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  Product : Deodorant Virgin Coconut Oil   


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Natural Herbal Treasure

Deodorant Virgin Coconut Oil

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Deodorant is a hygiene product, commonly used and easily available in almost every home. Available in many different forms, whether solid, liquid, or powder. Used mainly in the armpits, the body odor caused by bacterial decomposition of sweat activity. The bacteria ‘eat’ the sweat from apocrine glands and dead skin cells, and release acid 3-methyl-2-hexenoic.

Most deodorant are based on alcohol. Alcohol stimulates the production of sweat in the first place, and also destroy bacteria. But alcohol can also cause skin to become dry and sometimes become inflamed reddish. In addition, most of the liquid deodorant having the anti-perspirant, which it is able to stop or significantly reduce the sweat production. Thus it reduces the moisture needed by the bacteria.  The material most often used as anti-perspirant is aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium chloride and aluminium  zirkonium. Anti-perspirant based on aluminum will react with electrolystes in sweat, forming a gel plugs in ‘sweat glands ducts.’   Gel plugs would have stopped ‘sweat glands ducts’ from producing liquid sweat. However, it will eventually be removed through a change in skin cells.

It is not surprising that the aluminum  is use at anti-perspirants was related to the ‘systemic accumulation of aluminium’ , cause of  Alzheimer disease.

It has been found through a study in 2004 by Dr Kris McGrath, a member of the Chicago allergic claimed to have discovered the relationship between anti-perspirant, shaved armpit and cancer. He believes that the material cause in the anti-perspirant is a poison in aluminum salt such as aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride dan aluminium  zirkonium. He says that although the materials are not normally penetrate the skin and not a problem, but with shaving can cause the opposite to the skin. Shave behavior actually, irritating the skin like opening the door for the entry of materials, because there are just under the skin at lymphatic system, which connects to the breast.

In the research, more than 400 people with breast cancer in Chicago acknowledged that they used the antiperspirants and shave the armpits. He found that women who do shave armpits often suffer breast cancer 22 years earlier than who do not.

Lastly, the British researcher, has found the traces of other chemicals called paraben used as preservatives in the deodorant, the network is taken from women with breast cancer. They have also published their findings in the Journal of Toxicology which give a possibility of cosmetics used on the armpits to be among the factors that cause  breast cancer. Although there is not clear how the proposed mechanism, but it sure is safer to avoid all antiperspirant and deodorant, which contains the materials for the saftey.

But with the discovery of virgin coconut oil which is anti bacterial, anti virus, anti fungal and anti protozoa, well it can become a source of good nutrition of skin cells then as the main manufacturing deodorant promise long-lasting safety and comfort

  Virgin Coconut Oil  
  - Naturally processed without heat and other chemicals. There are at least nine types of fatty acids (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) which are caproic acid, caprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, stearic, oleic and linoleic. However, some research show it very useful to human health either children or old men and woman. Suitable for drink, sweep to the skin, can be used as hair oil or can be used together with married couple relationship by sweep it around the body.  

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