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 What is good and advantage of Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Health ?    

Why drink Virgin Coconut Oil? (Must read) Sinus & Alergy
Advantages of VCO Crack to heel feet  
Remedial Experience    Accidents wound, wound and sore
Metabolism and Energy Dandruff and hair fall
Protection from disease Dump excess fat- Obesity  
Substance digestion and absorption  Prostate Enlargement 
Mother during pregnancy  Ulcer and constipated  
Mother and baby -milk Acute myocardial infarction deterrent   
Mother's milk & MCFA High blood 
Your baby Diabetes
Scar on skin (give birth) Chronic Tiredness & Asthma
Ageless Cancer
Skin elasticity AIDS Treatment
Protect and treat skin Others Research


Metabolism and Energy

When a person ever experienced serious or too serious car accident until should sent rushed to hospital and need to undergo treatment in emergency room, or seize disease that threaten his / her life, or say in connection with with age diopname to cure degenerative a disruption. In the situation that life or dead greatly dependent to treatment accept in the hospital. Often should depend through artery or through fund. At  emergency unit maybe there was other patient, who suffer complication because race illnesses like cystic fibrosis or epilepsy and premature baby fight for his / her first weeks life. Many patient get belief to recover by using virgin coconut oil. Yes, in one form, virgin coconut oil become part of his / her remedy.

Neglected it's content, remedial need a good nutrition. Many nutrition member see the usefulness nutrition of MCFA for a long time. Virgin coconut oil was an alternative, use in the hospital as mixture of milk to feed to the baby, or as lactation dilution those included to the body patient through infus or through fund those included through throat. In case of emergency when commercial dilution not found, doctor in the district tropical climate will use coconut milk. Often considered as “ coconut milk “ water fresh coconut free from bacteria and have salt mineral, sugar and tamarind chain fatty on (MCFA) able to give substance to a patient incapable of taking or digest common food. Coconut water reported already save the life hundreds of serious ill people and who are hurt. In among greatest benefit is fight dehydration and electrolyte depletion to troops hurt. During II World War Japanese use water coconut as solution in state of emergency.

Issue may rise why they why use it? This is because MCFA in coconut milk will be digested easily, absorbed and used only to provide substance in the body. This is important to a patient who use each balance source of strength to tackle ill or serious wound. Not surprise why MCFA added in formula baby. In fact drink breast milk water or given eat formula as baby is mean MCFA consumption. This is because MCFA not only found on coconut oil also is component breast milk water and important, MCFA considered as essential substance for baby and also for people who are seize digestive disorder as cystic fibrostic. One of the MCFA's benefit know academically for the first time is it's unique feature easily digested and used by the body. This fat pay nutrition benefit that can improve good overall well-being for sick people nor healthy people, young or old. Even many of athlete use  it to improve the appearance and operate of heavy body. At this moment only some food contains MCFA. Need to be known that best resource is coconut. Added virgin coconut oil to food actually  one way to improve well-being.

Protection from disease

One of the mother's milk feature is ability to protect his baby from contagious disease during baby body immunity system not yet perfect and not yet able to defend his person immaculately. Substance antimicrobial in milk protect child from bacteria and parasite is MCFA which occur in triglyceride or fat molecule in milk. For adult, disease will can be fought with immunity system healthy body. With the meaning another disease will difficult to develop. While for baby not protected by enough MCFA in milk that he / she drink, then there will susceptible towards infection and might earn critical risky transmission disease.

When mother whose suckle been infected by those disease, her child were also hit by the disease. Mother whose infected by virus can  spread infection to his baby through lactation. Lactation not organized when mother infected virus dangerous like AIDS. Researcher suggest that the mother include acid resource laureate, as coconut oil, in food will get risk lower to spread disease for baby she milked. Added coconut to food would be beneficial because it will pay acid addition laureate and acid caprate to mother's milk, felled at lessen virus contagion risk. To the mother infected by HIV usually not recommended to sulk their baby because worried that the virus may be spread. In fact to some woman at several country there's no choice because economic factor which did not allow them. Lactation would be the one of their choice. They are suggested to increase coconut and coconut oil product into their food. Adding this products to mother food  is the only way for a women to not spread AIDS virus to her child.

Recommended that the mother infected by HIV while nursing his child used 24-28 grams / acid day laurate and 3–4 grams / acid day caprate to prevent the virus spread. This is because coconut oil contained almost 48 % acid laurate and 7 % acid caprate. This condition only would be achieved if mother used 50-55 grams coconut oil daily. Then take 3.5 ladle coconut oil daily will be enough.

Other viral infection as virus infection cause smallpox water, herpes, mononucleosis and other also is a threaten to the baby whose are suckle. Pregnant women and mother suckle can help protect her child by eating a lot coconut oil or coconut product contain coconut oil, like coconut milk.

Mother or mother in future even want healthy baby and growth perfectly will consider this oil added to her food. This not only will ensure good health for her child but also beneficial to herself.

MCFA is substance material and vital protector vital found on breast milk. MCFA very effective to kill AIDS virus, it also very good to provide substance to the premature baby to grow healthy. To the moment human have grown up and old, body would start downward his condition. At the moment that way MCFA able to give substance beside the protection, either for contagious disease nor degenerative disease, same as those happen for baby  which pay substance and protect the baby, although the baby will not having degenerative process. As a conclusion, coconut oil give much benefit to them whose extremely young and extremely old.  

Substance digestion and absorption  

Over 50 year researchers has identified that digested MCFA is different from other fat. This difference have important application for remedial of digestive disorder and metabolic and since that MCFA used routinely in the hospital and in infant formula.

Well-being benefit digestion of medium chain fatty (MCFA) or long-chain fatty acid (LCFA) is contact with variations of body system to metabolize this fat. Because of smaller molecules, it only need fewer and smaller energy enzyme to split it for digestion, then being dissolved and absorbed quickly with a minimum energy.

MCFA broke directly by the enzyme in the water spit and toss acid until enzyme digested pancreatic fat will not much struggle. Then process  happened at pancreas and digestion system are more less. This situation have important influence to patient with a digestive and metabolic disorder. Premature infant or baby ill especially less developed on organ digestion, would be able absorb MCFA with sufficiently, rather than other fat which will through the system without much can be digested. Therefore people who are seize digestive disorder as cystic fibrosis will discover difficulty on digest or absorb fat and vitamin which can be soluble in fat, unlike having MCFA. MCFA also important for people who are seize diabetes, obesity, ill bladder, pancreatic, Crohn disease, inadequacy pancreatic and several form of cancer.

To the moment pass over old age body will not functioning so good unlike at young age. Pancreas is no longer produce many digestive enzyme, bowel not absorb substance material nicely. All digestion process ebb until it's lower in efficiency. Consequently, old people often suffer vitamin deficiency and mineral have to add MCFA in their in food because MCFA have been digested easily and improve digestion vitamin and mineral. This easy to do if their food made with from virgin coconut oil.

Unlike other fatty acid, MCFA absorbed directly from the intestines into tube back portal and goes directly to the heart where a large part will be burn as fuel as carbohydrate. In this matter MCFA more easy burnt as carbohydrate rather than other fat.

Other fat need pancreatic enzyme to split it into smaller units. It will be absorbed into intestinal wall and in fat package (lipid) and those proteins named lipopotenis. Lipoprotein these brought by the lymphatic system , then circulated to the whole body. To the moment it move in the blood, fat component will be divided into whole body network. Lipoprotein becomes small and increasingly small, until few remain. When it takes by the liver, it will be break and used to make energy if required, am being shuffled into other lipoprotein and return back into the blood stream to send it to the whole body. Cholesterol, saturated fat, non monosaturated fat and non saturated poly fat all it jointly arranged in lipoprotein, enter in the heart and are transformed into energy until it never keep as body fat.

In every cell have a organ whose name mitochondria. Energy that is required by the cell to carry out it's function role by mitochondria. Mitochondria divide in two membrane cell which need specific enzyme to carry substance material to get through over it. MCFA is unique where it easily can penetrate second mitochondria membrane without need enzyme and will give quick energy and efficient to cell. Longer fatty acid chain need specific enzyme to pull it through two cell membrane. It's process of energy production is more slower, furthermore it need enzyme to do it.

Because of it's benefit, virgin coconut oil are considered to be life salvage to a lot of people, especially to the baby and old people. As remedy it used in specific food preparation to people who been seized pollution disruption and get difficulty on digest a fat. As a same reason, it can also be used in infant formula to cure undernourishment because it can absorbed quickly without place digested level easily and used only to provide body nutrition. 

Eating the food which contains MCFA is like use high fuel octant for a car. The car will accelerates faster and get more kilometer distance / gas better. That's how it happened, with MCFA body work more because had more energy and more big body's immunity, because MCFA channeled directly to the heart and are transformed into energy, body will get energy addition. Because MCFA easily adsorbed by energy producer cell organ, metabolic increase by itself. Finally this energy increase will predominate stimulation on the whole body.

Fact that MCFA digested directly to generate energy and stimulate metabolic have been intriguing many athlete to utilize it as improving exercise target. Present research shown this true possible. For example, many investigator try mice physicals endurance which given MCFA to daily food over  mice not give MCFA. This scrutiny widen unto more from six weeks. Mice instruct to attempt endurance swimming each two day. Stationed to a reservoir water with fixed current. Time total swim measure until suffocation. For the first time only little difference in among mouse group, mice given to eat MCFA quickly first dazzled mice other and much better in all the time experiment. Study such this demonstrate that MCFA have ability enhance endurance and training appearance, at least on mice. In the another study use athlete cycling. The athlete cycle bicycle at 70% from his maximum's speed for two hours, then direct ceases at time attempt 40 K (that last an extra hour) drink either one of three beverages: MCFA's solution, beverages sport or beverages combination sport with MCFA. Athlete drink beverage mix MCFA best appearance attempt time. Researchers theorize that MCFA gives additional energy source to athlete, issue glycogen fund (energy is kept in network muscle), will completely been used during three hour. More glycogen in the muscle the more athlete endurance. Then any substance can keep glycogen will beneficial for athlete endurance. In a scan follow-up to try out glycogen production theory, participants cycling to 60 maxima strength for three hours and drink one from three drink those given before this. Based on same training, glycogen rate muscle measure and proven equivalent to all athlete. In short MCFA is not issue glycogen fund, but improve appearance. Appearance repair not related with issuance of glycogen and should be connected with another mechanism.

Revenue from this scrutiny many drinks sport and energy drink those sold in health shops contain MCFA to respond quick energy source. Regularly used MCFA to beverages athletic and beverages energy in oil medium chain triglycerides (MCT's oil) form. It usually indicate as “MCT” in the label,  supplement label  and infant formula label. Athlete and other active person are going to find nutrition method, not medicine to improve training appearance begin using it.

Yet, in scrutiny daily, the result more significant. And this evidence see that the best way to improve energy and endurance is by consumed MCFA to daily food and not only once only before or during competition.

Easy understood why many athlete attracted to get bigger endurance and energy. However for who is not athlete, MFCA can also doing same matter. If eaten by orderly, MCFA able to provide an increasing of energy and all day work. If consider tired in middle of the afternoon or feel shortage of energy, adding coconut oil to food will pay energy increasing of energy more than he / she needed.

Beside adding energy rate, other importance benefit for increasing metabolic figure which help protect from illness and accelerate the remedial. To the moment metabolic am being improved, cell would function over efficient. This mean it will cure wound more faster, old cell and cell get disease will replace faster and young cell developed quickly to replace old cell.

Several health intervention such as obesity, acute myocardial infarction and osteroclerosis easier happen to a people with low metabolic. Health condition will worse if figure of metabolic is lower than metabolic normal, because cell can never cure and turn over a new leaf quickly. Then increasing of metabolic figure, give increasing of protection increase from degenerative disease and contagious disease.