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Latest, public very worried to drink coffee or related product with stimulation sex. To ensure safety of Bioasli's  consumer  had sent 2 sample test by separate. Sample 1 : sent by the plant manufacturer, sample 2 : take at random by the customer at the office Bioasli then sent to laboratory  that the proposed by Chemical Department to test drug content (scientific). Result from laboratory test shown that no content of chemical or prohibited drug mixture. Therefore, if there any doubt, please contact our side. For reference, we display the show examination results...please click 


Importer visit from Iran

Desaku Trading 14th Of May 2008 Yesterday Semalam Desaku Trading had visit from Manager Ekxport and Import En. Aghil Gharaee from MALOJET IND. SDN. BHD. Company. They come with Managing Director of MALOJET, En. Zainuddin Othman and his son and daughter-in-law. 

His visit's purpose is to discuss about business based on herb and Desaku Bioasli's health product. He said, he very impressed with Desaku Bioasli product because of the quality and also fulfill several aspects that seen to Desaku Bioasli product have potential to be marketed to outside the country. T

Tambahnya lagi, kriteria seperti tand Halal, Pembungkusan yang menarik dan ada ujian makmal membuatkan beliau amat tertarik dan berminat untuk memasarkan produk ini di negaranya malah ke seluruh dunia.

Di akhir perbicangan selama lebih kurang 1 jam bersama En. Ishak Basiran, beliau amat berpuas hati dan berharap rancangan beliau untuk bekerjasama bersama Desaku Bioasli akan tercapai

He add, the criteria as Halal label, the attractive packing and have laboratory test made him very impressed and interested to market the product in his country in fact to the whole world.

At the end discussing during about 1 hour with En. Ishak Basiran, he very satisfied and hope his plan to cooperate all Desaku Bioasli would be achieved



Visit from Yasin group to Desaku Office

Desaku Trading 10th Of May Desaku Trading yesterday had accepted visit from Yasin group, Taman Desa Anggerik, Serendah, Rawang. Visit which involves about 40 people that welcome by Desaku Trading members. With visit for his first time, representative from Yasin group, Puan Hazizah Adwan, so excited and said thanks because willing accept their visit.


Meanwhile, Mr, Ishak Basiran as Managing Director welcome to this group to view this company and seen Produk Bioasli produced. Indirectly it make new strategy supply stockist activate downline. Visit an hour, filled with information about company and product by En. Ishak. To that day for those buy the Bioasli products give discount 5% and each purchase two things would give free product. From the visit, many among of those who served on and there are also those register as stockist. Among of them fell satisfied and if give the opportunity they want visit Desaku Trading again.


MARKETING STRATEGY  - AUDIO VIDEO-download by hand phone

On May 12 - Desaku Trading currently in an effort to prepared a studio mini. This studio mini is nature background was expected ready fully end of next month in May 2008. "This one of the newest marketing strategies and wanted the deviation", En Ishak, Managing Director of Desaku Trading Affair concerning his studio mini .

En. Ishak add, this studio mini will be used to make various short video clip. The video clip concerning latest information the Bioasli product, Method of Payment, Method of Booking, et so that more interesting. This was one method of promoting the product so that the customer receives the clearer announcement and did not bore even he might download to the customer mobile phone.

This studio mini also was open to Bioasli's members in case they wanted to search downline or also as telling how their experience used the Bioasli product. Indirectly, as the newest promotion technique of the Bioasli Product, and this step encouraged his members to make business with more active.

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