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Science fact of Virgin Coconut oil
  Definition of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Chemical composition of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Standard Quality of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  Manufacturing process of Virgin Coconut Oil.

 Our product processed from quality coconut oil and organic Sabak Bernam


45 % until  55%  Lauric  & Capric Acid Content
 in  Virgin Coconut oil, Great...!
Greatness of Virgin Coconut Oil Bio-Asli

Do you know, palm have strong stem and are able grow upright stand as high  100 feet without twig that depends only to capillary root to detain heavy burden and gust of wind, actually have in natural nutrition that are hidden , as brave as his durable tree. Coconut tree most living by " Natural Farming " without use chemical fertilizer, can still produce many fruits. This tree is also famous with called more old more become ,as proverb says "more old more thick and many coconut milk''.

Definition of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil means oil produced from well matured coconut through specialized process with not damage  origin structure or nutrition natural coconut oil that there were inside coconut.


How Virgin Coconut Oil processed?


Virgin Coconut Oil Bio-Asli produce organically through the natural pigmentation  process with not use heat to make sure fat structure / patty acid that rich with "lauric Oil " undamaged as standard that prescribed.


Whether is VCO Bio-Asli's manufacturing process secured his quality ?

To ensure quality structure MCF and antioxidant in VCO unchanged and lost, our company use revenue special skill from connected , modification and our idea  creation in VCO production process. Therefore VCO Bio-Asli's production process not use enzyme ( damage bond lipoprotein), heating classes (dispel antioxidant) and catalyst acid (untie MCF). While in water separation oil  process  not use machine heating classes which this process will clear antioxidant. Bio-Asli produced with the technique 100% fermentation ( no heating, no catalyst chemical and no catalyst enzyme). While separation process water use gravity technique and hydrodynamic treated until 0.1 micron that free free from mess.

VCO Quality

What is are contained within VCO until can cure variety degenerative disease? This question appearing regularly in discussion daily. Caused that, many parties wish to study to study VCO's content. From the work some research, proven VCO contains fat structure chain / patty rich acid with " lauric Oil " that functions to look after the health body and drastic in cure variety fatal disease, as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and stroke. In addition, antioxidant content in VCO are very high. Mention only tocopherol and betakaroten, it function to prevent aging and look after body balance.

           As those already be known by many person, that our ancestor by hereditary has make coconut oil in diurnal activity. Yet, become question, what is true that oil can be said as VCO? This matter should refer in the quality those made by researcher. Yet, until this time, researcher (Through Body National Research) not yet can make best quality to VCO. As references, we could held to Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (AFCC) And Philippine National Standards (PNS) with the code PNS / BAFPS No.22:2004. The both of body this has made standard VCO's quality, good seen from product nor his manufacturing process.

          To compare coconut oil with VCO, in schedule 2 show  quality of coconut oil according SII (1979). While schedule 3 show quality VCO according AFCC (2005).

          When referring schedule 2 and schedule 3, fatty acid content, especially chain fatty acid on, higher to VCO compare with the coconut oil. This chain fatty acid on that nutritious as medicine. Most important fatty acid among lauric acid (C-12), capric acid (C-8),and acid ministrant (C-14).

          Willing AFCC, VCO's manufacturing process not see to the process with heating or not. Foremost affairs namely VCO produced from fresh coconut and already mature and  produce that acquired (oil) unchanged. By such, coconut oil produce with traditional and heating level can still categorized as VCO. Yet, PNS gives more accurate quality, namely that VCO not produced through chemical process refining, deodorizing and bleaching (RDB).

           Virgin coconut oil not easy musty because fatty acid content it high until oxidation process not easy happen. Yet, when VCO's quality low, musty process will go earlier. This affairs because of the oxygen influence, existence of water and microbe that will decompose fatty acid content are inside VCO becomes other component.

           Physically, VCO should clear colored like crystal, this showed that it not mixed with material and other dirt. When in it there is still water content, usually will have clod white colored. Existence of water would accelerate the rancidity process. Beside that, possibility that clod also is component manure oil not censored all of it. This situation directly will be influential on the quality VCO.


coconut garden

the coconut switch

Husk peeler process

Coconut split process  

 Coconut content

 Machine Milk wringer


Machine foam breaker


 Machine fermentation process


M. gravity + hydrodynamic


Machine refine process

Quality validation process
Bottling + labeling
Product market







Schedule 2 (Source SII,1977)

Chemical content




Saturated Fatty Acid

Kaproat Acid (%)


kaprilat Acid (%)


Kaprat Acid (%)


lauric Acid (%)


Ministat Acid (%)


Malmitat Acid (%)


Mtearat Acid (%)


Arukhidat Acid (%)


Unsaturated Fatty Acid

Oleat Acid (%)


Linoleum Acid (%)


Chemical property-Nature

FFA (%)


Soap amount


Peroxide amount


Yodium amount


Index shadow (bias)


Dangerous metal






Schedule 3

Characteristics Identity

In term APCC Standard

Relative density


Refractive index at 40C


Humidity  maximal (%0


Insoluble impurities per cent by mass max


Specification value

250-260 min

Iodine value


Specific gravity at 30 deg./30 deg. C


Acid value max


Polenske value min


GLC range of fatty acid composition

Kaproik Acid (C 6:0)(%)


Kaprilik Acid (C 8:0)(%)


Kaprik Acid (C 10:0)(%)


Laurik Acid (C 12:0)(%)


Miristik Acid (C 14:0)(%)


Palmitik Acid (C 14:0)(%)


Palmitoleik Acid (C 18:0)(%)


Stearik Acid (C 18:1)(%)


oleic Acid (C 18:2)(%)


C 24:1 (C 18:3)(%)


Quality characteristics


Water clean

Free fatty acid (%)


Peroxide value meg/kg oil


Total plate count



Oudur and taste

Free from foreign and rancid odour and taste


Matter volatile at 105C (%)


Iron (Fe) (mg/kg)


Copper (mg/kg)


Lead (mg/kg)


Arsenic (mg/kg)




The advantage of Virgin Coconut Oil

1-Like breast milk fat.
2-For mothers suckle child, take virgin coconut oil as part from his nutrition will discover level lauric acid and capric acid increased by obvious. (see detailed information  Impact of Taking Virgin Coconut Oil to Mothers who Suckle Her Child)
3-Anti Oxide (Prevent or delay cell dead)
4-Antivirus and antibacterial.
Lauric acid in virgin coconut oil is 'medium chain fatty acid' highly useful function have added to form monolaurin inside human or animals body. Monolaurin is antiviral characteristic, antibacterial and anti protozoa. Monoglyceride are used by the human body or animals with role destructive layer or cone lipid to virus, as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, variety of pathogen bacteria including listeria monocytogenes and helicobacter pylori, and protozoan like giardia lamblia. Half survey also show that it function as antimicrobial.

Antiviral action that is associated with monolaurin is it afford melt layer lipid and phospholipids to cone or envelope virus cause damage to envelope virus concerning. By easy, fatty acid and monoglycerides produce destruction impact were having destroy double layer plasma membrane to organism concerning.
From several latest study and research, already prove that the impact antimicrobial monolaurin are relevance with disruption on any signal over mechanism cell that organism for replication (replication)

                       Schedule types of "Lipid Coated Viruses".
Type Description
Virus Human immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 or HIV+
Virus Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1)
Virus Herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2)
Virus Herpes viridae (all)
Virus Human lymphotropic viruses (type 1)
Virus Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)
Virus Visna virus
Virus Cytomegaloviru
Virus Epstein-Barr virus
Virus Influenza virus
Virus Leukemia virus
Virus Pneumonovirus
Virus Sarcoma virus
Virus Syncytial virus
Virus Rubeola virus
Schedule types of Lipid Coated Bacteria


Bacterium    Listeria monocytogenes
Bacterium    Helicobacter pylori (gram negative)
Bacterium    Hemophilus influenzae (gram negative)

5-Increase human metabolism

6- Class as functional food.

As functional food, (functional food has definition to An ISLE NORTH AMERICA SPECIAL CONFERENCE) mean it is food that supply component for health overcome for power component. Is estimated around 50 percentage of content fatty acid inside virgin coconut oil is consisted lauric acid, and 6 to 7 percentage of content is consisted capric acid.

Lauric acid is 'medium chain fatty acid' highly useful function have added to form monolaurin inside human or animals body. Monolaurin is antiviral characteristic, antibacterial and anti protozoa. Monoglyceride are used by the human body or animals with role destructive layer or cone lipid to virus, as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, variety of pathogen bacteria including listeria monocytogenes and helicobacter pylori, and protozoan like giardia lamblia. Half survey also show that it function as antimicrobial.

While capric acid was also type 'medium chain fatty acid' also has the same advantage  functioned when it form as monocaprin inside the human body or animals. Monocaprin also had shown impact ability as antiviral for HIV and it still in the process experiment for his impact upper herpes simplex and his antibacterial effectiveness for Chlamydia. (Reuters, London June 29,1999).

Dr. Halldor Thormar, Icelandic's scientist, has shown that monolaurin that originated from virgin coconut oil, get murder virus type of 'lipid coated DNA and RNA, including HIV and virus herpes and also others microorganism including type of bacteria grams positive. For this time, Dr. Halldor Thormar and his team plans to continue function test and monocaprin impact for Chlamydia and herpes simplex virus.


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