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   1- The greatest of  VCO31
   2- The benefits of  VCO
   3- World model used VCO


  . Energy Less

  . Body sick and joint

  . Sinusitis

  . 20 years Sinusitis

  . Heart Disease
  . Great Husband
  . Special Wife
  . Mammary Gland Breast
  . Rash Case
  . Thyroid on neck
  . Cough
  . Pimple & mark of scar


  1-Power oil VCO31


  1-Suspect of Dengue fever
  2-Womb cancer
    Magazine/News Paper/Internet

. Drink VCO........?

. Metabolism and Energy

. Protection from Disease   

. Virus and bacteria

. Ideal weight

. Mothers milk and MCFA

. Skin and hair

. Enlargement prostate

. Digestive system and substance

. AIDS prevention

. Heart prevention

. Aging Process

. Sinusitis

. Cancer

. Free Radical Wound

. Tiredness Symptom

. Urine Problem

. Diabetes

. Hypertension

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Hypertension Thyroid Lose body weight Skin disease Hemorrhoid Weak & exhausted

Why must drink Virgin Coconut Oil ? - Must read...

  Testimonial 1 : Suspected Dengue Fever  

From     : Mdm Norhayati ( Bukit Sentosa, Rawang ) 


I want to share my new experience to all. Recently, my husband experience severe fever for several weeks. As his condition becomes worse, based on the symptoms that he experienced, such as the body feel chilly, tired and bone pain, I suspect that he infected by dengue,

I remember about Bioasli virgin coconut oil. The benefits that I know; it is anti virus and anti bacteria. Then, I  give the VCOHS to my husband, and he drinks it. Proven that it is effective when my husband is confirmed free from dengue virus after he goes and sees doctor. My husband continue consuming VCOHS and proven that the dengue virus is lost after seeing doctor for the second time. That is the miraculous of our natural treasure, with only indigenous virgin coconut oil, it is able to cure deadly disease..

Thank you...

* You are advised to go and see the doctor for further examination. This product is only the effort of medication.


  Testimonial 2 : Cervical cancer  

From     : Mdm Julaili Osman (Shah Alam)


I am Julaili from Shah Alam…I have used Bioasli virgin coconut oil as one of health product in my family. Proven that the product is very effective. My experience, since my pregnancy of my first child to the third, I have been confirmed by the doctor that I have cervical cancer. Eventhough the doctor said that it will not affects me and my fetus, I still worry. During my third pregnancy, I was introduced by Mrs Norhayati, with Bioasli virgin  coconut oil plus black seed oil (VCOHS). Praise to God, after about 2 weeks I consume the product, how surprise I am when doctor says that my cervical tumor had lost. Thanks to Mdm Norhayati for recommending me this amazing bioasli product...

  Testimonial 3 : Itchy and peel off  

From      : Puan Norhayati (Bukit Sentosa, Rawang)


I have consumed bioasli product in my family life since it starts to be introduced. I really believe the greatness of this product until I become one of the active stockiests in bio-asli.com. Many positive experiences that I got from the usage of this product; my child skin is undeniably sensitive and allergic to chemical substances. My child is only 7 years old. His skin is sensitive until when affected only to water colour, his skin will be irritated and becomes red. His skin is also often peel off and dry.

Then, I try to consume Bioasli product, and apply this oil on my face and other problem parts of my body daily after taking bath.

After several weeks I apply this virgin coconut oil plus habbatus sauda on my child body, his dry and sensitive skin has turned fair and always moist. Now, his skin is no longer itchy and peel off…




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