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  • Black Seed Oil
      Definition of Black Seed Oil.
      Chemical composition and biochemistry of Black Seed Oil Kimia.
      The nature of pharmacology and toxicology of Black Seed.
      Prophet hadith and expert statement of Black Seed.
      Benefit and advantage (More 100 active material in Black Seed).
      Allergy-Research paper.
                       (Habbatul barakah ~ The seed of blessing)

    “ Nigella sativa commonly known as love in the mist a beautiful Middle Eastern Herb with many use"
    Dr. Micheal Tierra. L.A.C, O.M.D. Author of Planetary Harbology

    The Canon of Medicine, Ibnu Sina (980-1037 Masihi) saying that “black seed' is cereal that very stimulating body energy and help in chronic tiredness, lose of spirit and give a  therapeutic impact to digestive disorder, gynecological disease, and respiratory system”.

    Meanwhile Al-Biruni (973-1048 Masihi) declared that “black seed” probably used as nutritious full cereal during century to ten and eleventh. 

    Beside that, Black Seed's greatness' also was certified by bygone intellectual as Ibnu Qayyim and Al Baghdadi, beside certified hundreds scientist and modern physician. Part of them is Dr. Basil Ali (From The College Of Medicine At King Faisal University), Dr Haq (From The Department Of Biological And Medical Research Center In Riyadh, Saudi), Dr. Michael Tierra (Planetary Herbology's book author) Dr. Peter Schleicher (Immunologist from Munich), Professor Dr. El-Dakhakny (Pharmacology Department of Medicine, Alexandria University, UAR Egypt), Dr.  Nirmal Chakravarty, M.D, Dr. Badr-el-Din and Dr. Mahfouz, Dr. Ahmed El-Qadi and Dr. Usama Qandil. 


    “Black Seed" have an important role on prevention tumour and cancer. Black Seed Oil consumption in long time can strengthen immunity body system. Apart from that get speed up  splitting cell ”.

    Dr. Stanley Kopok, University of Arizona, USA

    Black Seed' rich with beta-sit sterol, known owning ability prevent cancer".
    Dr. Michael Tierra L. AC. O.M.D

    ” With Nigella Sativa it get fight tiredness ”. As a good addition Black Seed' consumed with Royal Jelly with comparison 2:1 ”.
    Dr. Mohammad Saleh, Cairo-Mesir

    ” Black Seed' extract have nutrition anti tumour without side-effect like what happened to Chemotherapy and irradiation”.
    Study of Nigella sativa on humans, University of South Carolina. USA

    “ Black Seed' has more than 100 active ingredient with variety remedial nutrition. Either it is impotency.”
    Black Cumin, The Magical Egyptian Herb, Dr. Peter Schleicher, M D.
    Dr.Mohammed Saleh, MD., Egyptian

    “ Black Seed' proven has result of activity anti histamine, anti oxidant, anti biotic, anti mitotic and Bronchitis's obstructer”.
    University Pochefstroom

    ” Effective new therapy, have been digested easily and inexpensive to allergic disease are used fat sour not saturated from seed oil crop, especially Nigella Sativa's oil”.
    Dr. Lutz Bannasch, München - German

    ” Nigella Sativa contains ether oil that can help digestion and reduce bowel problem ”.
    Prof. Dr. Hilde Bert Wagner, Institute fur Pharmazeutische Biology, München - German

    ” Nigella Sativa conceives fat tamarind not tired, Linoleum and Gammalinolenic enter inside the body. This tamarind make possible synthesis for achievement make body immunity system importantly cause chronic disease as pimple and fever cause of allergy, until  cancer ”.
    Dr. Peter Schleicher, M. D., Immunologist, Munich Germany 
    ”  Improve body resistance function ”.
    US. Patents Section, Antiviral Agents Bulletin # 5, 482, 711

    ” Black Seed' stimulate marrow in bone and immunity cell and terferon production, protect normal cells fight virus pest cell, fight tumour cell, and enhance antibody which produces B cell”.
    Cancer Immune-biology, South Carolina

    ” Black Seed' proven cure 70 % allergy sufferer, includes in it powder allergy and dust also pimple, and neurodermitis ( skin disease), asthma and weak it immunity force body. Take Black Seed' systemically get keep favorably disease flu ”.
    Dr. Peter Schleicher, Immunology, München-German 



    Human health problems majority currently are originate from the same problem, whether infection by micro-organism as bacteria, virus, parasite and fungus. If use medication clinically (allopathic medicament), every effect or disease sign will be treated by separate, and usually use medicine in whose formulas chemically containing alcohol and several dangerous matter content.

    Whether Black Seed' effectively treat the whole of body and act to actual cause disease. Black seed' coordinate back whether  body defense system when he was too weak or too strong. It very excellent in treat ailments those related with the hormone problem and chronic allergy . On the whole, use and his benefits is  too much. It help metabolism system, improve  digestion system, and reduce sugar content level inside the body   It will help drive away all worm and parasite in intestinal tract .It useful in relief throat pain, cough, asthma, influenza, overcome inflammation, improve and launch blood flow, increase breast milk flow, supply energy immediately, increased the number of sperm sums, stabilized supported system, stimulated the growth of hair at the same time to avoid a miscarriage hair, overcame wrinkled skin, increased ‘tone’ the body, chronic dysentery,  mellitus diabetes, and many more.


    Advantage Virgin Coconut Oil + BLACK SEED OIL (PURE) BIO-ASLI

    1- Produce from Nigella Sativa seeds that it was confirmed has been cooked enough to develop quantities of oil that the maximum
    2- Processed by organic cold pressed to develop oil who are free from trace farm chemical, hexane molecule and also trans fatty acid. While oil produced by using customary heat hit 450 degree (F) will change molecule natural oil from normal trans fatty acid to a form configuration that does not normal and poisonous
    80% (120ml) Virgin Coconut Oil
    20% (30ml) Black Seed Oil
    Using :
    Adult 1 teaspoon in the morning & evening. Child 1/2 teaspoon in the morning & evening.
    Drink after eating or swept on skin and hair
    Nutrition     Unit Fact 150gm/Wet basic            
    Energy (kcal) 159.3          
    Protein      (gm)   6.24        
    Fat(MCFA) (gm) 120     
    Thiamin      (mg)    0.45
    Riboflavin mg)    0.03      
    Pyridoxine     (mg)   0.15      
    Niacin (mg)    1.71     
    Calcium    (mg)   55.77  
    Iron (mg)   3.15 
    Coppe (mg) 0.54  
    Zinc (mg) 0.54
    Phosphorus   (mg) 157.95  
    Folacin (mg) 0.02

    *Not suitable to mother's pregnant                                       








     coral stone




     bile stone

    man hardness




    Smoothen menstrual recycle





     Enlivened sexual

     (facial palsy)

    Bronchial asthma

    Cardiac asthma

    treat digestion system

    mistress, aphoristic, indomeferitis


    watery lung





    Destruct organism in heart, liver and kidney

    Premature ejaculation


    Increase mother-milk

     Murder fungus



    treat respiratory system

    Chronic dysentery



    Cirrhosis of liver



    Gum inflammation

     Improve  breast contour



     Bloody gum








     Mental improve 







    Black Seed’ admit very rich with nutrition value, among:- 

    • containing monosaccharide's (single molecule sugar) in the glucose form, ramose, xylems' and arabinose

    • It contain non-starch polysaccharide component that source useful in the rules of the need fibrous nutrition.

    • It rich with fat acid, especially unsaturated fat acid and essential fat acid ( Linoleum Acid and Linoleum). Essential fat acid cannot out by the body, so the body need food like black seed

    • Black Seed contain fifteen  amino acids that formed the content of complete protein including eight from nine essential amino acid. Essential amino acid might not be processed inside the body with the sufficient amount, so it might be found from black seed.

    • Black Seed contain Arginine which is very important for the growth of the baby.

    • Results of the analysis of chemistry found that Black Seed’ contain carotene, which it will in the future be changed by the heart into vitamin A, vitamins that knew acted as anti cancer.

    • Black Seed’ also was the source of calcium, sodium, potassium and iron. Although the number that was needed just a few by the whole body, but all of it functioned as the side factor in the role enzyme.






















    According to study those carried out in the Munich Institute for Researched on Newer Therapeutic Methods (Munchner Institute Zur Erforschung neuer Therapieverfahren) by using modern analysis method find that Black Seed' contain more than 100 content type active ingredient who help health and it show clinical impact greatness far overcome other herbal as supplement nutrition. But with rapidity the latest development of science, may be one or more his active ingredient combined with prescription pharmacy to purpose in certain circumstances. That also with extract Black Seed, maybe get in blend by chemical for make him more effective in medication. Although there may claim who said that in certain circumstances, when added with the materials additive will be able to increase his effectiveness in the treatment. Yet his remedial capacity with his form original should be given attention.

    Briefly his cardinal virtues are as follows:-

    • Black Seed' in his state and form original function help natural regeneration body system  overcome disease and maintain health. It act in the division and also body system without disturbing natural balance body in other part.

    • Effect of intake Black Seed' with nutritional value and his medical's value, help restore current situation and also help body to build endurance from disease.

    In a conclusion Black Seed' has own characters hypertensive, carminative and anathematic.



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