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To all members and BioAsli Customers, Camel Milk Coffee product that been target to market around March can't be implemented because there are number of barriers affecting international affairs between two countries. Therefore, BioAsli has collaborated with Malaysia Veterinary Department to obtain approval and permits to import camel's milk from Dubai. U.A.E. The process to obtain this permit take long time to solve because many aspects have to be implemented and complied. BioAsli will remain and continue to ensure that this camel milk product can be tapped in the market. Please wait... You patient will be result as the new product been produce.

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Really good for your external beauty



Camel Milk For Beauty


Contains lanolin and other natural moisturizing properties, providing a calming and soothing effect on the skin.


Research shows that camel milk has beneficial properties on treating psoriasis patients, by both ingestion and topical application.

Naturally occurring anti-ageing properties - elastin, vitamin C and lanolic acid - can be used topically in creams, soaps and baths.


Good for healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth and skin - due to calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Bedouins traditionally used camel fat and milk to protect themselves from the sun.

  Camel Milk based beauty products:

Camel milk is a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy acids which are known to chubby the skin and smoothes fine lines. Camel milk soap provides a most deluxe bath experince. Products from Camel milk are already hitting the shelves of shops such as soaps and yoghurts.

  Camel Milk fight out wrinkles

Camel Milk is reported to have three times the amount of Vitamin C, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins in comparison to cow's milk. While vitamin C provides with antioxidants, B Vitamins repair damaged cells and the fatty acids play an important role in building a healthy lipid barrier for our skin to protecting it from bacteria. Taking into account these benefits the cream can be recommended to people suffering from skin problems.

  Camel Milk for bath: A Time less Beauty Ritual

Since ancient Egypt, goat's milk, dairy milk & even camel milk have been used to cleanse, beautify & condition skin. Today, countless skin care products boasts "milk" as an ingredient, but is it effective? And how much milk do these products actually contain?

Cleopatra was onto something when she used milk to bathe in. As expensive as this treatment was in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra recognized that the milk did something for her skin. French and English aristocracy also indulged in milk baths in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Now we know exactly what milk did for their skin to make it such a revered beauty treatment. The natural lactic acid found in milk is a form of alpha-hydroxyl-acid (an ingredient which can be found in some of the most expensive exfoliating products in the world). This type of acid gently dissolves proteins to exfoliate dead skin cells, which reveal fresh, younger looking skin underneath.

The lactic acid found in milk is extremely mild, so don't worry, it won't strip or irritate the skin like 10% concentration of pure alpha-hydroxyl-acid can. In fact, milk is quite soothing on dry skin. Even though it has lactic acid in it, milk has been used to soothe irritated skin.

Another benefit of bathing in milk is the fat content (or cream). Since the milk is not being digested, the higher the cream content, the better! Especially for dry skin.


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