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Lately public are getting worried over unprescribed content of Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil particularly in coffee drink or sexual stimulant related products. In this regard Bioasli and manufacturer  purposely had sent 1 sample each to laboratory (proposed by Chemical Department) for analysis. Proudly to announched that our Kopi Kelapa Dara Coffee analysis showed no contamination of the said contaminants. Therefore, to our beloved customers, if there be any doubt, please do not hasitate to contact us, or you could view the analysis result right now...please click 


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En.Ishak (right) had a discustion with Mr. Hiroshi Hasegawa (JICA)

On 25th of August 2008, Bioasli had welcomed a visit from SMIDEC and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The visit was meant to facilitate  a project under Program Pembangunan Sumber Manusia SMIDEC-JICA which will be held at the  Bioasli office from 29th of August, to the 3rd of September 2008. The programe was aimed to provide training to SMIDEC officers involved which in turn would provide Bioasli a Corporate Diagnosis. Welcome To SMIDEC and JICA...may the existing link and cooperation would benefited both parties.

Special Offer!!! Factory Price

Desaku Bioasli is offering factory price for some products, particularly beverage product, syrup, traditional and modern biscuits. The offer price would only be valid for those who did the  purcahse in our warehouse. To all customer who havent make any order......please grasp the oppurtunity. HURRY!!!............Don't miss it...

Bioasli's product improvement...

In line with the huge customers demand on our products, we, Bioasli are now working on the product improvement, inclusively product performance and  design. Currently we are revising Kopi Kelapa Dara outer packaging design and increasing pouch number from 4 to 8 pouches of 10g. With the new looks and appearance, we foresee that  Kopi Kelapa Dara Bioasli's product would be more 'POWER and POUNCH' and are able to penetrate wider market.

English web site

To penetrate global market, Bioasli are now on strive to make it a reality. We had completed English version web by end September 2008. With the emergence of the website, Bioasli aimed to promote membership aggresively, hence ease members to sponsor his or her downline(s), either locally or from abroad. Thus it may further generate luxurious income.

New Products.. Power 3 Lines Lotion &  Kamar Sutera Lotion

Two (2) new products had been launched,  and are expected to received tremendous response in the market. There are Lotion 3 lines and Kamar Sutera Lotion.  Make sure you are amongst the first to experience the amazing effect of the product.... to news archive


Info : 19/05/2008

Download Testimony using Hand phone

Members will now be able to enjoy sophisticated technology facility  whereby you could easily download any favored sophisticated testimony clip video, with just using your mobile phone. This could facilitate your Bioasli product sales effectively.




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