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 What are the benefits and advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Health ?    

Why drink Virgin Coconut Oil?   (Must read) Sinusitis & Alergy, Chronic Tiredness & Asthma
Protection from disease Dandruff and hair fall
Advantages of VCO & Metabolism and Energy Remove excess fat- Obesity  
Remedial, Substance digestion and absorption Prostate Enlargement,  Ulcer and constipation
Mother's milk & MCFA,pregnancy & Your baby  Acute myocardial infarction deterrent
Anti aging,  Scars on skin  elasticity, Protect & treat skin High blood  &  Diabetes
Cracked heel, Accident wound, wound and sore Cancer  ,   AIDS Treatment & other Researches
Dr. Marcola - Is coconut oil really healthy ?

Prof.Dr.Mary G.Enig Director, Nutritional Science Division,
Enig Associates, Inc. 11120 New Hampshire Avenue
500 Silver Spring, MD 20904-2633 U.S.

"Coconut oil is the important and beneficial food for 21st century . With the availability of clinical and scientific information of its healthy qualities of antimicrobial virgin coconut oil particularly and coconut oil in generally, makes it very attractive."


Virgin Coconut Oil is most salutary oil in the world"

Dr. Bruce Fife (Doctor Naturopati USA)


" Virgin Coconut Oil has anti virus, anti bacteria, anti fungus and anti natural parasite characteristics can control a variety of diseases "

Dr. John J. Kabara (Universiti Michigan USA)

" Virgin coconut oil stand strong alone as the most salutary oil that you can use. It contains nutritional value and research treasure that is really valuable. I really indeed want you make virgin coconut oil as part of your daily nutrition's plan "

Dr. Mark Atkinson, Holistic Medical Physician


       (Clinical Nutrition)


Dr Joseph Mercola
 (Author of Total Health Programand Rachael Droege)

6 ways to make your

skin looks younger

1-Control from excessive exposure to sunlight.
2-Avoid from practicing 'yo-yo diet'.
3-Use Virgin Coconut Oil

Using virgin coconut oil as a lotion is an ideal method to keep your skin looks young. It does not only prevent the formation of harmful free radicals, but it also protects your skin  from free radical. In fact it is also capable in sustaining the skin from whitehead and other skin problem due to aging factor and excessive exposure to sunlight.

Virgin coconut oil is capable of strengthening the 'connective' tissue of the skin, it could help the skin from slack and wrinkle. It contains certain elements that are able to restore damaged skin or preventing the skin from contracting a disease.
Virgin coconut oil not only give temporary relief to the skin, but it also helps to restore and improve the skin performance, and that cannot be done by any other types of lotion. It functions to keep the youthfulness of your skin by removing the external dead skin cells. Virgin coconut oil will penetrate deep into the under layer skin and will reinforce the tissue. Finally, your skin will be softer and healthier.

If you want the maximum restorative effect, you must choose the oil that is pure and high quality, free from chemical substances, no bleaching and non hydrogenated. All these are available in virgin coconut oil.

4-Rest your face muscles
5-Take plenty of Omega-3.
6-Avoid smoking.



Hj.Ishak Basiran
(Mechanical Engineer)

M.Director Desaku Maju Marketing, Desaku Trading, Mudah Niaga &  Teknologi Desa Hijau Sdn Bhd.

Dr.AH.Bambang Setiaji, MSc     
(Expert Virgin Coconut oil Nusantara)

Lecturer Fakulti Kimia Matematik dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam Universiti Gadjah Mada Indonesia



Drink Virgin Coconut Oil @ Black Seed Oil @ Honey daily - What will you get?

Relieve breathing dilute phlegm and cleanse the respiratory tract and throat.

Ease defecation and urination overcome constipation & uncomfortable urination and remove toxin through excrement.

Increase the metabolism rate on the whole body cells Virgin coconut oil will be diffused on as the energy component inside the body your body will consider stronger.

 It could destroy the harmful organism like viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoan (worm) in ileum and colon. Thus, the digestion system will work more effectively.

Reduce hunger when the digestion system works effectively, the body will gain more nutrition and energy. 

Therefore the body weight is controlled don't need to eat much and often.

Reduce fat in body the body weight decreases to suit the person's body.

Not easily infected by diseases with the strengthening of the immunity system.

Reduce the stickiness of blood platelet the stickiness of the platelet would contribute the factor of plaque formation in the blood vessel.

Reduce the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure avoid the formation of plaque in the blood vessel especially the blood vessel to the heart.

Speeds up the process of repairing the damaged cells restore the  flexibility, tenderness and fairness of skin.

Reduce the cholesterol level it does not contain cholesterol. Therefore it is the best alternative it to other oils that have  high high cholesterol level.


Control diabetes - the pancreas is more efficient to secrete insulin while the cell work more efficiently to diffuse the needed sugar.


Overcome degenerative disease and old age problem - the natural anti oxidant in virgin coconut oil is the free radical formation obstructer.


Does not increase the stickiness level of platelet in the blood overcome plaque formation in the vessel which is the factor of heart attack.


The body is more resistant to diseases because VCO has  anti virus, anti bacteria, anti fungus and anti protozoan agents. 


Restore the flexibility, softness of skin it speeds up the process of building new cells, besides protecting it from ultra violet radiation.


Stimulate new hair growth and anti dandruff the hair cell will gain adequate energy and nutrients for maximum growth.


Prevent allergy virgin coconut oil acts as an anti histamine agent.


Prevent the risk of cancer disease virgin coconut oil destroys the presence of any pathogen. Therefore leucocytes can act  maximally destroy the cancer cells, because the leucocytes is not capable of attacking the pathogen organisms.


Overcome snoring because the respiratory tract and uvula will be flexible and elastic due to the existence of new cells.


As a Source of Food, Energy and Health



   Does not burden the pancreas

   Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA easily digested)

   Digested by only the saliva enzyme and in stomach (very good for those who have digestive disorder, metabolic problem, premature infant that the body system is  under growth.

Transmitted to the liver producing  maximum energy.

   Produce instant energy. It can pass through the membrane cell of mitochondria without the enzyme.

   Cells become efficient.

   Act to prevent the formation of free radical.

The poisonous trans fatty acid that destroy the body system is not produced.

   No cholesterol.

   Contain about 45-55 % of lauric acid.

  Have antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal, anti protozoan properties.

   On skin, it acts as the additional shield against the dangerous ultra violet (UV) radiation (longer skin's youthfulness) and prevent from the bacterial infection (prevent skin disease infection) besides speeding up the formation of new cells (flexibility and softness of skin is more obvious.

   Acts as anti cancer and anti histamine (prevent allergy).

  Increase metabolism. (Cells have more  energy, makethem more efficient).

    Improve endurance.

   Improve the digestive system. (will not easily get hungry, no need to eat much and the body weight is controlled naturally).

   Improve the digestion of vitamins and  minerals (good for old folks).




   Burdening to the pancreas.

   Long Chain Fatty Acid ( only certain LCFA  can be   digested)

   Need pancreatic enzyme and various  enzymes to be broken down into small units.

   It needs specific enzyme to enable it to  permeate mitochondria membrane cell - thus it generates energy slower than Virgin Coconut Oil.

   Cells not efficient.

   Free radical is easily formed.

   It is being processed through  deodorization, bleaching, dehydrogenation, which in the process, produces trans fatty acid that is known to be harmful to the human body.            

   Contain cholesterol.

   Almost no beneficial acid.




As explain earlier, coconut oil does not increase the blood cholesterol level or triglyceride level or excessive blood clot. It even stimulate the metabolism, thereby lowering the cholesterol level. Research result from 1970 to 1980 showed that coconut oil is good for the heart although at that time the unsaturated fat is blamed for increasing the risk of myocardial infarction. It is proven that taking coconut oil greatly influence towards the decline in the risk of myocardial infarction compared with other edible oil. Coconut oil can also reduce the accumulation of body fat, increasing lifespan, lessen blood clot formation, reduce free radicals in the cells, reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and heart, adding antioxidant in the cells and reduce the possibility of acute myocardial infarction of the society. By consuming coconut oil the risk of heart attack can be reduced.

Based on this evidence coconut oil therefore is good for the heart or at least harmless to the heart. However it is a fact that coconut oil is not only harmless but play an important role in fighting against acute myocardial infarction. Because of its extraordinary role, it is expected to become a new weapon in fighting against acute myocardial infarction.



To understand how coconut oil can help prevent acute myocardial infarction, we must possess the basic knowledge of how a heart disease develop. Acute myocardial infarction is caused by the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) that happened as a result of plaque formation. Most people say atherosclerosis is caused by too much cholesterol in the blood. This idea call cholesterol hypothesis or lipid from acute myocardial infarction. Presently this idea still is widely spread in popular media by the Soya bean industries, in fact this theory is already obsolete, with the clinical observation and academic research it had been displaced by the response to injury hypothesis

What causes the formation of plaque and atherosclerosis? Generally it is always thought that the vein hardening is usually associated with cholesterol. However, cholesterol does not only stay freely in the blood vessels but can settle abruptly anywhere in the vessel. Cholesterol is used by the body to patch and heal wounds on the wall of blood vessels. In fact cholesterol is not really required for the formation of plaque in the atherosclerosis. Contrary to popular belief, the key component of blood vessel plaque is not cholesterol but protein especially the network of wounds. Several blood vessels that suffer atherosclerosis contain a small amount of cholesterol or none at all. According to response to injury hypothesis, part of the atherosclerosis develop as a result of wound on the inner wall of the blood vessel. Wound can happen due several reasons such as poisoning, free radicals, virus or bacteria. If the cause of the wound is not removed, it will cause further damage and as long as the complication and inflammation continue, the network will continue developing. Blood coagulant protein called platelets circulate freely in the blood. When it meets the  wound it will become sticky and stick with one another in the damaged network to facilitate remedy. This is how blood clot is form. Wound from whatever source will trigger the platelet to coagulate and the cells in the blood vessel will release element to stimulate the growth of muscle cells in the wall. A complex combination of network wound, platelet, calcium, cholesterol and triglyceride work together to cure the wound. Therefore from the fiber network, it is clear that not only cholesterol that form the basic element in plaque.  Calcium accumulation in plaque caused the hardening of blood vessel and this is the characteristic of atherosclerosis.

Contrary to popular belief, plaque does not only stick to the internal wall along the blood vessel just like mud does in the garden hose. But plaque grow inside the wall of a blood vessel, and it is part of the wall. The wall of a blood vessel is surrounded by a layer of strong muscle fiber coiling around it to prevent the plaque from spreading. Because plaque grow and developed, but it is unable to propagate outwards, it therefore presses inwards and close the vessel passage, narrowing down the bloodstream and restricting the blood flow.

Platelets gather around the wound to form blood clot. It seals the vent of the damage tube. But if the blood is inclined to clot, it will finally obstruct the blood flow. Finally the vessel narrowed down by the plaque will because clog by the blood clot and this in turn will stop the blood flow. If this happen to the coronary vessel it is known as heart attack. If it happened to carotid vessel going to the brain, it will cause stroke. Atherosclerosis cause acute myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular interference.





Generally adult male has risk in attack prostate disruption during his life. Most common prostate disruption is benign prostaic hyperplasia (BHP) or prostate enlargement. Almost 50% old man among 40-59 year and 90% people those aged between 70-80 year stricken phenomenon BHP. The disease distributed when someone ageing. Is known that lifestyle plays a vital role happened this BHP, and it make main problem in western country. Man who lives in developed country who are less advanced where local food production and consumption usually has been undisturbed by this disease. Yet disease actual cause BHP this not yet leak. Theory most popular concentrate to male hormone dihydrostestosterone (DHT) as his cause. Believed that when we ageing greater testerone are transformed into collected DHT in prostate. Affairs this resulted prostate grow, and it pressing urethra, (fund whereby urine flowing) and bladder until cause often urinate and interference urinate, especially at night, this situation often in knit with gland inflammation. Although it is not cancer ailment, but that potential as upholder happen this disease, (cancer).

Medical that reasonable to BHP is by prevent change testerone become DHT. Finasteride is a medicine function by this way and has proven effective. Herb medication popular and are believed get prevent poisonous influence DHT's formation that excess is saw palmetto. This subtropical climate can found in American region South-East. Indian's person indigenous Florida and his early people use berries and this crop as medicine people to cure disruption reproduction, or vessel disease urinate and influenza. To woman are used to mother's milk and defuse menstruation painful.

Present research that saw palmetto berries powerfully effective in lessen disruption BHP. Relatively proscar (BHP's drug that many formulation), saw palmetto more effective in defuse prostate phenomenon. Lot of scrutiny have pointed out that saw palmetto powerfully effective almost 90% to menstrual period among week 4 to week 6 . Instead proscar only effective in defuse his phenomenon less 37% after drug taking  during per years. Convince that saw palmetto had no side effects. Instead proscar may cause impotency, desire decline (libido) sexual and disabled birth. Saw palmetto have solicited his reputation among the physicians alternative health and conventional as a effective medication to BPH. It make a herb has been admitted by conventional medication as secure and effective.

Medication influences saw palmetto can be found especially in tamarind berry. Attract to be observed that saw palmetto make cluster palm and berries and it make among coconut species. Obtain many fat tamarind to saw palmetto berries make similar MCFA with MCFA in coconut. Dr Jon Kabara, biochemist fat (lipid), declared that fat tamarind saw palmetto barriers cope pursue formation DHT hormone. Then be also with fat tamarind to coconut oil. A conclusion is necessarily equal coconut oil effective it even more effective in preventing and cure BPH like extract saw palmetto.



Among a number of modern society diseases is diabetes. This disease has increased less from a century ago to the  need serious attention. Now, diabetes becomes the sixth-largest killer in America. Diabetes does not just cause death but can cause other disease such as kidney pain, acute myocardial infarction, high-blood-pressure, stroke, cataract, nerve damage, hearing loss and blindness. Calculated 45% of people are risky to have this disease (diabetes).

Diabetes is a disease that is related with the level of sugar in our body, or called as blood sugar or blood glucose. Every cell in our body need glucose to spur metabolic. Cells use glucose to strengthen growth process and recovery. When people eat food, digestive system change a lot of food into glucose then free in bloodstream. Hormone insulin, issued by gland pancreas, arrange glucose from the blood to be channeled into the cell until operational as fuel. If cell not get glucose total that sufficient cell will become 'hunger' and finally will die. To this moment, network and organs of the body will suffer damage. That is really happened to the diabetes patient.

There are two types of diabetes, namely diabetes type I and diabetes type II. Diabetes type I sometimes considered as diabetes youth, namely diabetes which had been dependent insulin. This type of diabetes is ordinary originated during child and it is because pancreas unable to issue the total insulin needed by body. While diabetes type II also known as diabetes that is not rely to insulin. This kind of diabetes will occurred on adult and it happen because cell unable to absorb the normal rate of insulin that issued by pancreas. In these circumstances insulin may regard as a key door. Insulin with role as key, open mango key (enter into the cell) and then open the gate to facilitate glucose enter. If his mango's key make from material that are not quality and it damage, key is no longer function, door will not be able to open. This happens to sufferer diabetes type II. Insulin available cannot longer open the gate because his mango's key damaged. To both type diabetes this glucose level in the blood increase whereas his cell malfunction.

Diabetes type I, pancreas is not able to produce insulin rate that adequate to deliver glucose ply to all cells inside body. The treatment is with make insulin injection once or more a day with sugar low nutrition table that the tight. Was reported that around 90% sufferer diabetes have been from type II and 85% from it caused by obesity. This both type diabetes, diet very important whether to patient that stay to the moment disease start though in his handling. While type of food eaten also really influence patient either it enhance or protect

A interesting facts, persons that stay in the archipelago Pacific who practice traditional diet never reportedly catch diabetes ill. Yet when them leave his natural food and replace him with westernized food, all manner type of disease come, and in about is diabetes. For example what that happened in Nautu Island people in South-pacific. During their centuries just rely to food based upon on banana, tuber and coconut.

Yet after being found in their earth phosphate patching his revenue bring to prosperity and their changing lifestyles, majority of the population replace banana, tuber and coconut with food from fine powder, sugar and vegetable oil that while his process already experienced many modify. Consequently emerge disease have never seem before it like diabetes and others. Reportedly World Health Organization (WHO), almost half Nautu's Island  urban population that age 30-64 years get diabetes disease.

Doctors have successfully helped patients to operate diabetes with organize patient practice low-fat diet, high carbohydrate. Through diet they get limit fat intake until 30% calorie. Complex carbohydrates as perfect grain and vegetables comprise from 50% to 60% calorie. Medium carbohydrate as fine powder and sugar should avoid. This is because carbohydrate pay tension that not duly to pancreas and this will increase in blood sugar to level that jeopardizes. Reason to fat reduction and also sweet food are gaining body weight reduction. This is because body weight problem is main cause diabetes. In addition other reason to low-fat diet is reduce the acute myocardial infarction risk that general effect from diabetes illness.

Lastly, researchers have shown that flute vegetable oil excessive recruitment would cause diabetes. This matter was strengthen with a study on animal, as the result, it could raise the diabetes with only feeding fat content poly unsaturated fat that substantial. Then with only limiting the fat intake, that animals  has undergone remedial from his disease (diabetes). In a conclusion powerfully effective low-fat diet in the handling diabetes.

Latest suggestion is lessen or limit all fats. Unsaturated mono fat as olive oil, subtly influence diabetes, then approved use at reasonable rates. Yet because all fats including high olive oil caloric content, then his recruitment not are encouraged. However seem unsaturated poly oil classified oil as problem occur. This scrutiny shows that when unsaturated poly fat from diet enclose in cellular arrangement, cell ability to get disturbed glucose. In other words 'mango key' to cell open the gate supply glucose to be entered aggravate his state when too much unsaturated poly oil  in take in food. Then insulin not afford open the gate. Unsaturated poly fat oxidizable easily and destroyed by free radicals. With all type of fat, including unsaturated poly oil, used as obstacle hedge supply membrane cell. Unsaturated poly fat oxidizable in membrane cell can influence by detrimental his cellular function, including his ability in permit hormone, glucose and other substance to flow into and outwards his cell. Then thereof, diet high to vegetable unsaturated poly oil distillation increase diabetes. Diet low to oil will help dispel his symptom because all fat potential to increase body weight. Then would be excellent to avoiding him.

In this regard still there fat which can be eaten by diabetes sufferer without foreboding. The fat is coconut oil. Coconut oil not cause diabetes and it get help arrange blood sugar, felled at lessen influence diabetes. Nautu's people take many coconut oil during several generations and was never found diabetes, yet when they replace with eating from other oil his result is disaster.

Attractive one item of coconut oil not claim enzyme production insulin from pancreas. With reduction to process inside the body during lunch time, whereas insulin was still being taken out with many, then would facilitate organs of the body function more efficient. Coconut oil also help give energy to cell because it have been absorbed easily without need enzyme or insulin. Coconut oil has proven can improve secretion insulin and blood glucose. Coconut oil to improving food and improve action and insulin  capacity send glucose repeat among cell, when compared with other oil.

In Journal of the Indian Medicine Association reports that diabetes type II in India have increased when person neglect oil traditional, because more selective vegetable unsaturated poly oil that has promoted good for the heart. The authors having commentary on the relationship between unsaturated poly oil with diabetes and organize enhance consumption coconut oil as method to prevent diabetes.

A diabetes consequence are diminished  energy that related with incapacity cell to get glucose that is required. Without glucose to strengthen cellular activity, metabolic becomes slow and all body fell weak.

Athletic were organized as a method to help diabetes sufferer operate in blood sugar. The reason why beneficial athletic is that it enhance metabolic. Faster metabolic amount will stimulate insulin production increase that is required and enhance glucose absorption in cells. Therefore it can help diabetes sufferer type I though diabetes sufferer type II.

Coconut oil can also increase metabolic amount that cause body fire more calories that mean will add body weight reduction. Therefore decrease body weight can do with only increasing coconut oil into the food. MCFA to coconut oil mail directly to heart are transformed into energy instead of inside the body as fat network.

Diabetes sufferer  as good it avoiding consumption all fats, except coconut oil, because it get help stabilize blood glucose rate and help lessen excess body weight. Not extreme if reputedly that coconut oil is as good oil it eaten diabetes sufferer.



Ulcer and Constipation


Some of the ulcers are usually caused by Herpes virus simplex type 2. It will attack when the person's immunity is low such as during fever, cold, diabetes, when menstruating, stress and others, while constipation is caused by lack water, fiber, drug/chemical reaction, incorrect toilet habit, cancer of the intestine, after operation or pregnancy.

Generally by taking Virgin Coconut Oil it will ease the pain, besides reducing inflammation and swelling of the ulcer sufferer. The high content of lauric and capric acid in virgin coconut oil (with antimicrobial characteristics) help to enhance the body's resistance besides acting as an antibiotic in the body. For those suffering from constipation, Virgin Coconut Oil can ease the bowel and help to treat internal wound such as pile.


More about Virgin Coconut Oil ...
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