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Beginning on 1/6/2006
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 Knowing your stockiest   

Name                              : Leman bin Kadir

Age                           : 40s

Wife                          : Nor Hafsah bt. Ishak

Children                     : 7

Contact No.               : 013-3656580

From                         : Selangor

Hobby                       : Watching tv / car modified

Job                           : Business

Purpose be a stockiest : Interested because product catches on   

Hope / ambition           : Successfully in business    

Address                     : No.12 Jalan 7, Taman Sri Perepat, Kapar, 42200 Klang, Selangor    Darul Ehsan

Date of registration      : 8 April 2008

Leman b. Kadir. Selangor's child have an own car workshop in district of Kapar, and of course active in business. Has a wife and 7 children . When asked how know Bio-asli, he explained, En. Kordi Bandar Baru Bangi's stockiest have tell on the effectiveness of Bio-asli's products and it it very pleased to sold because its price very cheap and use sophisticated technology internet. More interesting about this business its have been carried out easily and transparent, where each member can check their business account directly on the internet with other facility and its free.

Imagine with RM500 as my capital I already eligible to be the stockiest, get 5% commission with stockiest websites (free) I sell the stock by myself. It's really easy. More amazing within one week I has made big selling and many those friends use the products of Bio-asli bring their friends to register as a member (free) and consume this product.

If you like to share this success with me, please do not shy to contact 013-365 6580. I will help you. With determined efforts you also will be successful.

Note : Following are testimony from my customer...(please click)  

 " My suggestion, try a set product of happy couple...you and your partner definitely more happy and extraordinary...." More information contact me :013-365 6580   "


Name                        : Hj. Mohd Kordi B. Sohod

Age                          : 50s

Wife                         : Nooraini

Children                    : 2 ( Adilah & Azlan )

Contact No.               : 0193304186

Hobby                       : Business

From                         : Sepintas, Sabak Bernam

Job                           : Business

Purpose be a stockiest : For the first time just to try out this product then interested because this product catches on       

Hope / ambition           : Successfully in business        

Address                     : No. 4 Jalan 3/4E Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Date of registration      : 7 April 2008

Born in Sepintas, Sabak Bernam, Haji Mohd Don Kordi stay with his family in Bandar Baru Bangi. He has 2 children with beloved wife, proven still smart and happy. Who think he is a successful businessman. With his deep interest in the business field, he does not suspect his effort in internet-based business this proven not in vain.

He said although new register as member, many his friends intrigued with the system those offered by this company. Apart from it easy, quick, the product also very effective. He said no other company can deliver the product for free, easy marketing system and profitable. In one month he already have more 20 people down line. In fact already the collect commission.

 "Although if not having internet service, only call the company to register the down line".. All my friends easy to deal with me and unnecessary think about the commission problem, only think how to find down line that's all....

Wish together with me find an additional income? Unnecessary worried, unnecessary shy. Call me at 019-3304186. Sure you perceive this business is enjoyable and profitable..


With this hereby, the company have rights to determine any resolution or any changes about everything and in what condition in this system, whether it related to a marketing plan system, grant commission system, commission percentage rate, amount of product, price, content, size and form product offering , any form, total and present value which will be given, and determine the membership status based on company rule ready to be informed by every member, without get prior approval from any parties. However company adheres in principle permittivity, justice, fairness and wisdom in ascertaining all matter above   

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