theory proven when analyze oil and test, then MCFA to proven oil so secreted. Present research that shown fat tamarind get kill several types of bacteria which has been medicine with penicillin, including streptococcus and staphylococcus.

Almost all skin medications have protection with variety rate. Oil on the surface skin and hair comprise from 40 to 60% tamarind free fatty. Among this fat tamarind is MCFA has own antimicrobial character. MCFA to this sebum pay protection layer on the skin that kill harmful bacteria.

Adult yield much more sebum compare with children. That mean adult have a bigger protection rate from skin infection. Proven MCFA those found to sebum are the same with that there were to virgin coconut oil. In a conclusion virgin coconut oil can give protection rate that significant from infection on the skin.



Wound and Scabies

  Virgin Coconut Oil either Pure or Honey if drink can help strengthen immunes body system with the body ability change lauric acid and capric acid to monolaurin and monocaprin who act murder virus, bacteria and protozoan it by the way destroy layer lipids and phospholipids virus . It also with Virgin Coconut Oil content lauric acid and capric acid behave antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal if wiped on the part of scabies will act by the same way that although his strength (lauric acid and capric acid) no of equal strength monolaurin and monocaprin in his action destroy organism cause infection.


Ulcer and Constipation


A part from ulcer usually caused by Herpes virus simplex type 2. It will attack when the situation person immunity that low as sore point, fever, catch a cold, diabetes, when menstruating, stress and others, while constipated also is because by lack water, less fiber, drug reaction / chemical, attitude remove air whose incorrect, bowel cancer, after the operation or pregnant.

Generally with recruitment Virgin Coconut Oil will defuse ill, beside can reduce inflammation and reduce swelling to ulcer sufferer. Lauric acid content and capric acid (behave antimicrobial) in higher Virgin Coconut Oil help increase endurance beside act as antibiotic that good inside the body.
For constipated sufferer, Virgin Coconut Oil can ease by help treat internal wound as pile.




As those described before this, coconut oil no increase the blood cholesterol rate though triglyceride rate and excessive clot of blood. Even it get stimulate metabolic, with it get lower cholesterol rate. Research output from year 1970 until 1980 show that coconut oil good for heart although at that time unsaturated fat charged able to increase acute myocardial infarction risk. Coconut oil recruitment has proved much influence those connected with the decline acute myocardial infarction risk compare with other edible oil. Coconut oil can also reduce body fat pile, make taller continuity figure life, lessen clot of blood formation, reduce the rate lessen clot of blood formation, reduce radical independent inside cell, reduce the rate cholesterol in the blood and heart, adding antioxidant proposal inside cell and reduce the rate possibility happen acute myocardial infarction in society. With consumption coconut oil will reduce possibility happened heart attack.

Base this evidence then coconut oil look great for the heart or at least harmless for heart. Yet have a factor express that coconut oil not only harmless but with role very important in fight against acute myocardial infarction. Coconut oil role expect would soon become new weapons that hard deep fight ill acute myocardial infarction very exceptional.

ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION AND HYPERTENSION                                                                                                    

To know how coconut oil can help prevent acute myocardial infarction, we must possess basic understanding about how heart disease expand. Acute myocardial infarction is because by hardening vein (atherosclerosis) that happened through deep plaque formation vein. If ask to most people cause atherosclerosis, they will tell with too much in the blood cholesterol. This idea name cholesterol hypothesis or lipid from acute myocardial infarction. Presently the idea still spread by loud in popular media by the industry Soya bean, whereas in fact this theory is unsuitable with clinical observation or academic research and it have been displaced by response to injury hypothesis. 

What cause established vein deep plaque and atherosclerosis can develop? Generally always though that vein hardening, usually joined with cholesterol. Yet cholesterol not only stay freely inside but can vein settle abruptly where that inside vein. Cholesterol use by the body to increase and improve on the wall wounds vein. Even, in fact cholesterol not required peculiarly to atherosclerosis (plaque formation). Contrary with the belief popularly, vein plaque key component not cholesterol yet protein especially once network cut case. Several vein who suffer atherosclerosis containing a small or not contain wholly cholesterol. Willing response hypothesis to wound, the part of atherosclerosis expand as the wound result to inner layer wall of a blood vein. Wound can happen for a variety of reasons as poisoning, free radicals, virus or bacteria. If his wound's cause no lose, it would cause damage further and during disruption and fixed inflammation happen, network wound still develop. Protein specific blood coagulant named platelets seculars freely in the blood. When it meet  wound infection's anything will become blocking and stick between one with the others to it network which broke, to react to facilitate remedial. This is the way how clot of blood established. Wound from the source which trigger platelet to crumple up and vein cell release united stimulate the growth muscle cell in the wall vein. A complex mixture from network wound, platelet, calcium, cholesterol and triglyceride work together to cure wound. Then from fiber network explained that not cholesterol only those form tree material in plaque.  Calcium pile in plaque cause vein hardening and this was atherosclerosis characteristic.

Contrary with the belief popularly, plaque not only stick to all along channel deep part of vein as deep mud park interval am being housed. But plaque grow inside wall of a blood vein, and to be part from the wall vein. Wall of a blood vein beset by layer muscle coil strong prevent plaque that not widespread out. Because plaque grow developed, whereas unable extensive outwards tube, then would press into and close vein hole, until narrow down vein and close bloodstream.

Platelet grouped round wound to form lumpy blood, seal the vent to tube that damage. Yet if his blood inclined clod, clod will develop and finally will pursue flow to vein. Finally vein already narrow because plaque would be simpler stopped up by clot of blood. If this process happen to vein coroner towards heart, then it used to be recognized as heart attack. If happened to vein carotid that towards to the brain, his result is what those mentioned as stroke. Atherosclerosis cause acute myocardial infarction and  other cardiovascular interference.  up





Woman possibility get breast cancer is 1 from 8 people, while man get risk attack prostate cancers is 1 from 9 people. Each from 3 person living in America currently attack something cancer in life. Cancer is second disease largest after heart disease as causes of death major. As heart disease, cancer also not yet leak his medicine positively. Often his medication equivalent serious as his disease. Best defense is prevention because most cancer preventable. 

Everyone have cancer cell inside the body. Only why anyone that not attacked cancer is because his immunity system get destroy cancer cell before it spread. During immunity system functioning very well, then need not fear with this disease. Athur I. Holleb, MD., behalf of the chief senior Medical Affairs for American Cancer Society said,” Only when unable immunity system destroy dangerous cell, then cancer ailment will develop”. In other words, cancer can only bloom in people his immunity system disturbed or weak until not afford to give good defense . Dr Holleb not specify that efficiency immunity system only influencing lung cancer, breast cancer or leukemia, but it can affect all cancer. This affairs is mean that notwithstanding inside the body have carsigonik vitamins, if immunity system functioning very well, then cancer no would be able to develop .Then healthy immunity system that good, make deep primary element cancer prevention.

Have few points can do to improve immunity system and help prevent arise it cancer ailment, as eating food that healthy, doing athletic systemically, lessen stress and enough rest time. As good as avoiding matters able to increase risk stricken cancer as smoking, and take vegetable oil have been injured by current heat processing. Like has been mentioned before this, vegetable oil have undergone many changes really influence immunity system. Other way to improve immunity system is by taking away virgin coconut oil systemically.  Virgin coconut oil recruitment is especially make as substitute to other oil, very contribute to risk mitigation seize cancer ailment.

Human body always surrounded by bacteria who disturb, and among can enter to inside the body. Then white blood cell to immunity system directly continue attack microorganism beside with role clean disease cell and cancer cell. If while bacteria enter to inside the body whereas condition deep immunity system that the weak, white blood cell would be forced work hard. At that time, immunity system would not be afforded clean cancer cells by effective, then cancer cell would be able to develop and spread without obstacle.

Nature antimicrobial MCFA to coconut believe can help body to lose bacteria causes of disease, until will increase immunity system. MCFA measures as kill infiltrator microorganism. Rise little bacteria inside the body cause disruption, then white blood cell will more free to search and destroy cancer cell. With this method, virgin coconut oil can help body that resilient for bacteria until easier white blood cell to clean poison and cancer cell. Then virgin coconut oil key benefit for cancer ailment is to increase immunity system function until easier white blood cell function by more effective, then cancer cell no would have opportunity to spread.

Virgin coconut oil not only help white blood cell, yet it can also active role in fight against cancer ailment some form .Dr Robert L Wickremasinghe, serology division head in Medical Research Institute in Sri Lankan, reported that virgin coconut oil own nature antikarsinigenik. Many researcher have shown that coconut oil prevent emerge carcinogenic agent that causes colon tumour or even breast tumour to animal test. Vegetable oil able to increase possibility cancer because easy oxidizable to form radical independent carcinogenic. MCFA have influence anti oxidant can prevent radical reaction independent and pay protection from breast cancer and colon cancer. Then step should be taken by those who worried for cancer attack is by displacing oil use this moment (if this it comprise from vegetable oil) with food that of processed with the coconut oil.




Generally adult male has risk in attack prostate disruption during his life. Most common prostate disruption is benign prostaic hyperplasia (BHP) or prostate enlargement. Almost 50% old man among 40-59 year and 90% people those aged between 70-80 year stricken phenomenon BHP. The disease distributed when someone ageing. Is known that lifestyle plays a vital role happened this BHP, and it make main problem in western country. Man who lives in developed country who are less advanced where local food production and consumption usually has been undisturbed by this disease. Yet disease actual cause BHP this not yet leak. Theory most popular concentrate to male hormone dihydrostestosterone (DHT) as his cause. Believed that when we ageing greater testerone are transformed into collected DHT in prostate. Affairs this resulted prostate grow, and it pressing urethra, (fund whereby urine flowing) and bladder until cause often urinate and interference urinate, especially at night, this situation often in knit with gland inflammation. Although it is not cancer ailment, but that potential as upholder happen this disease, (cancer).

Medical that reasonable to BHP is by prevent change testerone become DHT. Finasteride is a medicine function by this way and has proven effective. Herb medication popular and are believed get prevent poisonous influence DHT's formation that excess is saw palmetto. This subtropical climate can found in American region South-East. Indian's person indigenous Florida and his early people use berries and this crop as medicine people to cure disruption reproduction, or vessel disease urinate and influenza. To woman are used to mother's milk and defuse menstruation painful.

Present research that saw palmetto berries powerfully effective in lessen disruption BHP. Relatively proscar (BHP's drug that many formulation), saw palmetto more effective in defuse prostate phenomenon. Lot of scrutiny have pointed out that saw palmetto powerfully effective almost 90% to menstrual period among week 4 to week 6 . Instead proscar only effective in defuse his phenomenon less 37% after drug taking  during per years. Convince that saw palmetto had no side effects. Instead proscar may cause impotency, desire decline (libido) sexual and disabled birth. Saw palmetto have solicited his reputation among the physicians alternative health and conventional as a effective medication to BPH. It make a herb has been admitted by conventional medication as secure and effective.

Medication influences saw palmetto can be found especially from fat tamarind in berry. Attract to be observed that saw palmetto make cluster palm and berries and it make among coconut species. Obtain many fat tamarind to saw palmetto berries make similar MCFA with MCFA in coconut. Dr Jon Kabara, biochemist fat (lipid), declared that fat tamarind saw palmetto barriers cope pursue formation DHT hormone. Then be also with fat tamarind to coconut oil. A conclusion is necessarily equal coconut oil effective it even more effective in preventing and cure BPH like extract saw palmetto.






Either feature mother's milk is ability to protect his baby from contagious disease during immunity baby body system not yet perfect and not yet able to defend herself immaculately. Antimicrobial substance in milk protect child from bacteria and parasite is MCFA occur in triglyceride or fat molecule to milk. For adult, disease will can be fought with immunity body system health. With another word, disease will difficult to develop. While for baby not protected by MCFA that sufficient in milk she drink, then there will vulnerable towards infection and might earn risky disease that critical.

When mother whose suckle infected that disease, his child also susceptible stricken disease. Mother whose infected by certain virus can spread infection to his baby through lactation. Lactation not organized when mother infected virus dangerous like AIDS. Researcher suggest that the mother include laurite acid resource, as coconut oil, in food will get lower risk to spread disease for baby she milked. Coconut increase to food would be beneficial because it will pay addition laurite acid and caprate acid to mother's milk, felled at lessen contagion virus risk. To the mother infected HIV usually not organized to suckle his baby because worried that virus may be contagious . In fact to some woman at several country they lacking choice because economic factor which did not allow. Lactation would be their choice. To them suggested to increase into their nutrition coconut products and coconut oil. Increased coconut products and coconut oil to food mother is the sole to women practical defense to not spread AIDS virus to his child. That way different to women that stay in the district has own finance that adequate to purchase infant food.

Organize that the mother infected HIV while suckle his child consumption 24-28 grams / day laurite acid and 3–4 grams / day caprate acid to prevent the virus spread. This is because coconut oil contained almost 48 % acid laurite and 7 % acid caprate. This clause only would be achieved if mother consumption around 50-55 grams coconut oil daily. Then take 3.5 spoon coconut oil daily will pay total is required good laurite acid though caprate acid.

His other infection virus  as infection virus cause smallpox water, herpes, mononucleosis and also is threat to the baby suckle. Pregnant women and mother suckle can help protect his child with eat a lot of coconut oil or coconut product that contains coconut oil, as coconut scar and coconut milk.

Mother or mother candidate which want health baby and grow expand as good perfectly  consider increase oil to his food. This not only will ensure  good healthy for his son but it also beneficial to herself.

MCFA is substance material and protector vital bring together to mother's milk. MCFA effective to kill AIDS virus, it also very kind to provide substance to the baby prematurely that grow up. During human become grow and push along old, body would start downward his condition. At the moment MCFA able to give substance beside pay protection force, either for contagious disease nor degenerative disease, same as those happen for baby namely pay substance and protect baby, although to the baby not happen degenerative process. In the conclusion clearly that coconut oil pay much benefit to young and old people.






  Either from a number of modern diseases society is diabetes. This disease have increased less from a century ago to the  need serious attention. Now diabetes become sixth-largest murderer in America. Diabetes could not just cause death but could cause of other disease as kidney pain, acute myocardial infarction, high-blood-pressure, stroke, cataract, nerve damage, hearing loss and blindness. Calculated that 45% risky inhabitants  this disease (diabetes).

By easier diabetes are disease that related with sugar inside the body in whose know as blood sugar or blood glucose. Every cell inside body should get glucose to spur metabolic. Cell use glucose to strengthen growth process and recovery. When eat food, digestive system change a lot of food become glucose then free in bloodstream. Hormone insulin, issued by gland pancreas, arrange glucose from the blood to be channeled into the cell until operational as fuel. If cell not get glucose total that sufficient cell will become 'hunger' and finally will die. To this moment, network and organs of the body will suffer damage. That is really happened to the diabetes patient.

There are two types diabetes, namely diabetes tipe I and diabetes tipe II. Diabetes tipe I sometimes considered as diabetes youth, namely diabetes which had been dependent insulin. Diabetes this type is ordinary originated during child and it is because by incapacity pancreas to issue total insulin needed by person. While diabetes tipe II also known as diabetes who do not rely to insulin. Diabetes this kind only occurred when person already adult and it happen because cell not able to absorb normal rate insulin issued by pancreas. In these circumstances insulin may regard as key to a key mango to singles door. Insulin with role as key, open mango key (enter into the cell) and then open the gate to facilitate glucose enter. If his mango's key make from material that are not quality and it damage, key is no longer function, door will not be able to open. This happens to sufferer diabetes tipe II. Insulin available cannot longer open the gate because his mango's key damaged. To both tipe diabetes this glucose level in the blood increase whereas his cell malfunction.

To diabetes tipe I pancreas not able to produce insulin rate that adequate to deliver glucose ply to all cells inside body. The treatment is with make insulin injection once or more a day with sugar low nutrition table that the tight. Was reported that around 90% sufferer diabetes have been from tipe II and 85% from it caused by obesity. This both tipe diabetes, diet very important whether to patient that stay to the moment disease start though in his handling. While type of food eaten also really influence patient either it enhance or protect

 A interesting facts, persons that stay in the archipelago Pacific who practice traditional diet never reportedly catch diabetes ill. Yet when them leave his natural food and replace him with westernized food, all manner type of disease come, and in about is diabetes. For example what that happened in Nautu Island people in South-pacific. During their centuries just rely to food based upon on banana, tuber and coconut.

Yet after being found in their earth phosphate patching his revenue bring to prosperity and their changing lifestyles, majority of the population replace banana, tuber and coconut with food from fine powder, sugar and vegetable oil that while his process already experienced many modify. Consequently emerge disease have never seem before it like diabetes and others. Reportedly World Health Organization (WHO), almost half Nautu's Island  urban population that age 30-64 years get diabetes disease.

Doctors have successfully helped patients to operate diabetes with organize patient practice low-fat diet, high carbohydrate. Through diet they get limit fat intake until 30% calorie. Complex carbohydrates as perfect grain and vegetables comprise from 50% to 60% calorie. Medium carbohydrate as fine powder and sugar should avoid. This is because carbohydrate pay tension that not duly to pancreas and this will increase in blood sugar to level that jeopardizes. Reason to fat reduction and also sweet food are gaining body weight reduction. This is because body weight problem is main cause diabetes. In addition other reason to low-fat diet is reduce the acute myocardial infarction risk that general effect from diabetes illness.

Lastly, researchers has shown that flute vegetable oil excessive recruitment cause disease diabetes. This matter was strengthen with a proof study to on animal where it have successfully raised diabetes with only feeding fat content poly unsaturated fat that substantial. Then with only limiting fat intake, that animals  has undergone remedial from his disease (diabetes). In a conclusion powerfully effective low-fat diet in the handling diabetes.

Latest suggestion is lessen or limit all fats. Unsaturated mono fat as olive oil, subtly influence diabetes, then approved use at reasonable rates. Yet because all fats including high olive oil caloric content, then his recruitment not are encouraged. However seem unsaturated poly oil  classified oil as problem occur. This scrutiny shows that when unsaturated poly fat from diet enclose in cellular arrangement, cell ability to get disturbed glucose. In other words 'mango key' to cell open the gate supply glucose to be entered aggravate his state when too much unsaturated poly oil  in take in food. Then insulin not afford open the gate. Unsaturated poly fat oxidizable easily and destroyed by free radicals. With all type of fat, including unsaturated poly oil, used as obstacle hedge supply membrane cell. Unsaturated poly fat oxidizable in membrane cell can influence by detrimental his cellular function, including his ability in permit hormone, glucose and other substance to flow into and outwards his cell. Then thereof, diet high to vegetable unsaturated poly oil distillation increase diabetes. Diet low to oil will help dispel his symptom because all fat potential to increase body weight. Then would be excellent to avoiding him.

In this regard still there fat which can be eaten by diabetes sufferer without foreboding. The fat is coconut oil. Coconut oil not cause diabetes and it get help arrange blood sugar, felled at lessen influence diabetes. Nautu's people take many coconut oil during several generations and was never found diabetes, yet when they replace with eating from other oil his result is disaster.

Attractive one item of coconut oil not claim enzyme production insulin from pancreas. With reduction to process inside the body during lunch time, whereas insulin was still being taken out with many, then would facilitate organs of the body function more efficient. Coconut oil also help give energy to cell because it have been absorbed easily without need enzyme or insulin. Coconut oil has proven can improve secretion insulin and blood glucose. Coconut oil to improving food and improve action and insulin  capacity send glucose repeat among cell, when compared with other oil.

 In Journal of the Indian Medicine Association reports that diabetes tipe II in India have increased when person neglect oil traditional, because more selective vegetable unsaturated poly oil that has promoted “good for the heart”. The authors having commentary on the relationship between unsaturated poly oil with diabetes and organize enhance consumption coconut oil as method to prevent diabetes.

 A diabetes consequence are diminished  energy that related with incapacity cell to get glucose that is required. Without glucose to strengthen cellular activity, metabolic becomes slow and all body fell weak.

 Athletic were organized as a method to help diabetes sufferer operate in blood sugar. The reason why beneficial athletic is that it enhance metabolic. Faster metabolic amount will stimulate insulin production increase that is required and enhance glucose absorption in cells. Therefore it can help diabetes sufferer tipe I though diabetes sufferer tipe II.

 Coconut oil can also increase metabolic amount that cause body fire more calories that mean will add body weight reduction. Therefore decrease body weight can do with only increasing coconut oil into the food. MCFA to coconut oil mail directly to heart are transformed into energy instead of inside the body as fat network.

 Diabetes sufferer  as good it avoiding consumption all fats, except coconut oil, because it get help stabilize blood glucose rate and help lessen excess body weight. Not extreme if reputedly that coconut oil is as good oil it eaten diabetes sufferer.







When a person ever experienced car accident that serious or too serious until should sent rushed to hospital and need to get treatment in emergency room, or disease attack that threaten their life, or say in connection with age diopname to cure degenerative disruption. In the situation that life or dead greatly dependent to accept treatment in the hospital. Often should bring through artery or through fund. At emergency unit say have other patient, suffer complication because race illnesses as cystic fibrosis or epilepsy and say baby disease premature fight his life. To this case in fact this patients get place belief to recover by using virgin coconut oil. Yes, in one form, virgin coconut oil become remedy it part.

With neglect his content, remedial need good nutrition. Plenty of food member see the usefulness nutrition MCFA. Virgin coconut oil was an alternative, use in the hospital as mixture of milk to feed to the baby, or as lactation dilution those included to the body patient through infuse or through fund those enter through throat. In case of emergency when commercial dilution not found, the part of doctor in the district tropical climate will use coconut milk. Often considered as “ coconut milk “ water fresh coconut free from bacteria and have salt mineral, sugar and tamarind chain fatty on (MCFA) able to give substance to patient that incapable of taking or digest common food. Coconut water reported already save the life ill hundreds of people serious and people who are hurt. Among the greatest benefit is fight dehydration and electrolyte depletion to troops that hurt. During World War II Japanese use water coconut as socialist state of emergency.

May arise issue why them use it? This is because MCFA to coconut milk with have been digested easily, absorbed and used only to provide substance in the body. This is important to patients who use each balance source of strength that they owning to overcome ill or serious wound. Not surprise why MCFA added in baby formula. In fact with drink breast milk or given to eat formula as baby is mean consumption MCFA. This is because MCFA no there will only be to coconut oil yet also is component breast milk and important. MCFA considered substance substance as essential for baby and also for people who are seize digestive disorder that the severe as cystic fibrosis'. The benefit of  MCFA is his unique feature have been digested easily and used by the body. This fat pay benefit nutrition can improve good overall well-being sick people nor healthy people, young or old. Even now athletes use it to improve appearance and operate body weight. But, this moment just a little food contains  MCFA. Need to be known that best resource is coconut. With increase virgin coconut oil to food actually did seem one way to improve well-being.




For over 50 year researchers has identified that MCFA digested differently over other fat. This difference have important application for remedial to digestive disorder and metabolic and since the second MCFA use by routinely in the hospital and in baby milk.

Well-being benefit tamarind digestion medium chain fatty (MCFA) or long-chain fat tamarind (LCFA) is contact with variations to body system metabolisms this fat. Because his molecules is smaller, it only need fewer and smaller energy enzyme to split to it digestion, then am being dissolved and absorbed by quick with minimum energy. 

MCFA broke directly by the enzyme in the water spit and acid toss until enzyme digest fat pancreatic not much battle. Then thereof, mean process has happened at pancreas and fewer digest system. This situation have important power for plenty patient seize digestive disorder and metabolic. Premature infant or baby ill especially once in the organ less developed digestion, would be able absorb MCFA with sufficiently simple, whereas other fat will through the system without much can digested. Therefore people who are seize digestive disorder as cystic fibrosis customary discover difficulty digest or absorb fat and vitamin that dissolve in fat, will advantage with have MCFA. MCFA important to people who attack by diabetes, obesity, ill bladder, pancreatitis, Crohn's disease, inadequacy pancreatic and several form of cancer.

At the moment through old age body not functioning as good during still young. Pancreas is no longer function as much as digestive enzyme, bowel not absorb substance material nicely. All digestion process ebb until it efficient more lower. Consequently, old people often suffer vitamin deficiency and mineral have to pay in MCFA in their food because MCFA have been digested easily and improve digestion vitamin and mineral. This easy to do if it food made with the virgin coconut oil.

Not like others fat tamarind, MCFA absorb direct from intestine into portal artery and send directly to liver where they the whole part will burn as burn material such Carbohydrate. In this situation, MCFA easy to burn like Carbohydrate compare other fat

Other fat need pancreatic enzyme to split him into smaller units. Then they absorbed into intestinal wall and in fat package (lipid) and those proteins named lipoproteins. Lipoprotein these brought by the lymphatic system, then circulated to the whole body. To the moment leave into the blood, fat component part allotted to the whole network body. Lipoprotein becomes increasingly small and increasingly smaller, reach only have some leave over. At this moment take by the liver, broke and used to make energy if required, tidy revert other lipoprotein and mail back into the blood stream to send to the whole body. Cholesterol, saturated fat, mono unsaturated fat and poly unsaturated fat tidy together in lipoprotein, go to liver become energy until never keep as body fat.

In every cell have a organ whose name mitochondria. Energy that is required by the cell to carry out his function role by mitochondria. Mitochondria tidy in two membrane cell that usually need specific enzyme to carry substance material that get through it. MCFA that unique where design easily can penetrate second mitochondria membrane without need enzyme and will give quick energy and efficient to cell. Fat tamarind chain longer need specific enzyme to interestingly through two membrane cell. Energy production process it far slower, furthermore it need enzyme to do it

Because of the benefit, virgin coconut oil already are considered to be life salvage to a lot of people, especially to the baby and old people. As it remedy use in specific food preparation to people that attack by pollution disruption and get difficulty digest fat. On the same reason, can also be used in infant formula to cure undernourishment because it it get absorbed quickly without place level digested easily and used to provide body nutrition.

Eat food which contains MCFA is-like use high fuel octant to a car. A car accelerates faster and get kilometer distance / better gas. That ' how what happened, with MCFA body work more because had more energy and body's immunity a bigger one, because MCFA channeled directly into the heart and are transformed become energy, body get energy addition. Because easily able MCFA adsorbed by organ producer cell energy, metabolic with his self increase. Finally this energy increase predominate stimulation on the whole body.

Fact is that MCFA digested directly to generate energy and stimulate metabolic have been intriguing  athletes to used it as improving their target exercise. Present research this possible that true. For example, investigators try mice physics endurance give MCFA to daily food over with mice not give MCFA. This scrutiny widen unto more from six weeks. Mice instruct to attempt endurance swimming each two day. Stationed to a reservoir water with fixed current. Time total swim measure until suffocation. If his first time have only little difference among mouse group, mice given to eat MCFA quickly first dazzled mice other and much better in all experiment time. Study like this demonstrating that MCFA have ability enhance endurance and training appearance, at least on mice.In the another study use athlete cycling conduce. The athletes cycle his bicycle  to 70% his maximum's speed for two hours, then direct ceases at time attempt 40 K (that last environment an extra hour) with drink either out of three beverages: MCFA's solution, sport beverages or beverages combination sport with MCFA. Race's athlete that drink mix beverage sport best MCFA action during time attempt. Researchers theorize that MCFA gives additional energy source to athlete, being to issue glycogen fund namely energy is kept in network muscle, will completely been used during emit three hour. More plentiful glycogen have in increasingly larger muscle athlete endurance. Then what substance that might keep glycogen to the moment pay energy will benefits to endurance athlete. In a scan follow-up to try out production glycogen theory, cycling participants to 60 maxima strength for three hours with drink one of drinks those given to scrutiny before it. With follow training, glycogen rate muscle measure and proven equivalent to third his athlete. The conclusion is MCFA not issue glycogen fund, yet genuinely improve appearance. Repairing in appearance  not related glycogen with the issuance and should be connected with others mechanism.

Result from this scrutiny many athletic drinks and energy drink those sold to shops health containing MCFA to give quick energy source. MCFA regularly use to athletic beverages and energy beverages in the form energy medium chain triglycerides oil (MCT's oil). It usually indication as “MCT” in the label, supplement label and infant formula label. The athletes and other active person find nutrition method, not drug to improve appearance training begin using it.

Yet, in scrutiny daily, his result more significant. And this evidence see that best way to improve energy and endurance is by consumption MCFA to daily food and not only once before or during competition.

Easy understood why athletes attracted to get endurance and bigger energy. However supply who is not athlete, MFCA can also doing affairs that same. If eaten by orderly, MCFA able to provide increase to energy and all day work. If consider tired on half day or feel shortage energy, coconut oil increase to food will pay energy increase which are far more than he needed.

Beside adding energy rate, have other benefit paramount importance at increasing figure metabolic namely help protect from illness and accelerate remedial. At the moment metabolic am being improved, cell would function over efficient. That mean it will cure wound with faster, old cell and cell get disease replace faster and young cell developed quickly to replace old cell.

Several health intervention such as obesity, acute myocardial infarction and osteroclerosis easier happen in people that have low metabolism. Health condition will worse if lower metabolism amount over normal metabolism, because cell never cure and improve himself  by quickly. Then increase metabolism amount, pay protection increase from degenerative disease and contagious disease.






Total number of people body weight continue to increase for over from several ten this final year, especially during 10 year lately. Willing Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), fat people total in America have increased to 10 final year from 12% become 17.9% from his entire population. Also in America, 55% from entire population get more body weigh problem, one from four adult are considered fat or as much as 25% from all teenagers get body weight problem, greater children have been quick fat, until number of young body weight increase double to 30 final year. This amount almost similar in Britain, German and others country Europe.

Is seen from obesity medical angle serious, this is seriously problem. With excessive body weight, people can adding risk of getting disease. Somebody are considered fat if weight in fact 20% or more on weight normally. For over from 10 final year obesity has increased as much as 70% among people who are age 18-29 year. To people that age 30-39 year his figure shooting up by 50%. All other age cohort it experience body weight increase dramatic as acute myocardial infarction, bile, diabetes, osteoarthritis and young dead.

If body weight problem get overcome that mean body will be health. Let alone if personal without drug assistance. Most people strive to lower body weight with follows variety programs such decrease fat food and prefer carbohydrate. Proven it make they suffering and his revenue no like is wanted.

A few people still regarded eating by healthy and balanced is by avoiding fat and use oil “healthy” as margarine and vegetable oil as basic material food. However if study of health food and virgin coconut oil, in fact they took wrong kind of oil. Hence that there were supposed replace vegetable oil with virgin coconut oil consumption, use butter (butter) replace margarine, little confectionery and consumption more fiber lot of food. Hereby will make body healthier without need lessen amount of food. Moreover with eat virgin coconut oil they will get more calorie over before it.

Nutrition way like this actually did seem diet unawares can reduce body weight. This situation reputed unnoticed because people through this method will loss body weight without undergo diet and they in fact no even strive to lower their body weight. With pattern eat like this they would not feel burdened with diet rules, and independent fat eat especially coconut oil.


Abnominal hernias



acute myocardial infarction coroner


Respiratory disorder

Varicose veins



Gastrointestinal disorder


Gynecology disorganized



Why should calculate calorie

Normally obesity happened caused by benefit of food eaten compare that is required by the body. This phenomena happened when those foods that eaten are transformed into become energy either to strengthen metabolic function or to physical activity. However if it energy's there were excess will are transformed into passed fat enter to the cell to make cellulite at the foot, waist environment and buttocks. Therefore rise eat much, then increasingly larger to the body somebody.

Whose energy found from food are measured in calorie unite. Everyone need certain calorie batch to look after metabolic process function policy. All this process able to defend life for example look after heart that continue to move, fixed lung breathing, fixed stomach digest food and strengthen each cellular process which all it continue to be carried out in inside the body. Figure wherein body use calorie to this metabolic activity named basal metabolic rate (BMR) namely number of calories will be issued when lie down, inactive but deep guard condition. Whatever activity will require additional calorie. Two-thirds calories that used daily use to look after metabolic function policy. Everyone have different BMR. Many factors determine BMR and number of calories that is required and use by body. Young people need more calorie over old people. By physics adult people need more many calories over passive person. People who are while fasting, very hunger or on diet use fewer calorie over ordinary.

Two dominant factors should be conducted in reduce body weight is calorie consumption and physics activity.

Example notice where activity turning but consumption his calorie fixed equivalent if male in the example just now consumption calorie 2400 calorie / one day, under active physics movement compared before it, body will use a little calorie. If he only use 2300 calorie advantage consumption will are transformed into fat and he will add body weight. Instead if him do athletic, physics activity will add his daily calorie for example until 2500 calorie per day. His body weight will fall because body fat as much as 100 calorie will be used to replace energy need. Because that is active person usually appear more fat over under active person.

If man example on work as school guard , he will require around 2600-2800 calories a day to uphold his body weight. If him do heavy work, as do handwork, he will require 2800-3200 calorie daily. Person as such need calorie among 2200-3200 calorie daily and in reliance his daily activity. Women usually smaller his need and less muscular over man until they need around 200-400 calorie under male need.


Have you see advertisement “I reduce body weight 25kg within 4 week”. I reduce measurement from 18 become 8 within 30 day?” All manner diet programmed ensure get reduce heavy “quickly”. Question of if, what is say person afford reduce body weight with such quick?

Try to watch following information:

One pound (half kg) body fat keep 3500 calorie, to lower should reduce calorie enter smaller from 3500 calorie. Actually reduction as large as 500 calories a day or 3500 calorie one week will be able to reduce heavy body as much as half kg (one pound) one week. Reduction 1000 calorie each same day with body weight reduction as much as 2 pound weekly. To lower 1000 calorie daily, they should lessen next meal half of the normal. That is large reduction mean fat decline took time, unable lessen 25kg fat only in 6 week. This matter could not have been except grossly overweight and instead of consumption any except water. Decline 3 to 6 kg more realistic in 6 week. 






We using hand and body lotion to soften skin that it seem younger. Yet lotion majority only increase dryness of skin. Commercial cream in fact very lot of water content. Humidity from it very quick to be absorbed into skin that dries, and wrinkly skin. The moment water enter skin, skin will expand his network, as his affairs fill balloon with water, cause wrinkle will lose and skin will more softer. Yet this merely temporary, after water yawn or bring bloodstream, skin would dry and wrinkled back.

Issue arise what is dry skin and wrinkled curable with body lotion? Sure his answer cannot dry skin and wrinkled restore with treatment body ordinary. Lotion majority make from oil that constitute vegetable oil were processed hot and hydrogenise until there was no antioxidant as the safeguard experience give much benefit on the skin.

Kind of oil applied to skin or drink and eaten will affect body network. Oil have real influence  to networks body, especially  network connective make most network and spread wide within the body. This web may be met on the skin, muscle, bone, nerve and all internal body organ. Network connective comprise from strong fibers form upholder framework from all network body. In other words, it unite all of it. Without fibers connective will become network formless. In the moment part increasingly elderly age body slack and become disturbed because snarl with damaged network connective, until seen brokenness accidentally.

Skin unite by network connective that pay strength and flexibility on the skin. While still young and health skin appear delicate, flexible and gumalai, because influence network connective powerful ones. In the moment start old this fibers damaged because radical material reaction that cause network connective being hardened and loss of flexibility nor strengthen . Loss of ability skin to unite the parts and start slack and quilted. Consequently skin that young, soft and fine would have dried up and hardened.

If have started radical reaction independent where will cause reaction in series yield much more free radicals, molecule thousandth will be exposed to damage. In such circumstances sole way to lessen it is respond with antioxidant. When free radicals related with antioxidant, reaction in series stop. On this reason as good it body have many available antioxidant in the cell and network to protect radical reaction. Antioxidant total am being owned deep network determined by material substance inside food. Radical reaction independent happen inside body permanently because it life is the result and breathing cannot avoid. Yet everyone have more radical independent different difference because circle many factors influence radical total independent. For example, lessen food intake contains material antioxidant (for example, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E) will lessen number of cell that protects from radical. Smoking and polluted material also abound create free radicals. Radiation, including ultra light violet reported get stimulate arise him free radicals. Chemical as insecticide and food preservative can also enhance activity radical independent. Apart from that vegetable oil common use deep treatment food and product body also can cause free radicals is vegetable oil.

Processing oil conventionally many dispel oil unsaturated poly and antioxidant experience. Without this antioxidant  has tendency to radical rise independent within and outside body. So why take vegetable oil could cause vitamin deficiency E and other antioxidant it. Antioxidant use to fight against radical independent. If vegetable oil wiped on the skin, then established free radicals that causes damage permanent to network connective. That ' how if use lotion or cream containing vegetable oil type, it will cause skin seemed old faster. This lotion may respond temporary amendment yet speed up skin aging, even enhance risk seize skin cancer.

Old age classic a sign is emerge him whitehead on the skin whose name lipofuscin. It damage symptomatic free radicals lipids (fat) on the skin. Oxidation fat unsaturated poly and protein by radical activity independent on the skin know as the main cause whitehead. It no hurt or show signs uncomfortable. Sometimes it could not be traced until no person unknown it already affected whitehead. However this whitehead not affect to healthy, but it only influencing just external appearance. If this whitehead get clearly seen on surface of the skin, it actually formed also in other network all the body, as to bowel, lung, kidney, brain and others. It are representing areas that managed by free radicals. More plentiful whitehead on the skin, more plentiful also obtain inside body, and it mean more plentiful damaged or aging undergo body network. To certain rate damage that due to free radicals in inside the body can evaluated through whitehead rate that there were on the skin. More plentiful stated whitehead, more plentiful damage free radicals that happened. All network body that involved is damaged to certain rate. If this happened in bowel, then it can influence this organs of the body ability to digest and absorb nutritious material. If it happen to it brain will affect mental ability. Thus, free radicals damaged the network connective cause relaxation and lost skin functional. And equivalent affairs happen to part organs of the body, design slack and derange. Skin like a window, can respond illustration  what happened inside the body. What which is seen outside reflect, large part on happen inside the body.

Because cells cannot destroy pigment lipofuscin, then pigment lipofuscin stated by the slow will accumulate in cell of the body to the moment move old. At the moment lipofuscin pigment expand, it inclined to stick there lifelong. However his formation still preventable with application and also take coconut oil in nutrition.





Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 


Chronic fatigue syndrome classified as exhaustion attack relative and abrupt relative, often lag after infectious disease attack. Among his syndrome is muscle weakness, headache, loss of memory, confusion mental, fever, spleen gland swell, extraordinary fatigue to usual activity, feel pressured, felt nervous, consider headache, rash, allergic and reaction autoimmune. Defending symptom for six months or more is make indication chronic fatigue syndrome (Chronic fatigue syndrome).

His syndrome's severity often turning. People who are infected will probably undergo 'recovered' temporary and working as usual, and would be ill back for a few seconds . Unfortunately most people not realize they already attack this disease, and only think that his phenomenon is because by age factor, stress or seasonal disease. Consequently they do not do something to overcome it. 

Yet disease main cause still not identified. But is believed it because from variety combination factor. Among that believed to be syndrome cause is the result from many chronic infection and nutrition adverse, excessive stress and food poisoning, all pressing immunes system and finish body energy.

Dr Murray Susser, MD from Santa Monica, California says this chronic fatigue syndrome usually started with simple infection virus as infection virus that causes breathing infection as influenza and flu. Nor with infection virus herpes which was smallpox virus and Epstein Bar virus that causes mononucleosis. Because virus believed as the main cause to this syndrome, then not much we can make because there was no drug can cure disease cause of virus. Wrong dosage can cause disease become worse temporary experiment with antibiotic and different drugs not a good solution.

In these circumstances virgin coconut oil pay a major alternative to resolve chronic fatigue syndrome . Fat tamarind in coconut oil afford murder virus herpes and Epstein-Barr virus that convince as his main cause. Also capable kill Candida and giardia and variety of other organisms that cause chronic fatigue.

Because this chronic fatigue syndrome is because by disruption disease whose pressing immunes system, then encore virgin coconut oil will become his solution. It with role murder organism and release body from dangerous microorganism. With decrease dangerous organism that eat body energy, then immunity system would be able to function better felled and defuse stress in the body. 

Virgin coconut oil can give energy  immediate and get stimulate metabolism. This energy increase not only will raise spirit, yet it also boost the strength remedial by fast enough. Increasingly higher body metabolism more efficient immunity system and more speed body to recover and improve herself. Metabolism would function to higher level in cell of the body, whereas stressed metabolism will cause cell function slower. And this mean remedial and body improvement also will go slower.



Others benefits of this magic Oils ( VCOP & VCOH )

  Research and clinical observation have shown that medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA's) like those found in coconut Oil, may provide a wide range of health benefits. Some of these are summarized below :
  • Reduce viruses load that cause influenza, hepatitis C measles and others illnesses.

  • Kills bacteria that causes pneumonia, earache, throat infections, dental cavities, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, meningitis,    gonorrheal and dozens of others diseases.

  • Expels or kills tapeworms, lice, giardia and others parasites.




Pact Signed to Test Coco Oil for AIDS Treatment

  Feb. 18, 1999, Manila - The official agreement covering the first clinical tests using coconut oil and its fatty acid, monolaurin, to treat HIV/AIDS patients has been signed. The memorandum of understanding among the three agencies doing the clinical tests - the Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation (PCRDF), United Laboratories and the San Lazaro Hospital - was signed yesterday, making possible the first medical research in the Philippines against AIDS.

PCRDF Chairman Maria Clara Lobregat told reporters that government will not spend a single centavo with this trial, and it will determine the efficacy of coconut chemicals.  Health Secretary Alberto Romualdez said the trial needs approval and protocol, and institutional ethics review board will assess issues on using human subjects for research purposes. He welcomed the fact that the government will not shoulder the expenses for the tests.  "It is very expensive, but since the DOH does not have that kind of money and the private sector does, then we can ask patients to participate," he said.

The tests involve 15 Filipino patients: 12 females and three males in the early stages of HIV infection. Tayag said the trial seeks to achieve what experts in the United States have found out in research - - that coconut chemicals increase the CD4 cell count and lower the viral load of HIV patients to undetectable levels.  Dr. Eric Tayag, chief epidemiologist of the hospital, said the CD4 cells are the body's first line of defense against infection and disease, but they are also the first to be attacked by the HIV. The viral load is the amount of the virus in the blood.  It will cost the 15 patients P300,000 each in coconut oil and monolaurin capsules, but he said this will not cost the hospital anything. 

Dr. Conrado Dayrit, president of the National Academy of Science and Technology and a member of the PCRDF board, explained that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has a fatty envelop, and monolaurin can penetrate and dismember this envelop rapidly when ingested.  Monolaurin is a substance derived from lauric acid, a component of the coconut. It is the most important and most effective component of coconut oil.  "It disrupts the membrane coating the envelop by softening it first. If this happens, the virus will die," he said.

The PCRDF is funding the trial, but United Laboratories will receive the technology of processing the monolaurin capsules. (Philippine Headline News Online)


NEJM: AZT may harm fetus unnecessarily in HIV-positive pregnant women

  December 1, 1999, lauric.org - Ioannidis and Contopoulos-Ioannidis note in their Nov. 25 1999 NEJM letter to the editor that the study by Mofenson et al (August 5, 1999 NEJM) on perinatal transmission of HIV in women treated with zidovudine (AZT), did not support the concluding statement by Mofenson et al that antiretroviral therapy "should be recommended to all infected pregnant women regardless of their HIV-1 RNA levels". The authors also report that they have extended the results of Garcia et al (NEJM Aug 5 1999) on the predictive value of viral load to 10 studies and noted that in women with low viral loads (below 1000 copies per milliliter) there are no lower rates of transmission with treatment with AZT as opposed to no treatment. Although both Mofenson et al and Garcia et al agree that comments by Ioannidis and Contopoulos-Ioannidis are correct, they nevertheless support the use of AZT to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV-1 or other treatment regimens for those women who do not wish to expose the fetus to antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy. For women who elect the latter course, Lauric.org continues to suggest the safe and effective adjunct dietary supplementation with sources of lauric acid and capric acid, which are known for their effectiveness in significantly lowering viral loads.

Comments on JAMA Report: Reducing Viral Loads in Breastfeeding Mothers Lowers Transmission Rate


August 27, 1999, lauric.org -  Miotti and colleagues, JAMA August 25, 1999 report the results of a study measuring "HIV Transmission Through Breastfeeding." They conclude that the risk of transmission is greatest in the early months of breastfeeding. The cumulative rates were 3.5%, 7.0%, 8.9%, and 10.3% at the end of months 5, 11, 17, and 23 respectively. The incidence per month was reported as 0.7% during the period from age 1 to 5 months, 0.6% during the period from age 6 to 11 months, and 0.3% during age 12 to 17 months. The significance for the trend was P=.01.  Lauric.org notes that the inclusion of a source of lauric acid to the diets of the breastfeeding HIV positive mothers would help to lower the level of virus in their milk and thus could help to lower the rate of transmission in populations such as these mothers in Malawi where breastfeeding is important for survival of the infant. Adding a functional food such as coconut to the mother’s diet would be beneficial because it would provide increased lauric and capric acid in mother's mi up


Lauric.org: Mother-Infant HIV Transmission Could Be Reduced  through Viral Lowering with Lauric and Capric Acid

  August 6, 1999, lauric.org - Garcia et al, (New England Journal of Medicine August 5, 1999;341:394-402) have reported that the maternal plasma HIV-1 RNA levels (viral load) are predictive of the risk of perinatal transmission, although not of the timing of that transmission. This report is from The Women and Infants Transmission Study, an ongoing multicenter, prospective study of the perinatal transmission of HIV-1 and the natural history of HIV-1 infection in pregnant women and their infants.

The study included women who were treated with zidovudine and those who were not. With an increasing geometric mean of the levels of plasma HIV-1 RNA levels (viral load) there was an increasing rate of transmission from mother to infant up to levels exceeding 100,000 copies of virus per milliliter (mL). When the maternal level was less that 1000 copies of virus per mL (0 of 57 women), the rate was zero percent; when the level was between 1000 and 10,000 copies per mL (32 of 193 women), the rate was 16.6 percent; when the level was between 10,001 and 50,000 copies per mL (39 of 183 women), the rate was 21.3 percent; when the level was 50,001 to 100,000 copies per mL (17 of 54 women), the rate was 30.9 percent; and when the level was greater than 100,000 copies per mL (26 of 64 women), the rate was 40.6 percent.

The highest rate was 63.3 percent for women who had levels of virus greater than 100,000 and who had not received zidovudine. However, for women whose levels were between 50,000 and 100,000, the rate of vertical transmission was the same whether they received zidovudine (31.2 percent) or did not received zidovudine (31.6 percent).

Lauric.org believes that this research reinforces the comments from an earlier response by lauric.org. Monolaurin, the monoglyceride of lauric acid, destroys the HIV-1 virus. If HIV-1-infected pregnant women were given a source of lauric acid during pregnancy, there could be additional lowering of viral load, which could be helpful in preventing vertical transmission of the virus.

Further, those infants who acquire HIV-1 infection by vertical transmission from their HIV-1-infected mothers are candidates for the adjunct antiviral nutritional support from lauric fats in their infant formula. Since the current medical recommendations prevent these infants from receiving human milk from their HIV-1-infected mothers, they need to be given infant formulas. There was a time when most of the infant formulas in the United States could be counted on to have a source of lauric acid and capric acid in their formulation to match that found in human milk. This is no longer true for many of the infant formulas.  Additionally, older HIV-1-infected children, who consume regular diets, could benefit from a source of lauric acid such as desiccated coconut or coconut milk products.


Lauric.org Notes Dual Importance Regarding CMV and HIV

  July 7, 1999, lauric.org - Kovacs, et al (N Engl J Med. July 8, 1999;341:77-84) have reported from a prospective study that infants born to HIV-1-infected mothers who are found to also be HIV-1-infected are at greater risk for the development of cytomegalovirus (CMV) and for HIV-1 disease progression than are those infants born to HIV-1-infected mothers but who are not themselves HIV-1-infected.

The researchers concluded that "HIV-1-infected infants who acquire CMV infection in the first 18 months of life have a significantly higher rate of disease progression and central nervous system disease than those infected with HIV-1 alone." Further, among those infants who are HIV-1-infected, the infants who develop CMV continue to have a higher rate of CMV and more severe disease at four years of age.

Infants who are HIV-1-infected have a higher rate of CMV infection at 6 months than those who are not HIV-1-infected (39.9 vs 15.3 percent). At age 18 months, those infants who are HIV-1-infected and who also have CMV infection have higher rates of HIV-1 disease progression (70.0 percent) than those who are only HIV-1-infected (30.4 percent). In those children who were only HIV-1-infected, rapid progression of HIV-1 disease was related to their having higher levels of virus (i.e., higher viral load).

Monolaurin, the monoglyceride of lauric acid, destroys CMV, as well as other herpes viruses and HIV-1. If HIV-1-infected pregnant women were given a source of lauric acid during pregnancy, there could be additional lowering of viral load, which could be helpful in preventing vertical transmission of the virus.

Further, those infants who acquire HIV-1 infection by vertical transmission from their HIV-1-infected mothers are candidates for the adjunct antiviral nutritional support from lauric fats in their infant formula. Since the current medical recommendations prevent these infants from receiving human milk from their HIV-1-infected mothers, they need to be given infant formulas. There was a time when most of the infant formulas in the United States could be counted on to have a source of lauric acid and capric acid in their formulation to match that found in human milk. This is no longer true for many of the infant formulas.

The older HIV-1-infected children, who consume regular foods, could benefit from a source of lauric acid such as desiccated coconut products.


Lauric.org Comments on Icelandic HIV Research


July 1, 1999, lauric.org - Dr. Halldor Thormar, the Icelandic scientist, who previously showed that monolaurin, which comes from the fat in coconut, kills lipid coated DNA and RNA viruses including HIV and herpes viruses as well as other microorganisms including gram positive bacteria has just announced the potential effectiveness of monocaprin dissolved in a gel in killing HIV. Monocaprin also comes from the fat in coconut in the form of capric acid (C:10). Thormar and his colleagues plan to continue the tests with monocaprin against chlamydia and herpes simplex virus. up


Lauric.org Responds to FDA Ban on DHA


June 1, 1999, lauric.org - Several fatty acids are very important for health and development. Among them are lauric acid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two fatty acids are found in human milk from lactating mothers. Lauric acid is the medium-chain fatty acids used by the infant to make antimicrobial monoglycerides to keep the infant from getting infections. DHA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that is absolutely essential for proper brain development in the infant, and for healthy vision. Children and adults also need a source of both lauric acid and DHA. Lauric acid can only be obtained through foods and the best source in the United States is coconut including sulfite-free desiccated coconut. Children and adults can make their own DHA if they have adequate dietary consumption of the precursor to DHA, which is alpha-linolenic acid, and if they also don’t have too much omega-6 vegetable oils or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fatty acids) in their regular diets. The best source of preformed DHA is cod liver oil and fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel. (Copyright 1999 lauric.org)



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