Herbal Tea Mas Cotek Plus Stevia

Herbal Tea Mas Cotek Plus Stevia
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Herbal Tea Mas Cotek Plus Stevia

Mas cotek or its scientific name,Ficus deltoidea ” from family "moraceae" is a  large shrub or small tree with aerial roots often begins its life as an epiphyte but is not a banyan. It grows only 20 feet or so in height and is more often found as a shrub than a tree, even in nature. Indeed, it is usually seen as a large cascading epiphytic shrub on large trees, thus one of the common names of mistletoe fig. It is a spreading and somewhat sprawling shrub with slender zigzagging branches. The bark is gray and what trunk there is slender and usually leaning. The leaf shape is probably the most variable in the whole genus and ranges from elliptical or lanceolate to obovate or spatula, the two latter shapes being more common than the two former. Only the spatula-shaped leaf form is regularly sold and cultivated. The 3-inch-long leaves are dark green thick and leathery, almost succulent, and the ends of the spatula-shaped leaves are usually provided with a shallow notch. The plant loves warmth and humidity, and produces picturesque aerial roots under such conditions. Mas Cotek has male and female species with various shapes of leaves according to its habitat.Besides Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) and Kacip fatimah(Labisia pumila),mas cotek is known for it is capable to treat various types of diseases and good for health.Besides mixing the male and female species,the stem,fruit which are dried also efective in medication of diseases.

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