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User's Testimonial


Your Wife Complaint Settlement...


Early marriage was so happy until 4 years, after that my marriage with number 3 wife, 24-year-old began to shake. It was due to my internal health problems, after all I was now 52 years old, while my wife of 24 years. I was so depressed and very worried. After hear advice from a friend, they suggested that I try Lotion BRO & Coffee Nanduk Arabica. Wow! unexpectedly, is a very remarkable. Now me and my wife happy again. Rahim (actor).


Information: Do you know that BRO Lotion is really helpful for husband who has the problem in premature ejaculation. Praise to Allah for giving us the inspiration to produce the great formula in BRO Lotion. This product is also one of the best selling products in internet all over the world until now.

Note: All of the testimonies are based on the real experience of users. Their name, address, and phone number are not shown for personal reason.
You are very welcome to submit a testimonial of your experience after using the Bioasli product's, selected testimony will be aired in public testimony and the company will give a free gift of selected products. We will also keep all of your background if requested.
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Member's ID : http://www.bio-asli.com/bioasli/bioasli.asp?id=MIBHMARKETING

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The wonderful journey making love by Losyen BRO- from UAE ( United Arab Emirate )

Email from UAE - Hello I had used Lotion BRO. What I can said is that, can not find anything better than that ! Really need your favor. Thank very much for it...



I never experience as great as this for 7 years of our marriage. When my husband use BRO Lotion, wow, it's so great!

Email from a local University Lecturer. "Let me tell you the truth for our goodness. Don't be hypocrite then you will be in trouble, your marriage will be broken. As a human, it's so heaven when we get the maximum satisfaction. I have been married with my husband for 7 years, our marriage is blissful and happy. He completes my life. When I buy Brutal Lotion for him, and he use it, wow, it's really great! I've never thought that my husband will give me an "EXTREME" journey, and I realize it. ...I can't say it in words, It's so heaven...So that, I suggest to husbands, don't be ego it's compulsory for all of you to keep it one to give an "EXTREME" for your beloved wife. My colleagues are also bought this lotion for their husband, and they say "thank you" to me....Wassalam...




A stockiest from Meru tell us his chatting with his friend, Mal. Stockiest: Mal, I've good products...They're powerful, you must try them, your wife will be happy if you use these! Mal: I've try so many products, they are liars.  Stockiest: I suggest you to take this BRO Lotion and apply it after 'Isyak, after that, you pour a packet of coffee nanduk arabica with water. Drink it half and the other half for your wife. Then, you sleep with your wife. If ok, you can buy these products tomorrow! Mal: Ok, I agree with you.

On the next day, he met me with other 5 friends. They bought 5 bottle of BRO lotion and 5 boxes of Coffee Nanduk Arabica. Mal:  You're right, they're powerful. They make me wonder. I've been married with my wife for 15 years, I've never get as special as this. My wife is also serves me a special breakfast, before this, I just have my breakfast at coffee stall. May be she protests me before this. This time is really like we just married. ha ha ha!...(all of us laugh)




Date: 22 February 2008


I'm Hairul from Kuala Lumpur want to share with you my experience using BRO Lotion. Alhamdulillah, it's almost 1 year I use this lotion. It really wondering me.

Now I can perform better after using BRO Lotion. Now there are a lots of my friends who just married use this lotion. Every couple must have this product at least 1 bottle, it is because sexual relationship is also important in a marriage.

Thanks a lot Bio-asli.




This case was told by a stockiest from Kuala Lumpur. It is about his customer asking him about BRO Lotion and Coffee Nanduk Arabica. He told that his wife  isn't satisfied with their relationship, his early ejaculation makes her wife not satisfied. His wife always said, "you are selfish, it's unfair. Do something or divorce me."  Then, the stockiest ask him to use BRO Lotion and Coffee Nanduk Arabica. After 2 weeks, the man call him and say thanks. Now he can makes his wife happy and he is also happy. Alhamdulillah and thank you to Bioasli.





" We have been married for 25 years. We are happy although weare already old. As the other seniors couple, we're also have problem in our relationship.  We have try so many methods to solve our problem, but they're helpless. Then, we use Virgin Coconut Oil  and Extra Lotion Oil 31 (for men). As a result, it's really helpful and now we are 'youngsters'.



Yeop gagah, Perak

I'm the new user of BRO Lotion. At the first time, I'm not confident, because I don't fell anything. However, When it's 'on', then I realize the result. Since that time, I always feel confident and stronger. If you want to know, use it.  



Coffee Nanduk Arabica, once tried, will be happy....

I was suffering from fatigue and lack of energy. After drink coffee nanduk arabica, many improvement in my health lately. My emotion more better and stable, my fitness and confidence also improved. More encouraging, desire to be with wife improve and my wife love me more than before. Lotion BRO also help me in my intimate relationship cause its proven effectiveness!!!...



Email from Singapore to Bioasli staff (shuk_bio@yahoo.com)......

For the sake of love and affection to my wife, to ensure harmony prevailed, I did not hesitate to ask questions and find a cure to the problem is not only faced by me alone but many people out there. As a result of asking and searching on the internet, I know Bioasli products and try it. After using BRO and Nanduk Arabica coffee drink, I get very satisfactory result and feel like young again. Now me and my wife more happy. Thank God. We love Bioasli products.



Recording testimony at the ceremony in Johor....

Brutal, release by Bioasli, very powerful for men out there. You wish every night as a first night? Immediately get this exclusive BRO. I've enjoyed it, now its your turn to tried. Just imagine every night is beautiful, definitely your wife would ever love. This opportunity will not come again and again. Only once and never come back .......



Recording testimony from Bioasli stockist in the northern Malaysia......

Once, my wife often complains...
But now with BRO...
I like a warrior...
Wake up in the morning, she always smile...



Testimony live chat member's ID : koreklobang with Bioasli staff..

"I already try Extra Lotion Oil 31 and drink coffee nanduk arabica. Its very great. Wake up in the morning.. XXX very strong like wood and also big.. thanks to your products."..........



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