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Want uneven nails, shiny, not dry and pretty?

Everyday, without us realizing our nails may be have some damage caused to several factors such as :-

Corrosive chemicals in cleaning products.  
Daily activities such as washing, gardening and other.  
Irregular nutrients condition such as calcium, protein, Vitamin A, B, C, D or E in daily diet.  
Nails biting.  
Nails polish and cleaner.  
Dehydration, irregular/inadequate daily water.  

Argan Oil is very good for your nails because :-

Argan Oil naturally rich in

Fatty Acid (Omega 3,6 & 9)  
Vitamin E  

Will result a new healthy nails :-

Fresh shine  
Beautiful and radiant  

Methods of treating the beautiful and healthy nails with Argan Oil :-

1. Argan Oil
2. 1/2 lemon seed
3. Buffer @ nails polish
4. Spoon
5. Bowl
6. Small towel
First Step:-2 times per week
- Use tissue/cloth to clean up your nails.
- Use polish remover if you use the nails polish.
- Wipe your nails until dry with a small towel provided.
Second Step:-
- Take nails file and apply in front of each your nails.
- To get the maximum result, tight-fisted in one direction only.
- Equally parsimonious all your nails to look uniform and neat.
Third Step:-
- Use buffer to polish your nails.
- Polished surface of your nails until flat and smooth from any dirt or stains.
- Polished all your nails evenly.
- Wipe your nails with a towel until clean.
Forth Step:-
- Drop or pour Argan Oil about 20 drops / 2 tablespoon.
- Enter into a bowl.
Fifth Step:-
- Squeeze 1/2 pieces of lemon and take the juice.
- Mix together with Argan Oil in a bowl.
- Mix well using a mixer or a spoon.
Sixth Step:-
- After Argan Oil and Lemon been mixture, put your finger in the bowl.
- Soak your nails for 15 minutes.
- You can perform these activities while watching television or listening to music.
Seventh Step:-
- After 15 minutes, remove your finger from the bowl.
- Use towel, push the cuticles (the white nails) to ensure Argan Oil been absorbed. You also can use your fingers.
- Repeat this step until Argan Oil absorbed into parts of your nails.
Eighth Step:- every day
- Use a few drops of Argan Oil into palm of your hand.
- Grime on your nails and massage gently until oil overall absorbed.
- Repeat this step all over your nails every day.
- You'll get healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

How To Know The Healthy Nails ?

Nails is a very important body. Without us realizing it, we have used nails in a day of work, such as controlling a computer mouse, Facebook Comment or SMS. There are so many nails service in our daily lives. Hence, care and maintain a healthy nails is very important so that we can continue to use it. But do you know how to make sure the nails healthy and strong? Let us see these signs :-


The Right Colour

The correct colour for healthy nails is pink. This pink can be seen start from the cuticles down to the section where the nails separate from the skin. If you find that there are yellowish or whitish colour on your nails, you should immediately be checked with the doctor. The yellow colour is a sign of breathing problems and white colour symptoms of psoriasis.


The Correct Size

The size of your fingernail side of the boundary determined by the nails. The edge of your nails must end where time is on your finger. If it is beyond your finger, you may experience a painful foot problems. Please note your nails.


The Correct Moisture

Nails should be strong and hard, but they still need to wet and dry. By ensuring your nails and hand wet, can help nails do their work properly. In addition, to function properly, humidifiers also make nails beautiful. A good moisturizer nails is Argan Oil. The oil coming from the Southern Morocco, Argan Oil will help you ensure the nails, fingers and hand wet. Rich in vitamin and mineral, anti-oxidant and essential fatty acids - Argan Oil absorbed into the nail of a person to give strength and nutrients. Argan Oil will also help make the nails get better colour, grow faster and keep healthy.


The Correct Texture

Healthy nails are slick. If you find your nails structure not uniform, stripes and curve, it may be the cuticle due to injury, unbalanced diet, blood circulation not smooth, or uncontrolled diabetes. Look into your nails carefully and possible reasons for the lines and dimples on your nails. Make sure the nails are protected and healthy to get the right texture.

After the nails have become stronger, grow properly, with correct colour, size, texture and moisture will help your nails properly perform their functions. By always ensuring that the conditions above in care, your nails will always be healthy, fresh and beautiful.


The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as alternative to medical advice or other professional healthcare provider. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of herbal practitioner and our community.  If you may be suffering from any medical condition, or experiencing symptoms or health problems, you should seek immediate medical attention consult  your qualified health care professional. Never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.

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