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. Kunyit Hitam
. Pengaga
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. Kayu Manis
. Kucing Galak
. Cakar ayam
. Gandarusa
. Lidah Jin


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  Kucing Galak

Local Name               : Kucing Galak

Scientific Name         : Acalypha Indica

Others Name             : Indian Copperleaf,India Acalypha

Famili                          : Euphorbiaceae

Location discovered : Wild Plant




This wild shrubs plant that looks like seaweed is very easily found in our country although it's originated from India. It is a season herb with 0.5-1m height. This plant seem to be a favorite for cat which  usually chewed either the leaf or the root. It is cultivated by its seed and needs sufficient water to provide its damp soil, best growth with the organic fertilizer. Kucing galak has bitter taste and cold. All parts of the plant can be used to cure diseases.

Chemical Contents :

Chemical substances in Kucing galak contains antibiotic and antiinflammation properties, has laxative effect, as the astringent and stop the bleeding.

Uses :

It is being widely used in homeopathic medication. In traditional medication, the plant is commonly used to heal respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis, and cough. It is also used to enhance internal energy.

The cured ailments




4.Bleeding & internal injury.



7.Enhance internal energy

  Cakar ayam

Local name        : Cakar ayam

Scientific name : Selaginella doederleinii hieron

Other names    : Si Shang Be (China)



Cakar ayam has sweet taste and hot, it is bred through its stem, need sufficient water to provide damp soil, the suitable fertiliser is the organic fertiliser. All parts of the plant is beneficial as medicine.

Chemical contents

Chemical substances in cakar ayam are not spread yet, however it contains antipyretic, anti-toxin, anticanser, stop the bleeding and remove the impurities in the blood.

The cured ailments

  1. Hepatitis

  2. Ascites (dropsy stomach)

  3. Urinary tract infection

  4. Lungs inflammation, cough, sore throat, Bronchitis & Tonsillitis.

  5. Cancer (uterus, lungs, Nasopharynx)

  6. Rheumatic, Brake @ crack bone


Local name        : Gandarusa

Scientific name : Justicia Gendarussa Linn

Other names     : Daun Rusa (Melayu), Bo Gu Dan (Cina), Gendarussa (English)

Family                : Acanthaceae




This plant is found wildly grows at brush areas with 1-500 meters from the sea level. It grows vertically and can reach until 2 meters height. The leaf length is approximately 5-20 cm and it is from single leaf type. Commonly two types of gandarusa are found and differentiated by the color of the stems. There are black and green colors. Gandarusa tastes spicy, little sour and neutral.

Chemical content

Chemical substances in gandarusa contain justicin, asiri oil, potassium and little poisonous alkaloid


It commonly used to treat blue-black, as a result of beaten, broken bone, rheumatic and boil. Methods of application, for broken bone, the fresh or dry leaf is ground to fine and mixed with vinegar, and patched onto the affected area, provided that the broken bone were in position. For rheumatic, boil 15-30 gm of their fresh leaves, bring to simmer and consumed. For blue-black parched the fresh leaves and patched onto the area. It can also be used to reduce body heat and migraine.

Warning: Shall not be used by pregnant women.  


Scientific Classification

Kingdom           :   Plant
Division            :   Magnoliophyta
Class               :   Liliopsida
Order               :   Asparagales
Family              :   Ruscaceae
Genus              :   Sansevieria Thunb


Pokok lidah jin or sansevieria is a plant with more than 70 species. Classified as flowering plant in Ruscaceae family. Grows naturally in the tropical country for centuries.

This herbal plant is a herbaceous plant, with greenish, watery leaves from 20cm to 3m height, mostly form deep batch from rizom or stolon that are spread out. The flower is white grey, produced at the simple rasem or branched 40-90 cm long.The fruit is red or orange berry.

The type is based from the name of prince San Severo, Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771) in Italy.The spelling of 'Sansveria' dan 'Sansviera' also commonly seen, the confusion is because of the name of places in Italy.

The well-known species are:

  1. Sansevieria aethiopica
  2. Sansevieria angustiflora
  3. Sansevieria arborescens
  4. Sansevieria aubrytiana
  5. Sansevieria braunii
  6. Sansevieria canaliculata
  7. Sansevieria concinna
  8. Sansevieria cylindrica
  9. Sansevieria dawei
  10. Sansevieria deserti
  11. Sansevieria dooneri
  12. Sansevieria ehrenbergii
  13. Sansevieria fasciata
  14. Sansevieria gracilis
  15. Sansevieria grandicuspis
  16. Sansevieria grandis
  17. Sansevieria hyacinthoides
  18. Sansevieria intermedia
  19. Sansevieria kirkii
  20. Sansevieria liberica
  21. Sansevieria longiflora
  22. Sansevieria metallica
  23. Sansevieria parva
  24. Sansevieria phillipsiae
  25. Sansevieria raffillii
  26. Sansevieria roxburghiana
  27. Sansevieria senegambica
  28. Sansevieria singularis
  29. Sansevieria stuckyi
  30. Sansevieria subspicata
  31. Sansevieria suffruticosa
  32. Sansevieria trifasciata
  33. Sansevieria zeylanica

In Africa,the leaf is used to produce fibre; from certain species. For example, S ansevieria ehrenbergii, plant sap contains antiseptic and the leaf is used as the bandage in traditional first aid.

Some species is a home plant that is famous in a few countries, with the biggest sale of Sansevieria trifasciata.


This plant is green with yellow strip at its hard edge. It is a non woody plant. It can grow until 4 feet and 2.75 width. The flower is greenish white in color.

Characteristics and Benefits

Lidah mertua is cold, antibiotic and has sour taste

Chemical contents

The chemical content of the leaf are abamagenin, kardenolin, saponin and polifenol.

The part that is used






4.Snake bite


6.Hair tonic


Warning :-

Attention...All the information's, notices and testimonials that are advertised cannot be made as the most guidance (without referring to the doctors @ specialist in the field) for the motive of identification or treatment of any diseases .Please consult the accredited doctor  to determine the diseases and medications. All the testimonials that are posted, are self experiences from our customers whereas the others have not been tested. 

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