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  Product : Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion & Soap   


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  New Product:

Virgin Coconut Oil Natural Soap



 80 mg




Virgin Coconut Oil, Natrium Hydroxside, Natrium Carbonate, Natrium Chloride,

 Glyserin , Perfume, Stearic Acid, Butyl Hidroxy Toluen



 Use Virgin coconut Oil Natural Soap during a bath



Today most of the soap in the market technically is not a soap but a detergents. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are the basic  substances for detergent and will be act as surfactant ( surface active agent) or as a cleaning agents. Due to these, all the fatty chemicals which are needed to  protect the skin are being washed away which causes skin to dries up and irritation may occur. Commercial soap commonly contains chemicals , including synthetic chemical and petrochemical which sometimes become harmful to our skin.



Formulated from all natural and organic ingredients enriched with virgin coconut oil. Suitable for skin tenderness, rejuvenation and regain youthful appearance. The functions of each ingredients are as listed below:

Stearic Acid
It is important to form the soap shape and stabilized the foam

NaOH (Natrium Hydroxide) Natrium Hydroxide

Known as caustic soda, important element for making a soap. Used to neutralize ph-value regulator.


It is a by-product of hydrolysis of oil and water which form a fatty acids. Glycerin acts as humectants or moisturizer for the skin.It is also an emollient, which means that is soothes and smoothes dry, chapped skin. Those with sensitive or easily irritated skin often prefer glycerin soap because it prevents dryness.



          Virgin Coconut Oil Natural Soap is formulated from natural and organic ingredients enriched with Vitamin A  and E. Virgin coconut oil, reported to be effective as a natural anti aging, anti wrinkle, promote skin rejuvenation and regain youthful appearance, besides  it acts as anti bacterial, antiviral and anti protozoal.  It also avoid skin disease infection that functions as antibody.


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